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  1. TheRickster

    Question about Beast's entrance?

    The area that used to sell concessions is just storage now. You're actually standing next to it when the 2nd queue house/middle queue house is open.
  2. There is a game there I'd really like to have... Any info on where you go this Ryan so I could share with some interested parties?
  3. TheRickster

    Firehawk Leaving Kings Island 10/28/18

    I would take something, but I doubt they will. It's not anywhere near the level of SoB leaving.
  4. Will you take me next year? Or we could do Dollywood or something else.
  5. TheRickster

    The Firehawk back-story...

    X-Flights did for a very small amount of time. Someone posted a picture of the train leaving the station, loaded, in the upright position, either on here or reddit.
  6. TheRickster

    The Firehawk back-story...

    Could be something related to the Carowinds incident.
  7. TheRickster

    The Firehawk back-story...

    Yup, corkerscrews instead of our in line twists and helix. So our ride is a bit longer than Nighthawk. Firehawk also has dual stations while Nighthawk does not. Also ironic that the prototype/ older model is staying while Firehawk is leaving.
  8. TheRickster

    Shooting Flames on I-Street for Haunt

    They did dye there fountain red a couple years though... xD I don't think we ever did that.
  9. TheRickster

    Shooting Flames on I-Street for Haunt

    I like it a lot.There are plenty of other places to eat at if it bothers you, I-street even has scare actors working the tables occasionally, so I'd head to festhaus if you want a calmer dining experience.
  10. TheRickster

    Firehawk Leaving Kings Island 10/28/18

    I really doubt it's going to KK... but the timing with their new ride name is great.
  11. TheRickster

    Smashed Penny Machines?

    I think there are some near the Diamondback gift shop.
  12. TheRickster

    Firehawk Leaving Kings Island 10/28/18

    The thing I know I will miss is the approach to that loop and the loop itself on your back. I'll actually miss that a decent amount. I also really missed the SOB loop. They are/were both very unique experiences of a very simple element.
  13. TheRickster

    Firehawk Leaving Kings Island 10/28/18

    A lot of places will remove stuff like this and take the material/salvage as payment.
  14. TheRickster

    Firehawk Leaving Kings Island 10/28/18

    While I'm sad to lose any coaster, i'm going to def snuggle up to Vortex more than I have been this year.
  15. TheRickster

    Firehawk Leaving Kings Island 10/28/18

    Ya, I was just commenting it's a predictable reaction to the news. Everything goes through cost analysis. I ride can cost more money to operate and still be just as safe as the one next to it. I'll miss it, but just because X-Flight at GL was one of the first "bucket list" coasters I rode when I started travelling to parks years ago, then a somewhat personal connection to it when it moved to KI. But I do agree with you, it always felt like a fast, "Well we have to put this stuff somewhere or else it's going to go to waste" decision from closing GL. (Ironically reading the rest of your post as I type this we share the same feeling) I'll enjoy it now just because I remember I was bummed I couldn't get a final ride on X-Flight, and because I have some personal relationships with it, (nothing like other stuff in the park though) and if I'm correct we won't have a flying coaster in this region except for Six Flags in Gurnee, which is a bit outside my ability for a quick trip. Not that I'm huge on flying coasters, I think I actually liked stand ups more now, but I think they are going the way of the stand ups and will dwindle over time. They are just too awkward to ride for most people. It's bad enough sitting in a seat with someone's sweat, let alone laying down in it etc. I met you once with David as well when he was in town for building IJST you're a good dude. I enjoy your blog and your posts as well!