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  1. It's like that during Haunt too. 90% are teens, and 50% of them will be gone by the 3rd or 4th week. In my 6 years of doing Haunt, i've seen that.
  2. I dont see anything coming ride wise other then maybe a restaurant. With the over haul of Mean Streak, and Mystic opening last year, KI might take a break from rides. I could be wrong. They need a new Cirque show. They have so many out there the park could do.
  3. Only if they clean up the other side. The company who made the ride closed right after SOB opened. A few tall woodies never have been that way for some reason. They never got rid of Boomerang Bay. Just changed the name due to licensing reasons. It was part of Paramount's branding for the movie Crocodile Dundee. I believe the main reason for TR leaving was due to the ride breaking down too much.
  4. A some of the ride staff failed to address issues over the summer that would get a guest removed from the park. I have heard that many times from other guests. The staff has to get on the guests when it comes to cell phone use on rides, smoking in line, smoking on rides(yes that happened once) and line jumping.
  5. Try and work Haunt first. You will get your feet wet that way. Haunt is a whole season rolled into 6 or 7 weekends. I will be on my 7th season of Haunt this year.
  6. You might of seen me in Wolfpack.
  7. Those warehouses are needed for storage and other stuff.
  8. I will be working my 6th season of Haunt this year. I love working for KI.
  9. It's all about working hard to make people happy. Pay should never matter. Just because you pay someone $100,000 a year doesn't mean they will do good.
  10. Why is it that Cedar Fair can spend how much per year on rides and keep prices way under what Disney and Universal charge? I heard somewhere that Disney isn't raising prices for the money. I call that BS. They also spent millions if not billions on the 2 big comic book and movie companies in the last few years. If you go into a Disney store, you will see that the Star Wars items out number Mickey and the rest of the gang.
  11. Nothing is being done as of now. A building is still up along with the signs. Land looks like crap. And that was as of 2 weeks ago.
  12. I can't see that happening due to the area not having enough year round business. Great Wolf isn't all that busy when KI closes unless its a holiday. A hotel chain needs to buy the old Kings Island Inn lane, and build on it.
  13. A robber can get rich too when he robs a house and gets injured. Lol.
  14. That is just like people saying that KI needs to remove the front gate area to build a new coaster just like CP did. Said people don't get that the front gate area can't hold a coaster unless you remove a ton of buildings.
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