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  1. They don't really have much choice there if they want to add something that big. Other parks manage with parking garages, like Universal Orlando. That's not to say its not a nightmare but so is trying to get out of the Cedar Point parking lot at the end of the day.
  2. I would think it would have to be pretty major? Didn't The Racer lose a dip before the station when FOF was built while retaining its status? Or that is to say, it still earned its status later on.
  3. I've had restraints move up one position/click during a ride before, so I certainly won't question that rule. I'm guessing its when the ratchet wasn't fully in position despite the audible click.
  4. The "winter music" suggestion strikes me as odd too. The park probably has to tread a fine line anyways with so many people afraid that Christmas is being taken away from them and those people will flip if they see as much as the wrong color cup. Since I haven't been to Winterfest since the 90s... What kind of crowds would be expected tonight versus Sunday? Does it change during the month? I imagine FOF and MT will have packed lines since they're the only coasters open?
  5. Yeah, we won't see any real layout changes but tweaks to sections is fine by me if it improves the ride experience. Though honestly I wouldn't mind if they shortened the brake shed and threw in some quick element before it. Does RMC even do topper track at all anymore? It sounds like Gravity Group's new precut/engineered track (which is hopefully what they're using) could make a big difference without compromising The Beast's claim of being a wood coaster.
  6. Someone on Reddit referred to the ride as "Beastie" and I had a little chuckle. I had been hoping to hear about re-tracking. So I'm pleased. And if they can turn off the trims...that would be incredible. I've always wondered if there's something they could do to the wheel assemblies to handle transitions better...
  7. Ultimately the name isn't that important but...goodness is that a bad name.
  8. Dick Kinzel listed as the agent for Cedar Fair. Funny.
  9. Looks like its going to be scrapped with parts going to Dorney and Valleyfair https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyJAKxBC_TE
  10. Good point. Agree about those stations. Last time I was in the AE line it felt kind of run down or at least dirty. With Beast I don't really notice that much, since its supposed to have a rustic look to it, but I did notice there are some boards replaced in the queue that stick out like sore thumbs now.
  11. Banshee and Diamondback could both use it. Not sure the point in Adventure Express being repainted. You can't see the track from many places and its brown anyways. Unless they're going with a new color? Also, can we at least get the sign for The Bat painted? That would take what...10 minutes?
  12. I think ElToroRyan's source probably works for the chain and is probably putting some "spin" on it. There's certainly more to it.
  13. Between Racer and Subway I believe.
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