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  1. Like I said, he was being a jerk, but its still just a joke. He wasn't trying to scam the other site out of money or trying to scam people out of money. He could've made his point in a nice way, but he made the parody site. Jerk move, but still... it was a joke. Wow. Comparing apples to oranges much? That example is a little extreme and unnecessary. By what you're saying, Kat's website is the equivalent of a mentally challenged individual? He made fun of a good cause, he didn't make fun of mental disabilities. Wow. Agree, he could've made a valid point in a respectful manner. Wow....regardless of Robb being a jerk...this comment is just as bad as any parody site he may have made. Am I saying her site is the equivalent of a mentally challenged individual? Or am I saying that just like what he is doing, it is wrong to laugh at a retarded kid? I know in my heart it is wrong to laugh at certain things. You obviously do not. Something will happen in your life someday that devastates you, and someone will say something inappropriate about it. You will understand then. Hopefully when it does, one of your "friends" won't stand by and say, "yeah, that was wrong, but it was pretty funny"
  2. I would like to offer another angle, as well. If you want to make a "parody" site, or poke fun at something, then take on someone your own size. This would be funny if he were making fun of Bill Gates or something, but there are real struggles, and real people involved here. I think everyone has had something they love taken from them. In this situation a person is trying to save it, with no help, no money, and so far, not much luck. It must be a struggle everyday to just keep fighting for the cause. I find it sad that people are defending the other site as it "is only a joke". You need to rethink this. I could go out and follow a retarded kid all day. Mimic his movements. Laugh at the way he talks. Make a website that trashes how his mom tries to take care of him. Would you laugh at my site? It's just a joke. It doesn't matter if he having fun or not. It is a matter of class, or an extreme lack of. There is an appropriate time to laugh and make fun, and a time not too. This guy is just a horrible human being. I don't care how much money he has, what site he runs, how many friends he has......If he were laying on the street dieing, I would not waste my time to stop and spit on him. Maybe that makes me sound like a horrible person too, but oh well. I would like to see Kat's effort succeed, just to put it in this guys face. Sadly, it may not. He won't lose any sleep over what he's done though, he is too consumed with own awesomeness to notice how much pain he caused. Oh well. I could ramble all night about this issue. But I will just leave it at this: The joke is not funny. A joke is not a joke if it hurts someone. I hope Karma kicks this guys teeth out!
  3. I like to sit in the middle of the train. I think that gives the most "balance" to the rider as far as ejector, vs. floater air. The only time I wait extra time for the front seat is on Flight Deck. It's a much more fun ride from the front when you can't see the track. It really gives the impression of flying.
  4. When I was 9 or so, I was dared to ride Double Loop by a friend. I did because backing out of a dare is worse than being scared at that age! My first pleasurable ride was when I conquered my fear at age 13. The Racer cured me, buzz bar and all! LOL
  5. Really ridiculous if it came from a Nascar fan. Dale Earnhardt was best known for his performances at Daytona and Talladega. For those of you who don't know, those tracks use what are called "restrictor plates" They limit the amount of air going in to the carburetor, reducing the power, and slowing the cars down. Basically they are putting trims on the cars, and he won more of those races than anyone in his era. Just sayin'
  6. Looking at the routes you can take, you will either go through Dayton, or Columbus. I don't know anything about Dayton. I live in Columbus. If you come this way, you can take (from Sandusky) St Rt 4, to St Rt 95, to St Rt 23, to I-270, to I-71. This would keep you out of the city. If you go across to Toledo, and then down I-75 it may be an easier drive, but longer in distance. That route takes you through Dayton though. I have no idea about congestion, construction, or anything else there.
  7. I went to the park this past Monday. Even with huge school trips the same day, the park was dead! Every ride was a walk on that I rode. The only stuff that I could see with any type of line were the consession stands. The blue ice cream place was HAMMERED when we were there. The only downfall to the park being empty, and this is only aguess, there may have been other reasons was the fact that the side walk stuff was closed. No lemonaide stands working, the dippin dot guys must have been out hunting up new "unknown to everyone else facts" or something beacuse they were nowhere to be found. A lot of the small shops stayed closed. Was this because the park was empty? Or beacuse it's still early in the season? I don't know. Also, one side of Racer is all that was running. I would have liked to have ridden both sides, but considering I was able to walk straight in the station and get the front car of the train sitting there, I can understand only running one side. A lot of the photo booths were closed too. the ones that come to mind are Beast, Boo Blasters, and FoF. Our Keyhole photo took a long time to get too. Maybe these are just early seson glitches that haven't been ironed out yet. Anyways, back to the point. Any day through the week before it gets late in the year should be good. Keep the hours in mind though. We were able to walk on to the rides, but the park closed at 8. We still got multiple rides on everything, and were whooped when we left, but not getting a night ride made me feel a bit let down on the way home.
  8. Too true. The park has smoking sections right now because legally they are allowed to and they choose to accommodate all of their guests. Things may not stay that way. They may. Who knows? I will offer another little gem of knowledge to the non smokers. Almost all smokers would like to quit. It isn't easy. I have tried several times and failed. I will make it eventually, just not yet. Encouraging a smoker to quit is not necessary, complaining about smokers has a negative effect. I have never known of a smoker putting out a cigarette because people were being nasty, and self righteous. If anything it causes more smoking. If someone came in to a smoking area and was complaining about the smoke, it would only cause me to wander a little nit out of the area, and smoke a little more. They have signs, but not a positively marked boundary. I can always say that if i can see the designated smoking area sign, then I am in the area. You can't prove that wrong. Give the smoking thing a rest. Non-smokers don't like it. We get it. Leave us alone, and we'll leave you alone.
  9. My family and I got to spend the day in the park today too. It was the most empty that I have ever seen! The field trips didn't start rolling in until about 11:30 or 12. Until then, EVERY ride was a walk on, and many still were after that! What a great day to ride. We walked straight on to FoF, The Beast, and went to try our luck on DB, but it was down early on. We were scared that our luck had ran out. Alas it got going quickly. I rode it 4 times today, and if I waited a total of 5 minutes total in line for it, I'd be surprised! I was worried I was gonna have a heat stroke, but that was the only draw back. Lot's of ice water, and I got through just fine.
  10. I'll give you a little insight from the view of a smoker. I am happy to have all the areas. Nothing would suck more than to be in an area, and have to walk a long way to get to a smoking section. As long as they have smoking areas I will use them. Yes, I know, some people don't. I can't control those people, and for blanket statements to be made that "Smokers don't pay attention to the areas, and smoke wherever they want" is not fair. I do think though, that if the park was ever changed to a non smoking park, the problem would be worse. If I am going to spend an entire day in the park, I will smoke, end of story. I will just be doing it anywhere I can get away with it. I won't be worried about being thrown out, because #1, like The Interpreter already said, I'll just take my money somewhere else. They don't want that. #2, The park can't control line jumping, vandalism, and crude language that is done right in front of them, how are they going to enforce smoking? Having said all that, I have kids too. I think there should be NO smoking areas in the kids area at all, and I would limit it to one very closely monitored area in Boomerang Bay where so many people are running around barefoot.
  11. Looks like we are going to make our first trip this year on Monday. It's the first weekday that the park is open. What do you guys think? Crowded, or not? Any chance on seeing anyone else there?
  12. Wasn't the collapse during construction due to storm? I can't remember for sure, but if it was, I don't think you could fault a poor design if it was. All wooden structures are "weak" or "wobbly" until the entire thing is built, and supports are added.
  13. Nice to hear you had a good time. I have one question though. Reading that you rode Adventure Express, Flight of Fear, and Firehawk, I am wondering why you didn't get a lap on The Racer? It's a great coaster, and it seems like you were all around it. It didn't catch your eye? Or did it not look good to you?
  14. Oldiesmann- The Columbus Zoo is Awesome! and it seems to get better every year. Like I was talking about with WSYXguy, the new bear exhibit set to open in May is supposed to be a state of the art facility that could change the way we get to see the animals. Check out the zoo if you can, it is a very relaxing way to spend an afternoon. Alluna- I don't know enough about the animals individually to tell one from the other, but I can tell you that there was one gorilla that was constantly barfing in his hand and eating it. He was sitting right beside the booger picker, By that, I mean the gorilla pictured, not my 5 year old!!! LOL
  15. Well, the first half of Africa is in the African Forest, back along the river. This portion has the jaguars, drills, bonobos (one of only a few zoos in the counrty to have them), drills, and Gorillas. In 2012, the zoo is supposed to open an African Savannah exhibit, which will hold lions, african elephants, hippos, giraffes, zebras, gazelles, and other savannah animals. This exhibit (which is rumored to be around 70 acres!) will go on currently empty land purchased from a church a few years ago. The zoo is also planning a "Madagascar" Biome on another seperate expansion pad inbetween Asia Quest and North America. Once the Savannah is complete, you'll have a zoo made up completely of "Biomes": North America, Asia, African Forest, African Savannah, The Islands Of SE Asia, Australia, and the Shores. The penguins, alligators, discovery reef, manatees, and reptiles make up the "Shores" region of the zoo. A sea lion pool has long been rumored for this area as well, in the large grassy field that sits infront of the Discovery Reef and Manatee Coast. This area was formerly taken up by the Johnson Aquatic Complex until it was demolished in the early 2000s. I should note that arranging the animal collection into "Biomes" is different than standard geographical classification, as a Biome is grouped by climate conditions. Even though all the animals in the Shores region aren't necessarily from the same geographical area, they share climate characteristics. Thanks for the response. It all makes sense once it is explained. I really like the biomes idea. I think I like the savanah idea as much as any of them. To see all those giants roaming 70 acres will be special. I have only seen the Rhino in his cage inside ever sense the big "rocky" display went away. We have talked everyday sense our trip about going back in May to see the new bear exhibit, and the baby manatees. I think the zoo should get used to seeing us! The 109 dollar family pass seems like a great investment.
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