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  1. 1. November 2007- "Did anyone go to spooky fear haunt this year?" Of course he's old. But I think he might have said "fear haunt" instead. 2. "They are taking out The Vortex because it's sinking in the ground." That rumor has gone too far.
  2. The Racer had a lot of free space for me. And I'm 5'6 and I weigh 94lbs. No, you did the right thing, posting your feelings and exposing all the negative points about the park and using them over the bad points. And 50%!!! Haha verry funny. So if there was something that costed $100, then it would now be $150.
  3. I'm assuming the high schoolers were doing something stupid? I'm only in middle school, but I know... I'm in 8th grade btw. Her problem, being healthy isn't THAT hard. You just need to put some effort into it. I know, they need to start playing rap music like Party Like a Rockstar, Low, and My Humps. What's wrong with listening to rap if you're white? Cedar Fair... why? If different people of different races attends Kings Island, then they should play all music. Not just boring Colbie Calliat's Bubbly. That's exactly how Cedar Fair makes their money: scamming. They're not really "scamming", but that's how some people look at it. SELLING APPLES $99 EACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111 Some employes are dumb. One time I had to use the Firehawk lockers and I didn't know how, so I asked the guy who was sitting at the entrance of Flight of Fear, and he said something to me, but I couldn't hear him... he didn't talk loud enough to me. He like whispered something to me, so I just left him. I agree, look at the good deeds Paramount did: Drop Zone [TALLEST GYRO DROP], and Son of Beast [TALLEST AND FASTEST ROLLER COASTER], and other stuff, like Italian Job (or Backlot Stunt Coaster), Delirium, Face/Off (Invertigo), Flight of Fear, Top Gun (Flight Deck), and Tomb Radier (The Crypt). And Fear Fest. But what impact did Cedar Fair have on Kings Island? I don't understand why a lot of people hated Paramount JUST BECAUSE Cedar Fair has only been in charge with Kings Island for only one year. But maybe we should give Cedar Fair 10+ years to see who's better, because that's the time that Paramount had Kings Island. Cedar Fair is paranoid. End of story. Next post: High school students can be stupid depending on their acts. About your post, they do that because they think they can live on their parents, but they have no lives, watching explicit stuff in the internet. They only do it for the money. And for their high school career, they probably flunked it. Here is an average senior failing high school who is addicted to drugs: Math class: Applied math (adding/subtracting basic fractions/decimals, like 5-6 grade math) english class: middle school english (what is the main idea of this passage?) science class: middle school science history class: basic geography (what is the capital of Ohio?) High school credits: Very low, like <10 I know how stupid they are. Some kids in our high school have to take those kinds of classes. Jog on the treadmill for 10 minutes a day. Not hard at all. EDIT: Haha a lot of people are reading this post... (scary.)
  4. This is what I posted in another topic: One word: Why? Two words: The reason? Three words: Point of this? Four words: What will this help? I see no reason or no point in this, and how will it be a race? If they want a race, then where needs to be something, like a video game where there are buttons where you push them down, but you have to push the right one down to keep going, and if you push the wrong button, the ride will slow down and stop. That right there... is a race. But they wouldn't do that because it's too much chaos. Hehe my imagination is too wild... But seriously, I see no reason to turn it around. We have a forwards Racer. Why do we need another one? They are "taking a ride out" and "turning it into another ride."
  5. Quick question, what is the spirit song?
  6. No... no... no... this cant be happening... no... Cedar Fair, what happened do you... no... backwards was like a memory... just like KCKC... and Flight Commander... no... why is this happening... why does Cedar Fair have to upset us... I see no reason to turn it around... it's safe enough... did anybody die going backwards... this is heartbreaking... it's over... forever......... UGH! This is the second most dumbest thing Cedar Fair has ever done! (GL was the first ) I suggest that we boycott The Racer, the whole thing. No one will be 100 feet from it, that includes going under it. Thats how mad I am. If we all boycott it (probably not) then maybe they will bring it back. But that is probably stupid. RIP Backwards Racer 1979-2007 We will miss you! I think I got the years wrong?
  7. The Beast ALL THE WAY Beast >>>> (Rugrats Coaster (forget how to spell)) >>> Firehawk The Beast is BETTER than the Firehawk. Who judges based on elements... who cares if The Beast doesn't go upside down? And the Firehawk just debuted last season. You all might say that just because it is new and you have something else to ride, but it gets old after a while. (Just like The Beast.) The Beast lives forever.
  8. The booths had names? What were they?
  9. I'm sure it will be fun and exticing to all of you to go to opening day. It must feel great to ride all your favorite rides after months. Everyone will be crazy to ride everything! I will not be going to Opening Day because I have not purchased a season pass yet. Post all your feelings and what you will do on opening day.
  10. Haven't posted for a while, haha did you all think I was gone? The Crypt- Sounds like some random word, but I didn't like Tomb Raider as the name. I gave it a 1 because they could have chosen a better name. Flight Deck- I love this name, it's perfect for this ride. The old name sounds old, dull and boring. 5 star name. Backlot Stunt Coaster- HUH? No random names here for me. What is Backlot? Never heard of it. 1...
  11. Wow, I liked the Paramount one alot better than that one. What the heck was Cedar Fair thinking? How come they just didn't do like the one at Canada's Wonderland, with the 4 sides and the orbs on top of them?
  12. I don't get it, how did he die? Does it say in there? OR is this a mysterious death? Off topic: (And 0mg why the heck would they waste time copyrighting some... article that nobody will care in 80 years??)
  13. Ecology I guess. You can't cut down all the trees! That would destroy animals homes, like tiny ants and stuff. One time I saw a stunk, but it ran under the trash can.
  14. My short and sweet poem: No Winterfest here No Winterfest there Not this year Not next year And I had to stop it there because I couldn't come up with any more. But Kings Island isn't gonna bring Winterfest back, why would they do that anyways? There's like nothing to do there, the good rides weren't open. Kings Island was just trying to make money, but I bet they lost money. And I'm talking about 2005. To Lake54321, Browntggr, WooferBearATL, and the person who started this thread (Too lazy to look up.) Why in the world would you think KI would bring back Winterfest? That's sooo silly, that they lose money. Look above at what I said. Unless all the rides are open, then Winterfest will be ok. AND DON'T START A FLAME WAR! You'll get yourselves banned.
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