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  1. I have trouble seeing anything other than The Bat and AE running on colder days. I voted AE just because of its family appeal and location. I think maybe Backlot could run in the cold as long as the launch is working correctly? I dunno.
  2. Modern cameras typically let you flip/rotate the image in their settings. I imagine the camera host lets you do that too. Though cameras often have a little sun visor and you typically want that facing the right way...
  3. I have mainly used the cams to look at the Diamondback queue and estimate what crowds are like. Now I can see the lines for other rides too, so that's a plus
  4. I've been playing VR games at home for a few years and enjoy it but I am absolutely disinterested in seeing it used on a coaster or any other rides.
  5. I like the chicken but at Kings Island Chik-fil-A always has a line, its an even worse value than many of the other food stands, and it has some of the worst fries in the park. Plus there's the whole Sunday issue.
  6. Some people enjoy the jank, but I would like to see some of those worst spots fixed (I count about 3 that I would fix) and honestly, it probably wouldn't break the bank to do it on AE.
  7. Why not. Various entertainment industries have been doing that for years. Announcements of announcements and even special websites counting down to said announcement. Teasers for teaser trailers, short teaser clips literally right before the actual movie trailer (that one really bugs me), and so on. I hope they go the Six Flags route and just attach a word before "Wildcat" Twisted, wicked, steel, iron... I'm hoping for Wild Wildcat
  8. Note that Backlot uses a LIM launch and not LSM. I never really noticed any differences in the launch but I did have a ride a couple months ago in row 2 that gave legit strong airtime on a couple of hills. I recently tried row 2 to see if it can be recreated and while it did give some airtime, it didn't yeet me out of my seat like the previous ride.
  9. Was there tonight (10/23/22) and had a good day thanks to the free FLP given with early renewals. I did Hotel St. Michelle (my only maze this year). The exterior obviously looks pretty cheap and they clearly use the "maintenance entrance" labelling to try to excuse that. But the scenery inside, for the most part, works pretty well. Still disappointed in the overall lack of fog in the park during haunt. Also had the best ride I've had on The Beast all season. Just felt faster than it had earlier during the daytime. We were in row 13 which was shakier than I expected but that just gave it more bite. Tried the Notorious P.I.G. (I wonder if the staff calls it the Piggie Smalls) from Potato Works. It was decent. It was my first time using Fast Lane anywhere. It feels weird (ie: guilt) walking by people waiting in the standby line, especially when riding multiple times in a row. I do feel like they need a better solution for FoF's Fast Lane setup too. And I don't get why they haven't created a fastlane path for The Beast next to the Slaughterhouse path instead of creating traffic jams in the exit, though the current setup is at least nice for re-rides.
  10. I like the Route 66 idea. Make jukebox a roadside diner. Replace the ugly theming in Backlot with some cacti and desert plateaus, etc.
  11. I consider it all Coney Mall but with the way the Antique Autos wiped out part of the midway there, that corner feels more like its own thing. They could easily retheme the area including Backlot, The Vortex plot and WindSeeker as something else.
  12. My earliest memories of Oktoberfest (in the 80s) don't even really include this area really. There was always Festhaus and Viking Fury (which doesn't actually fit the theme) and those are remaining. I have a much bigger attachment to Adventure Express and I have no interest in seeing that reimagined as some german theme. Oktoberfest was always a bit of an awkward theme because there are limited ways to use it and it seems out of place compared to the other themes. I get its original purpose and I want to see it remain on some level but this new retheme makes more sense to me. Also, Hank's is one of the two best places to eat in the park. I would rather keep the burritos and retheme it. From the corporate perspective, I'm guessing this new theme has broader appeal and the similarities with Knott's and KD's newest themes probably helps with costs.
  13. 3 is the Freestyle. Maybe it will now have the real-sugar Coke that they have in much of latin america. Funny how the basketball game appears in the art.
  14. That's definitely what I'm getting out of the concept art. New, themed entrance and updated paint on the statues maybe? I do have concerns about crowding in that area. The midway there is already a bottleneck for the park.
  15. So will Oktoberfest just be Festhaus and Viking Fury? Or will it even exist? I'm happy to see this. Wish they could have thought of a less generic name though.
  16. Considering the timing, they may just be announcing a year round schedule like KD and Carowinds.
  17. I would certainly hope to see more indoor attractions and indoor restaurants. Tumbili opened on a cold weekend in mid-March. It only ran for a little bit because the temperature hovered around 34-35 degrees. Also, how does that affect maintenance? I know some year round parks only run 1-2 trains on certain rides because there's usually one train out for yearly refurbishment.
  18. Seems like we'll be seeing the Nebulaz popping up allover the place. It's definitely an eye-catching attraction.
  19. Personally I think Banshee needs it more simply because the more naturally looking color of Diamondback works fine when faded, especially in an area of the park that's supposed to be more rustic. Can't really say that about a purplish-red (what color is that?) tracked ride in an area with a lot of colorful signage/buildings/etc.
  20. Can't believe they gonna do Jay Mohr like that
  21. Ragging on Orion has become a bit of a meme and many enthusiasts will hold on to their disappointment for years, all while Millennium Force is still riding on its fame from 20 years ago. Also, no one really respects the Golden Tickets. I prefer Diamondback over Orion...but I also prefer Orion to Millennium Force (though its close). Orion may not have the airtime of DB but it consistently has more than Millie. With that said, Millennium Force was a record breaker and Orion clearly has not overshadowed it. Banshee is a bigger, faster ride than Raptor was but B&M inverts were a dime a dozen by the time it was built. So while I don't know what KI's decision making process is, I do think there is probably truth in the idea that CP relies on its reputation as a park that builds big, great rollercoasters and that that may affect what other CF parks get to build.
  22. I don't want to act entitled. The park obviously doesn't owe me anything. But none of those potential models sound like a good addition to me. Their hyper models are great but other than that, B&M's are remarkably uninteresting coasters these days especially in a park that already has three. And I'm very much not alone in that thinking.
  23. I do expect KI to eventually get an expanded/rethemed area like we're seeing at other larger CF parks and I'm all for it.
  24. It also mentions S&S....Ceramic Tile Company. Clearly just a cover for a new air launch coaster. But in all seriousness, I would love if it B&M was brought in to do something about Banshee's roughness. It was really bad on a couple of my rides this year. Also, I thought Gravity Kraft was the TGG division that built timberliners?
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