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  1. What's the difference between a 100ft coaster accident and a 300ft coaster accident? Pretty much nothing. It is just as safe it not safer than older coaster models.
  2. If I'm remembering correctly, the brake shed which is the straightest part of the ride where you hit the aggressive magnetic brake at the end was originally a block brake for the ride. I don't think it really ever ran this way though. The first lift hill is really slow on this ride because it cannot send the train over until the train ahead of it has crested the second lift hill. When the first lift speeds up suddenly it's because that next block is totally clear. With the brake shed they would have been able to send the train on the first lift over before the second lift was clear. It would not have functioned as a block brake section with hills there.
  3. Gonna need some proof or sources buddy.
  4. We could be dealing with my least favorite Cedar Point game, "Bad mopping job or did someone really just **** all over the floor?" Every bathroom at CP even on the slowest days I've ever seen there the bathroom floors are like swamps.
  5. Separator was really only added as a Fast Lane need then it's turned into what it is now. They used to only use them when they had gold pass perks in early 2000s as well.
  6. Some rides such as Ferris Wheels have to be balanced to operate as designed. I believe some chair lift rides like the one at CP are the same way as well.
  7. I think the problem comes more from when the ride is literally 20 guests short of a walk on and they are still pairing people up. Also as others have stated when they are putting kids and adults together. While the goal is always to fill the train, in the past it wasn't pushed at all where cycles count was. If it's a busy day I get it, but when lines are short anyway, it's just not worth the guest experience trade off. I rarely complain about what the park does because I understand their reasoning and often times associates don't feel empowered to make service vs capacity related decisions or just aren't in agreement with myself, but we really shouldn't be turning people away from the front row on Banshee when it's literally not even to the top stair from the station. Let alone having them ride with 3 girls who were all likely under 14. It also bugs me how when visiting KI vs. CP, CP seems to be better at customer service to an extent then KI and KI has now became the capacity over everything vibe. But I also frequent KI more and have a history with the park, so it's much easier for me to nitpick. There just isn't a ton of consistency, and I think they are writing off a lot of the complaints as enthusiasts not getting their way, but a lot of families are going out of there way to have someone sit out or just stay home at the park if it's an odd number household.
  8. Anyone around the park today?
  9. It seems like perhaps there is a stronger focus on rider count per hour, vs cycles per hour as there has been in the past? Or it's something the rides are strong arming to try to get more cycles per hour because they don't have to put down empty seat rows. But that really doesn't make much sense on all of the rides. Like Beast where the belts aren't buckled on empty seats.
  10. Gochujang is Korean, not Chinese. But 99% of American palettes probably can't tolerate traditional Chinese since it's extremely spicy and often numbing, at least from the Sichuan Provence. People think the numb inducing spices means something is wrong with the food. At least the one Chinese dish is dim sum. Hopefully it goes well, I'm a bit disappointed but I'm also a huge foodie so all of these dishes are hardly international sampling for me. But for the everyday person they might find it much more adventurous.
  11. The sound effects and lift hill music were DEFINITELY for the 25th anniversary, as well as some station signage and theater lights that would go off with growling every so often.
  12. I don't mind riding with other people, even if they are smelly lol, but what I don't like is when they pair me a grown man with someone's kid... It's just awkward.
  13. I really don't care for the separating at all. I get it if it's on busy days, but if the park is dead and the ride is a 10 minute wait who cares where anyone sits.
  14. I love everyone one of your posts. So full of years of built up frustration.
  15. I think sometimes that just comes down to associates not being trained correctly on the policy. We ran into this when using our drink plan on a gold pass at CP. Some people thought the drink plan would still work even though it wasn't a plat pass. Probably 20% of the time we got a drink handed to us, the others told us we had to go to the front gate to get our pass scanned. No one seemed to know for sure whether or not it was included.
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