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  1. Might also be a barrier issue. With 4 wide rows you have a full barrier bs the staggered seating on DB.
  2. If the employees can do it, you can do it for them. They don't have the luxury of just walking to a specified area/back to their cars/away from others to take theirs off. End of story.
  3. I'm definitly in the train of viral load playing a big part which this would be a little like that. Only because person B would potentially be able to limit the amount of virus being shed. But it's really not a reason for the numbers going down. That would have been going along all the time. I think the numbers are down because we are testing sooner and people are receiving much more effective treatment, if even only managing the disease.
  4. https://healthfeedback.org/claimreview/facebook-posts-spread-unsupported-anonymous-claim-that-face-mask-use-caused-a-lung-infection-in-a-healthy-teenager/
  5. I'm not sure about 04, but there are pics here dating it to 05. I have no clue why I was thinking it was only 2006.
  6. Kickin' it all over town... The parade was only one year in 2006. It was really Paramount's doing as Cedar Fair bought the parks in May of that year. Goodluck on finding the music!
  7. When it was rethemed from HB to Nickelodeon Central in 2006 the watermaze was cut down in size and re-themed to Spongebob. The entrance featured a small scale of Spongebob's pineapple house you walked through. I don't have more information to that other than it sits where the current flying scooters and adjoining area is now. The "Cystal Slime" soft-play/ball pit play area is where Runaway Reptar/whatever it's called now is currently. Not sure if it was used in the early Peanuts era or not.
  8. Most testing is probably going to be programming the timing of brakes and general train control. Both for capacity and safety in a variety of conditions (empty trains, full trains, random seats filled and wet, cold, warm conditions etc.. Also stress testing the ride in general during this time.
  9. The cameras not running could be requested by the contractors as well. They could have trade secrets to their methods, they could not want footage out there if something were to happen etc. There is a wide open list of reasons the park may have decided to turn the camera off, or that it be requested to be off.
  10. I'm moving and have a ton of boxes for sale if anyone wants a model of Disaster Transport
  11. I'd make a good wager we see on of the loops or corkscrews show up somewhere in a midway.
  12. Also sounds like there isn't a good shot at reassembly.
  13. That's not really how engineering works either. They could know it has some amount of cycles left before nearing it's safety factor and are choosing to just close it now than to close it halfway into a season. They know pretty much exactly when parts will fail. It could also have to do with off season climate etc. But yeah, just because something is "wrong with Vortex" doesn't automatically mean that it's not safe.
  14. They updated them pretty big from what I remember seeing. They are all infared now as well.
  15. Vortex will honestly probably be the most loved coaster to leave the park. It will easily replace The Bat for the one everyone talks about that used to be around. The Bat was just elusive, and very few actually rode it to have a say. But Vortex has been an SOHO region staple for decades and across generations.
  16. Surprised no one mentioned this... They sell no-boos you can get and the actors won't bother you. They are at the front gate. Also if you wear something that strobes a blue led or a solid blue led light that's pretty noticeable, I'm pretty sure it'd have the same effect.
  17. I think it would become an issue with the size of the company vs. the size of their competitors. There are a lot of weird laws and roadblocks with mergers and I'm sure with the industry already being so limited they would run up against quite a few walls to climb.
  18. Well this would be a merger and not just a purchase so a bit different than the Paramount - CF purchase. I'd expect to see Cedar Fair take over a lot of the Admin stuff within SF since it seems like that's where they have struggled. I hope it doesn't go through, even IF they agreed on something, it would likely still have to be approved by special committee and I don't know if it would because of the size of company it would create in the industry.
  19. Maybe it's just me and I'm going again Friday night but I thought last year was better... I hated the techno all over and not really having a maestro on IS. Just felt like a bad goth club most places I was at.
  20. I was the random guy that said hi on Friday night. I was on the last crew for Beast/Flying Eagles when they left in 04. It's no fun to lose such an iconic ride but the pubic support and appreciation for them in their final days is really special. Being on The Beast/Eagles crew for a whole year I have a special appreciation for The Vortex/Troika rides as they were always our friendly rivals. Not to mention Vortex was the background song for pretty much every night of my summer in 04 working by it.
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