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  1. I've heard capacity on it isn't too bad but haven't been on it myself. However, it appears that the ride lacks the quick snappy, transitions that the other raptors have because it has to accommodate the longer train. I think a dueling raptor would be a better solution to the capacity issue while maintaining what makes raptors exciting.
  2. I don't feel like the ride serves much purpose other than for people to stand on the bridge to get soaked. I say ditch it and put a dark boat/flume ride somewhere else in the park (not likely to happen but I can dream).
  3. I think people need time to A. Ride Orion more. I didn't like it that much after my first ride and B. Time to get over that entitled sense of disappointment. Also, I thought it was generally accepted that the Golden Ticket awards shouldn't be taken that seriously.
  4. Millennium Force gives you a great view of the lake on one side, and a view of the park on the other. Diamondback has a nice view of the park and a nice view of the fireworks if you're really lucky. Also, where's the love for Adventure Express' second lift? Come on. The statues are working this year. Plus the way the trains jerk back and forth on the lift adds to the entertainment. Not sure I've paid enough attention to lift hills at other parks (or haven't ridden them enough).
  5. Earlier this year I made my first trip to CP since GateKeepers opening year. Was pretty disappoint in the experience because of the crowds, the traffic, etc. But I decided to go during the last week of weekday operation and did quite well. Getting in the park in the morning was way easier (basically no traffic around 9:45) and getting out just as easy. Everything but SV and Maverick was at most 5 minutes, with many being walk-ons. SV was at one point around 15 minutes but stayed closer to 30. 3 rides on Steel Vengeance 3 rides on Millenium Force 1 ride on Maverick (had the longest wait of the day and was down when we came back later). 2 rides each on Raptor, Valravn, Magnum, GateKeeper, Gemini (wanted both sides) 1 ride each on Iron Dragon, Rugarou, Corkscrew, CCMR, Blue Streak, Wicked Twister Also had rides on Snake River Expedition, Super Himalaya and Skyhawk. We aimed to hit every coaster other than TTD and the kid coasters but I also tried to do repeats on the better rides. Some observations: After getting a few rides on SV this year, I can now judge it fairly and honestly, its not even may favorite ride in the park let alone my favorite overall. The ejector moments on the thing are just too painful to me. The ride obviously has a lot going for it. It's just plain wild and I understand why many consider it the best ride in the world but...I guess I just don't like ejector unless its with really comfortable restraints like B&M clamshells or even (and I know this is blasphemy) comfort collars. My best ride on it was when I decided to hold my legs in a way to keep them from stapling me too bad but they have that monitor that tells them when a restraint is far enough. The attendant had to push it a couple times (against my attempts to keep it more loose) for it to go green. That surprised me because there are way bigger people than I (I'm 5'11 and 210) who get on the thing and I didn't hold it up *that much.* Also, the locker thing does make a the experience a tad more stressful imo. I was never that big of a fan of Magnum either but I decided to try "magic seat" (which I had never heard of until recently) and both my brother and I found it to be excruciating. He said he straight up hates that ride. Rugarou is the first time I've experience significant headbanging on a B&M. It caught me by surprise. I don't remember it being that bad as a stand-up. My first ride on Raptor was somewhat rough. People act like that thing is buttery smooth and complain about the rattle on Banshee but Raptor was definitely rougher than Banshee on this trip. Even banged my head on the restraints. GateKeeper is better than I remember but still a fairly typical B&M looper. Same with Valravn. Corkscrew I felt I had to ride since Vortex is gone but then after riding it I felt like I insulted Vortex A crew member on Gemini saw my Vortex shirt and said it was the first big coaster he rode. Then he repeated the rumor that it was sinking. Snake River Expedition is not a ride I would expect to see at CP in 2021. The crew/actors are pretty good. The animatronics are not exactly impressive but do the job. Apparently on light days a lot of the food places close around 6, which cost us some time trying to find supper. Also it seems like CP is stingier with what you get on the dining plan than KI is. Lastly, Super Himalaya is the best ride at the park.
  6. Well it seems to be too small to be a new Freestyle
  7. Also noticed that most are listed by the year they were built except Beastie (Scooby Doo) is below The Beast. As far as why they stuck with that name, I think they just avoided putting any licensed trademarks (including current licenses) on the sign and probably know that long time fans still think of it as Beastie.
  8. That was my thought but I don't know the weight difference or how much speed a light train might lose even by the time it gets to the second lift, and so on. But its a fun thought.
  9. GCI Titan Track is similar (I think 208 Retrak was a response to Titan track?). I know titan track is marketing with the ability to transition from steel to wood. I could see it used on the more problematic parts of the ride but then how much can you convert to that before its no longer a wood coaster?
  10. But then fewer people would click the video I've said before, even ignoring the significance of The Beast to both the park and the industry...its not even the type of wood that is ideal for the RMC treatment since its a terrain coaster.
  11. I got quite few bruises my last couple trips. Middle of the car is usually okay but still pretty shaky. I do get what you're saying about it feeling out of control but I only feel that's the case when its running particularly fast, like the rain ride I got earlier in the season. It was the first time in my life where I hit the midcourse trims and went "thank god." In fact my nephew and I said it in unison. It was a lot of fun because of how ridiculous it seemed.
  12. I've been wondering about the weight of the different trains available. If the train is light enough, it won't wear on the track as much and theoretically you could let off on the trims. You would need to anyways since less weight means it loses speed more quickly. The Beast is heavily trimmed, so I wonder how well a lighter train would do without any trimming at all? Here's an idea. Put some LSMs in that long midcourse brake section
  13. Gravity Group did Racers re-tracking this past off season, from my understanding. Though either of them could do the job. The train is another issue. I wouldn't be against MFs and think they could greatly improve the experience. Haven't been on timberliners but hear negative things. Not a fan of the PTCs but they have the history to them and some fans would throw a fit if The Beast had anything else. EDIT: Plus there's something to be said about keeping the experience different on Beast and MT.
  14. The idea of those PTC trains on MT is scarier than anything else in the shed.
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