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  1. Gochujang is Korean, not Chinese. But 99% of American palettes probably can't tolerate traditional Chinese since it's extremely spicy and often numbing, at least from the Sichuan Provence. People think the numb inducing spices means something is wrong with the food. At least the one Chinese dish is dim sum. Hopefully it goes well, I'm a bit disappointed but I'm also a huge foodie so all of these dishes are hardly international sampling for me. But for the everyday person they might find it much more adventurous.
  2. The sound effects and lift hill music were DEFINITELY for the 25th anniversary, as well as some station signage and theater lights that would go off with growling every so often.
  3. I don't mind riding with other people, even if they are smelly lol, but what I don't like is when they pair me a grown man with someone's kid... It's just awkward.
  4. I really don't care for the separating at all. I get it if it's on busy days, but if the park is dead and the ride is a 10 minute wait who cares where anyone sits.
  5. I love everyone one of your posts. So full of years of built up frustration.
  6. I think sometimes that just comes down to associates not being trained correctly on the policy. We ran into this when using our drink plan on a gold pass at CP. Some people thought the drink plan would still work even though it wasn't a plat pass. Probably 20% of the time we got a drink handed to us, the others told us we had to go to the front gate to get our pass scanned. No one seemed to know for sure whether or not it was included.
  7. Yup, the building to the right of KCKC in that pic is still there, it's the old pumphouse.
  8. This has been bugging me a lot and I'm sure it doesn't mean anything other than just some assumptions by the drafter but the queue for FoF is using the old Firehawk queue in these prints. I haven't been to the park on a busy day for easily 11+ years but does FoF get a big enough line on those few days a year to need this? lol
  9. I think it just became the maintenance rd behind TRTR and onto the TRTR access pad.
  10. Dive coaster with a 301ft drop.
  11. You know... Of those two names are for KI they could rename FoF to fit with the new coaster... There isn't anytbing tieing those two names are for KI and everyone just immediately jumped on it. The two names are clearly related so that honestly made me think it wasn't for our new ride.
  12. Yup, I could see them putting out some stuff before then, but just to have some fun with the enthusiasts. Nothing that the GP will start really caring about for awhile.
  13. Did they announce they were coasters then though? Also like I said it depends on how the construction and stuff will impact it. Lots of variables. I'm willing to be there is some teasing starting at coasterstock.
  14. They likely won't start heavily teasing things until much later in the year depending on when vertical construction is beginning. They don't want people to say "Well we should wait and go next year for when they have the new coaster" and then not go this year.
  15. The Vekoma junior inverts also used tire LSMs as the lift method.
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