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  1. Learn something new every day. But this guy was clearly referring to the recent TGG retrack. Speaking of AE, the guy who said MT isn't a wood coaster also said all the statues in AE were broken. Clearly hadn't been on it in a while.
  2. That's very much up to the owner, the City of Gilroy. Chances are this won't affect them except maybe they purchase a small ride or two. Or maybe CF can donate a ride as a tax write off? The park runs as a 501c3 non-profit. *shrugs*
  3. My cousin (who is about 50) mentioned The Bat killing someone the other day. I tried to be polite about correcting her. Here are some fun things I've heard in recent trips: The Racer was retracked by GCI (easy mistake to make I suppose). Woman on Orion telling her husband that they were planning to take out Diamondback but that got delayed because of Vortex Some know-it-all type behind me on DB said that Mystic Timbers "isn't even a real wood coaster because it has steel <inaudible>"
  4. It's still a big stretch. CW is the most popular seasonal park on the continent and will easily bounce back, regardless of Canadian regulations. It's also the best park in Canada (arguably the only great one). So I question if the government would actually step in to prevent closure.
  5. Everybody is at least a little different, so there's no magic number. Were you close to being able to ride Banshee and Diamondback at your previous weight? Fortunately, they do have test seats at the ride entrance, so that you can find out before you get in line.
  6. This guy makes some pretty good points https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOAPArbF4xc CGA is in one of the most expensive places to do anything in the US and has struggled in terms of profitability and they tried to offload the park 10+ years ago. They probably tried to find a buyer for it this time around as well. Still sucks and I question if it was the right financial move, but CF has a pretty big debt to cover.
  7. Wait, so if they keep it open 11 more years (seems unlikely), they would be paying more than 150 million in rent (half of what they're getting but I don't know what they property tax savings is) AND they are losing revenue as the park winds down and ultimately the business as a whole including those rides that can't be relocated AND they are losing whatever extra cash they would make by selling the land at the end of the term when it will likely be more valuable. I'm no expert. but it seems like they're better off ****ing everyone off and closing the park this year.
  8. Patriot is so old, I can't imagine it being worth moving. Maybe they send the trains to Carowinds to convert Vortex. Flight Deck is also old, but also a better ride. Can it get much more life? Keep in mind that relocating a ride isn't cheap. Would love to see Railblazer go to MI or maybe DP/WOF/VF. Gold Striker is probably doomed, though at least it gives something for guests to ride as the other rides get removed? Seems like all the parks but CP and KI have either a wild mouse or a single-car spinning coaster. So maybe we get Psycho Mouse? ...Think the bayern kurve would fit in the slingshot spot?
  9. Railblazer is probably a better fit at one of the smaller parks. Guess I need to get on Gold Striker before its gone.
  10. I've found the accuracy to improve as the season progresses. Early in the season, most of the times shown were double what they were in reality. And yeah, apparently crowds were super light on Sunday. I'm planning to head there Wednesday hoping the heat thins out the crowds.
  11. Yeah, that could be wrong. Also, are the lines today (a Sunday) really as short as being reported?
  12. Can't decongest without new attractions to pull people to the new areas. KI actually has enough land to build an entire new dry park the size of the existing one but that wouldn't happen for many reasons.
  13. If you expect a warning first, it means you don't actually need a warning.
  14. Did you ride recently? Others seem to indicate the stop-start thing was resolved. I agree about the breakdowns though. I've been in line multiple times this season only for the ride to be shut down, and considering how long the lines have been, that's frustrating.
  15. No, Orion was already complete and operational when these were taken (and those are way too small to be supports). I thought it was queue piping but someone above mentioned bike racks?
  16. This aerial photo is probably from 2020 (based on the still-not-grown-in grass next to Orion).
  17. And people who don't know how to use the freestyle machines or don't press hard enough.
  18. I doubt they are that concerned about people stealing soda with those tiny water cups, tbh
  19. On a related note, that day is also Juneteenth and many people now have Monday off work (since Juneteenth is on a Sunday). So I wonder if Monday will have higher than usual crowds.
  20. That thread isn't that helpful when you're at the park trying to decide how long a wait is before you get on. It's not exactly real-time. I meant something more like "if the line ends at this point, the wait is typically 60-80 minutes." A lot of people with less experience at the park might have trouble gauging the waits because of deviations in capacity, hidden queue areas, and so on.
  21. I never go on saturdays but from what I know, getting all the credits without at least the regular Fast Lane might be difficult. Flight of Fear should be your first stop unless maybe you can get the early ride on Orion before 10 (I don't know how possible that is on a Saturday). Then probably Orion (since its right there and still somewhat new) and Backlot Stunt Coaster. There's also Flying Ace Aerial Chase (Vekoma SFC), in the kids area if you want that, and Invertigo, both with only one train. The B&M's of course have fast moving lines. Mystic Timbers' moves okay. Racer line moves fast if both sides are running. The Beast has been getting some heavy lines but if you want to get it at night, you might save it. You're kind of stuck with a choice: the legendary Beast night ride (you will be forced to stay in a line that doesn't move after 9:30 until the fireworks are done) or maybe one of the other great night rides (Mystic Timbers, Orion, Diamondback, and even Adventure Express) or do you want to watch the new, impressive fireworks and drone show? Can't do 'em all I'm afraid. We almost need a guide on this site on how to gauge the current wait times for rides since the app has been so inaccurate.
  22. I would think so too but it seems like they have things spread all over the place. It looks like that's where they store pipe for...queues maybe? Can't tell exactly.
  23. Seems like they have a little hidden storage area hidden in there. Maybe just freeing up more space. I remember eating with my family in the picnic area that used to be there.
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