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  1. It's going to be wild going down that first drop with it being so low to the ground like that!
  2. Good god, that banking is insane!!
  3. Wish I could help you out there. It's pretty well known around Cincinnati that Larosas always taste better at Kings Island or at local festivals. Wife and I found out that if you order from Larosas and get it "well done" it taste nearly identical from Kings Island
  4. Full Throttle is still open out in the Springdale area
  5. WOW WOW WOW, look at that thing. Totally dwarfs Racer! Massive is all I have to say
  6. Pictures don't do this thing justice. I can't wait to see it in person and how massive it is
  7. I imagine that if they are wanting to do a big media event for the topping off they will wait till tomorrow or Thursday for that since most news outlets will be busy with election coverage today and results tomorrow.
  8. All I know is that when cresting the hill and looking almost straight down, I will be having an "OH $h!t" moment!!!!
  9. That would be awesome to watch. It's amazing how they transform some of these people into something totally different. On another note, there are tons of Youtube videos on special effects makeup and how some of the simplest house hold items can be used to create some crazy effects
  10. Ditto, I was around the same age when I took my first ride. I remember standing in line and kept thinking to myself, "WTF am I getting ready to get myself into and getting ready to ride!!" I had very sweaty palms that time
  11. It is on Skyhighs website. Under projects they state that they dismantle coasters, specifically King Chaos
  12. darn this thing is going to be huge! Nice change to the skyline of Kings Island!
  13. I do civil engineering, got any site stuff I can look at?!!
  14. Speaking of the sun, the construction workers should have nice couple of beautiful fall days to build a coaster! It is days like this when I miss doing construction work while paying for school. I need to figure out a way to get out of the office today and do some site visits.....
  15. Skyline for me. My coworker and I go to the Newport one all the time. We go there so much that the waitress doesnt even take our order anymore. We just sit down and our food shows up!
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