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  1. I saw someone literally knelt down in a praying position on Tuesday at the monument while their friend took a pic...
  2. The antique cars have a rather terrible capacity at parks like CP. That's why they always have a line. But it all depends on how many cars they can have going on the circuit at one time.You also have to remember that a family of 4 will likely require two cars to themselves, because both kids will want to drive.
  3. Do that many people really ride these? Don't get me wrong they have a place, but I've always felt tiques' were a little more like a kids ride. I can never see myself as an adult driving one of these and enjoying it. Maybe with a group of friends and being slightly rambunctious but yeah. Like I also said, don't get me wrong they have their place. But i don't think it's going to be a huge people bringer. Did they announced anything else smaller?
  4. I'd say antique cars and a flat ride or two for coney.
  5. Crypt did have them and there were times the bags zippers would not work leading to awkward moments of having to share a pouch... Also people tend to shove drinks and everything into them. The other issue is that the pouches still don't solve the problem of a guest getting a phone out on a ride, and it could even make it worse since it would be right in front of them. I guess I don't mind ponying up for a locker as long as the cost is reasonable, and I feel that the $1 an hour charge is reasonable. If I didn't I'd just leave my phone in the car, and if I was the 1 in 50 that actually had to have it with me I'd just make proper arrangements or such it up and pay the $. I guess I'm different and just like having the park as an excuse to get away from my phone and social media.
  6. The problem with zippered pouches is if they break or are left open etc. I think the parks are just hoping the states will step in and place negligence on the rider and not the park for these issues.
  7. TheRickster

    Plus size riders, what can I ride?

    Yup, and FOF is one of the harder rides to fit on. Probably the hardest next to Drop Zone tbh. Everyone is different but that's always been my experience and the majority of the experience with others I've heard about. No wiggling with FOF restraints, with Beast/Racer you can cross your ankles and tuck a leg under the seat to make more room for the bar.
  8. TheRickster

    Plus size riders, what can I ride?

    Not give a crap mode would typically be just shoving you in as hard as they can... CP has stricter rules on helping guests fit, and they are in place to help consistency. If you really have to try with all your might, what happens when someone else can't get that same bar to go down enough later? Also as you spend the day at a park people will begin to swell for water retention. Not to mention certain seats/bars will have smaller wiggle room. (Everything has a machine tolerance so depending on if it's the high or low end it can make a sizable difference in fitting.) Also just how you're sitting in the ride and things can make a big difference. My first trip to KK last year, I needed a decent amount of help getting on LR, but over the next 2-3 rides I figured out exactly the right way I had to sit to get my bar down. But yeah, if the OP can't the bar down and did what they could they still tried. A lot of times people who get stapled that hard turn around and complain as well because of how much the ride hurt. I've been on both sides of this coin, as someone working in operations and someone being a bigger rider. It's not a good situation for anyone, but the path of least resistance is for the guest to ride. It's a lot easier to just stand on the bar than it is to deal with the guest upset/yelling at the exit, then having that same guest complain to a manager, then having that manager lecture the crew about "trying too hard" since the person shouldn't have rode in the first place earlier.
  9. TheRickster

    Plus size riders, what can I ride?

    Flight of Fears exit/unload is also not in the station and no one would be seeing anything other than the two unload workers. If anyone is nervous about feeling awkward while checking it.
  10. TheRickster


    Stand by for the biggest let down since the shed... (and I wasn't that let down by the shed)
  11. TheRickster

    Decoding 2019/2020

    I bet they bought a flat ride package and CP and KI are both getting one. That is the absolute most I'd think they are doing, other than just having some fun with us.
  12. TheRickster


    and yet in another thread someone was ostracized for not citing sources simply because they said "i know for a fact" which I've never heard anyone actually say before honestly proving a point. lol
  13. TheRickster

    Its Finally being Worked on...

    Haven't watched that video for awhile... Flight Commander was such a cool ride, sad I never got to ride it.
  14. TheRickster


    This post really doesn't sound like they are claiming some crazy rumors... so it doesn't really need sources. Sounds like it's from a 13 year old who just loves The Vortex. *shrug*
  15. TheRickster

    If you had to get rid of one haunt maze, it would be...

    I actually like Urgent Scare the most... The fact that there are so many beds with bodies covered up and not as many actors makes it actually a bit scary to me. I really can't tell where the scare is going to come from through parts and sometimes there isnt one. The lighting is also my favorite, it just feels so perfectly like a run down hospital with half the power shut off. Urgent Scare is the only one that actually gives me the creeps on ambiance alone.