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  1. Interesting. Testing in these relatively high wind gusts. Good opportunity for testing in weather conditions that are always a possibility in this region.
  2. I just finished the registration and the message comes up as: Coasterstock Registration Thank you! We look forward to seeing you May 17-18 at Coasterstock!
  3. Slightest bit of wind shuts down WindSeeker so that could be one of the reasons. In June, the park was just busy enough for no re-rides but line was never longer than 15 minutes for Fury.
  4. WindSeeker seemed to be running just fine during my visit in June. On a side note, Fury was incredible.
  5. DOT limits the combined weight of truck, trailer, and load to 80000 lbs.
  6. I don't think the park will suspend operations for the new coaster as Racer, WindSeeker, and Vortex all remain open before and during the fireworks. Beast is the only one that suspends operations for the fireworks.
  7. Thanks, I will be waiting patiently and watching the mail.
  8. Has anyone heard when the park might be mailing out the credentials and swag for those of us that opted for it?
  9. Not sure of any legal reasons, but the bar tenders were adamant about checking ID's and having any patrons under 21 not sit at the bar itself. However, they could sit at the tables within the bar area.
  10. As it is a brewhouse, I expect the bar to stay. I also expect to be able to walk right in to the bar (bonus that children can't sit at the bar), order a brew and have access to the full menu. Otherwise, meh.
  11. The KD version is superior in my opinion. It doesn't rotate, the gondola is bigger providing higher capacity, and most importantly the restraints are much less restrictive. The KI version I just can't ride comfortably. Restraints are far too restrictive.
  12. Link to purchase tickets is having some issues according to the park. EDIT 02/07/19 Link seems to be working now. Ticket purchased with no issues.
  13. I had similar experiences with Mr. Freeze at SFOT. It was delayed into the next season if I remember correctly. I agree with the sentiments for the OTSR removal in favor of the lapbar.
  14. Wow. Great to see that others are making the same trip I have been planning since November. June is when I am going to visit Carowinds for the first time ever and then Kings Dominion for the first time since Twisted Timbers opened. I am really looking forward to Fury 325.
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