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  1. While lapping FD before closing the op with the mic always said "Enjoy your ride on Flight Deck, the worlds only underwater coaster."
  2. 2 is the magic number for larger guests like me. And I always ride in the back row, only exception is Vortex. I save that for the magic seat.
  3. I was at the park Wednesday and around 4pm an employee was power-washing the queue. This may be one of the reasons that it has been down.
  4. Thanks for sharing, I really like old pictures of parks. Its nice to see what things used to be like.
  5. I live 29.4 miles away, and it takes about 20-25 minutes to get there.
  6. I have used the plus and negative buttons on another Forum, and you can only use it once per day. But I am not sure.
  7. I will choose Drop Tower.
  8. ^ Good luck on the job Kyle. I am going to apply in a couple of years when i move back to Ohio.
  9. Yes, instead of spitting my gum onto the wall, I look at it in disgust.
  10. Don't worry. we will only nibble your head off.
  11. Head on back to post #499 on page 34 and you can answer your question. Its not just you.
  12. ^^ Those pics are probably the best pictures i have ever seen taken at KI.
  13. Terpy should just get a most awesome person of the year so he doesn't get all the rewards
  14. Found my new desktop, (which I change every other day) very nice photos and TR.
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