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  1. Interested to hear your thoughts on all of this. In my two trips this year I noticed a serious lack of “security”. Other than at the metal detectors I saw NO one inside the park with a shirt identifying them as security. That being said what I witnessed in person and on video makes me think the people fighting are not going to be deterred by a 19 - 20 year old kid with a security shirt and a radio.
  2. I have seen videos of at least four separate incidents that happened yesterday. I also personally witnessed a “brawl” while leaving the park last Saturday (May 15) just outside the metal detectors. This isn’t “one” random fight. And one of the videos i saw happened in a quite crowded line for Delirium. When guests just standing in a queue with no place to escape to get caught in a melee then you have a real problem.
  3. Not sure of the time frame (as all the years run together anymore for me) but wasnt this the location of another similar food service location? I feel like there was a Cafe Parisienne? that served fresh baked pastries, breads, and desserts at one time.
  4. Yes. Saw a woman by The Beast with one. She was trying to hide it between drags but the smell was everywhere. The more disappointing part was watching the security guard walk right past her and keep on going.
  5. This. And what is the earliest that something goes in that spot? 2023? So you are looking at 3 full seasons with a big empty hole in a prime location. While I am sure there is a plan - it does seem odd to announce a removal with nothing imminent to take its place. When Firehawk left - everyone assumed it was for the 2020 project.
  6. These? I loved these when I was a kid (I'm old now) and no one seems to remember them. It seems as if there were several flavors shaped like the respective fruit? Orange, apple?
  7. Ugh! That building is an absolute eyesore. I was hoping the cars would encompass the icee building that's never open as well as this old arcade building. I am glad to see the return of this ride but I hope they don't cram it in a tiny space - it should be done right.
  8. One giant tray, a rope, and a couple employees who want an arm workout all summer. Done!
  9. It is interesting that "breaded chicken tenders, wraps, and salads" sounds similar to the menu selections at a well known chain restaurant that operates in the park. One that isnt necessarily open every day of the week....
  10. There used to be a ride in the kids area (my son rode it in roughly 03-04) that was basically a small handcart that the child propelled thru the course with their own power - using their arms to turn a crank. The problem was that any kid who was big enough to pedal it around the track was really too big to be riding it. So you ended up with tiny kids riding it who could not get it thru the whole course. So eventually the workers would have to come over to the child, bend over and push them the rest of the way thru the course. Even for 16-18 year old kids that had to be a very sore back at the end of a shift!
  11. I am currently out 643.96 dollars that has not been put back in my account as of the end of business today. I had 3 charges and each one hit my account 12 times. Luckily for me my bank account had enough money to cover those charges (it doesn't always) but I am sure many people ended up with insufficient fund charges. I did speak to KI today and I am hoping the money is back in my account tomorrow morning but talk about a major inconvenience.
  12. Why do we park on driveways and drive on parkways?
  13. nhimes beat me to it. Was out at lunch and saw the crane but no visible work. Took a photo with my phone but it didnt turn out that great.
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