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  1. He was still going there as of 04-08 and I know exactly who you're talking about. I'll randomly think about him and his brother and hope they are doing well.
  2. And now Disney owns pretty much all of 21st century? Still haven't read all of that lol. Just ironic considering the discussion.
  3. I still thought Disney owned at least part of MGM. TIL.
  4. Nah it's clearly a path with not even a curb going from the front of the restrooms around the back part of tiques. I guess that big yellow rectangle could be a gate that's open?
  5. I think MGM owned the Indiana Jones amusement park rights because of the show they had at MGM in Florida. I'm sure it just comes down to Disney/MGM having more licensing permissions and control that Paramount did.
  6. I was really not expecting the area to change THAT much back there... I bet Vortex will have a new entracne sign because the one all the way back there won't be visible at all. It also looks like you might be able to walk around tique's. So you can approach the bathrooms from the left or right side in that picture.
  7. Glad to have you back around, oddly it's like you never left to me LOL. I had a good gap to before I came back to just enjoy things again.
  8. Never got to ride it... That's sad, but it makes complete sense with the downtime it's had. Hopefully they'll get something else really unique.
  9. I've always been curious if the ride companies are the ones actually MAKING the parts to... I'd assume a large chunk of the stuff is contracted out while the actual company oversees the design, installation, warranty work and maybe a small amount of operation with the park as a hand off. I haven't done any real research, but I don't see these companies handling a lot more than that. Correct me if I'm wrong though. I can see like trains and bigger things being purchased, but when it comes to the majority of wear and tear parts I'm pretty sure we are going to get them through a contracted supplier/vendor.
  10. Just not iconic enough of a ride for it. Now whenever Vortex DOES meet it's end of life, really the only option is to mount one of the corkscrew pieces above the brick walkeway infront of the basketball game between Juke Box Diner and the trees further down towards Rivertown.
  11. Yeah MF and TTD both did hand stamps. I think they just did this as crowd control. They would give so many out at certain times, for getting into a shorter line. TTD you would go to where the two lines go up and into the station, MF was kind of the same, but I think it goes to where the current FP line ends (going up the ramp alongside the exit station). I think it was mainly a way that they could make sure people got to ride it at least once without spending an abundance of time in line and not enjoying other aspects of the park. That was before Maverick, Valravn, GateKeeper etc. So pretty much everyone went there for MF and TTD. Crowds are much more dispersed now.
  12. Good luck on your search. I'm just gonna hope you're actually making a model for the unannounced b&m giga we are crossing our fingers for lmao.
  13. It was given a facelift, but that back entrance has been open since at least 2004 when i first went.
  14. It will be cool, but I'm not holding my breath too much. I think it's just going to be replacing the childrens/family area. It could be really cool still, but I don't think it's going to be a groundbreaking experience for adults to enjoy. I don't think it will be anything on the scale of the Harry Potter attractions.
  15. Yeah... if you get hurt walking/running it's your own fault. If you exacerbate an unknown pre-existing condition because of multiple rides in a row it could become the parks issue.
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