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  1. Still boarding for Outpost 5 in the old soundtrack hah. I don't think I ever made the connection that Adventure Express is where that likely started, if not something else even before that in Adventure Village.
  2. Something that has bugged me for decades about scooby and interactive shooters is that they aren't 100% ada friendly. If you're not able to hit the targets for some reason you literally miss out on a majority of the fun effects of the ride. I think this is better with the Disney ones that have the guns hard mounted (plus they break less from not being banged around) but it's still a matter of being able to hit the targets. But a lot of the big effects are even triggered in boo blasters instead of inconsequential things. If you don't have any hands or even the ability to hold your hand/arm steady, you literally can't experience Boo Blasters in it's intended way. I'd also argue the guns take away from story element, but I also recognize that kids love shooting the targets. I just don't feel they should be anything other than just a mini-side part of the ride and it's effects.
  3. That could be a good call. Not sure if it's the cause for the late opening, but that was def replaced not long ago.
  4. I didn't know they had any pressed pennies for Nick properties.
  5. How were the lines yesterday?
  6. I think a Phantom Theater revival would be huge for the park and the area. I just hope they could mix technology and physical effects. It is worth a true budget. Seriously, people who've never been to Disney or have only been once are even obsessed with some of their rides like the Haunted Mansion. They're just super special and people love them. People would talk about a PT revival more than they talked about Orion, at least locally. If they want to keep the guns just turn them into "cameras" and act like you're there as a ghost hunter. lol Although I think the whole gun thing is really a dated distraction, and it's better without them. Once you put that interactive element in you're going to be compared to rides like TS Mania. But you can have a great creative ride without them that stands on it's own.
  7. I'm still around Hope you're doing well. I've been off and on here, as well as quietly back to amusement park stuff since about 2018. Trying to get back to it after 2021 just wasn't much fun crowd wise.
  8. It's not even a screw up, just an overzealous Thoosie.
  9. Oh hi guys. Glad I wasn't the one to set the record straight here lol. I think FoF suffers from people not being able to tell how long the queue is, so more people consistently enter the line, then the awkward belts and harnesses (seriously the belt design means guests just sit on them and don't evne know they're there so you have to wait 10 seconds per guest that does this 6 guests at a 10 second average and you're now at a minute of dispatch time just in seatbelt alone), it is probably the hardest to second hardest ride for larger guests to fit in so you have hangups there too so you have some issues around that plus any loose article issues although I'm not sure of the current policy with that although anything that the guests can't take with them and is not in a locker will add to dispatch time/work as the load operator will have to take them and put them by the disability entrance/kiddie corral. It's just a popular ride too people love it and it's a consistent favorite amongst the GP.
  10. I mean 90% of POVs are garbage anyway. They need to be mounted to the train or else it's just way to shaky anyway.
  11. How have I never seen that video...
  12. They want to boost Apple TV. Iger has said in his book if Jobs was alive longer, he could see Apple and Disney merging. Iger and Jobs were known friends.
  13. Might also be a barrier issue. With 4 wide rows you have a full barrier bs the staggered seating on DB.
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