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  1. Seen a bunch of reports of the same thing. Very disappointing. Just booked my Breakers Express room this morning and was going to get Fast Lane tomorrow. Considering scrapping the whole thing and waiting since the state will have to inspect now.
  2. Sounds like 2 train operation all weekend with a 4+ hour wait today. Hitting the park this evening. Haven't been this excited for a new addition in a very long time.
  3. It's been some years since I've posted here. Went off to college to pursue Biomedical Engineering at Vanderbilt University and really just stopped following the amusement industry all together despite it being what I breathed when I was younger. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that I needed to strive to be in the industry I've always loved and changed my major to Computer Science halfway through my Junior year. It was an incredibly tough decision, but it was one that brought me back to the career path I always wanted to pursue deep down. After founding Vanderbilt's Themed Entertainment Association chapter, I was offered an internship at Animax Designs. They've worked immensely with Universal, Disney, Six Flags, etc. and are at the forefront of animatronic design. I am so thrilled to be on the path in the industry I love and I owe KICentral a huge part of that credit. This community was huge for me when I was younger and as I've started following the industry again, I've enjoyed coming back here. Can't wait to start obsessing over every little announcement detail with y'all again. - Bryce

  4. My only other RMC experience has been Storm Chaser. It easily became one of my favorite coasters in our area. Hearing the rattling of the anti-rollbacks on each airtime hill... Absolute chills. Can't wait to ride this in May.
  5. I had a night ride around 9:50 last night and Banshee does make a great night ride! There was no fog as has been speculated but that may change as the season goes on. In my opinion though, Beast still has the park's best night ride.
  6. A large amount of the rides in the park now have this it seems. I found FUNTv to be a fantastic addition. The fact that it will,hopefully, be updated all the time leaves me very excited. This is much better than any other queue entertainment the park has ever had. Sure the news might just be celebrity gossip, but it's something different. I actually saw one time where it was under tombstone #2, so maybe I should've bet you Budda
  7. The one time I've visited HW the ride was running with no wait. We rode it a few times and, like STR, the boats had to be balanced. While the ride was fun, things like that just show that this ride could be improved. I'm disappointed to see it go, but I think in the future a company could do it much better.
  8. First off, Media Day was fantastically organized! It was the first media day I have attended and it was a fantastic experience. Second, I had 5 rides on Banshee and they were all excellent. Banshee is more than likely my favorite invert and favorite ride at Kings Island. It is one of the most perfectly paced rides I have ridden. The lack of a MCBR and the fact that this thing doesn't let up until you hit the final brakes is incredible. The first drop is one of the best I have ever been on, the next two inversions are huge and probably the least forceful part of the ride, then it hits the zero-g roll and it is perfectly forceful the rest of the way. Banshee is a fantastic addition to our park and the renovations it led to for Action Zone are proof that Kings Island might be experiencing one of its best years!
  9. The switchback seems so much more suited for themed rides, that I don't really see as being very exciting on a wooden coaster. Viper, on the other hand, looks spectacular. Looks like it will have lots of airtime and be a great fast paced ride(Thunderhead anyone?).
  10. In regards to Volcano's capacity: I visited the park for the first time and every ride in the park was a walk on, even with one train operations. Volcano was the only ride in the entire park with a line. Rode it twice and took about 20 minutes each time. Any way for that ride to get a greater capacity would be awesome!
  11. Whenever the topic of Delirium comes up, I always remember how maXair at CP seems to run so much better. The ride feels much less shaky than Delirium. It would be interesting to know the differences, if any, between the two.
  12. Visited the park over the last weekend and rode Gatekeeper 5 times. Rode all 4 "corner" rows, with back left being my favorite. I really liked the ride, there IS airtime as far as I could tell, but it is barely felt due to the restraint system. Back left offered some nice forces and felt as if being yanked through some of the inversions which I loved. Overall, I feel it is a great addition to the park, if only for what it did to the former DT area and the front gate. That area of the park looks so much better now without the box o' disaster.
  13. Speaking on the topic of dive machines, I made my first trip to BGW this year and went into Griffon with low expectations. Wow, was I wrong. The first drop is one of the best first drops on any roller coaster I have ridden. Followed by the immelman which made me slightly gray out (forceless I think not). Then the second half which has another great drop and immelman and a few pops of ejector air. It blew my expectations away and I am glad it did. I preferred Alpengeist so you can guess which type of coaster I am hoping to see.
  14. I would say that carts is a pretty miserable experience. I was mainly located at Street Skyline until last Thursday (my last day). When other locations need people and we had an excess, we were sent wherever. I worked the cart right by the bandstand twice and the time ticks on very slow. You have no one to talk to and nothing to clean that would keep you occupied. So what do you do, stand in front of the cart with maps until someone wants to buy something! Those 2 shifts were pretty painful, but I can say that working at Street Skyline was an awesome first job and I'm glad that I got a chance to work at KI.
  15. From reading various sites, I've read (and this is purely from the internet and second hand) that some cops from the area that did not investigate heard that the restraint did not fail. IF this is true, one would wonder how she could come out. Allegedly, the woman came out during the double down. Is it possible that the woman's stomach could come out from under the bar during the first "down" and then the rest of her body to come out at the second "down"? It seems very hard to imagine it happening. Like a few, I find the eyewitness is not 100% reliable, has anyone else heard about if the restraint did in fact release?
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