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  1. I'm almost convinced the 2nd hill and the lead in to the turnaround might have some floater during them.. hmm... lol Can't wait to ride it; it's really quite weird just HOW accurate of predictions people were able to get with this ride. I was wrong about the name, but I'm glad it ended up Orion over the other prediction.
  2. I think it's the exact same drop length. 310ft height but 300ft drop. But I would bet we will have a better first drop than Millie. Slower at the top of the hill, but we get to be at that 70/80 ish degree descent for longer because of the tighter peak.. I hope anyways~
  3. I thought Banshee was a name they've had since the original name of Mantis
  4. I personally don't think it'll be Orion or Polaris simply because I can't recall ever having the ride actually named what we've found copyrights for prior to the announcement :p
  5. I think that would certainly help, though I wouldn't hold my breath for anything crazy for a complete redo. The simple painting of the visible side of the barn certainly helps with the immersion already! It was a detail I didn't realize we needed, but since the building was visible, it certainly helps. Especially since this new ride seems to be related in theme to FOF. I'm glad CF is continuing the trend of soft theming for their rides.
  6. Maybe they noticed people getting their hopes too high, and they didn't want a WhatsInTheShed outcome happen lol
  7. If that's true, then it looks like the ride will send off launching or lifting over top of Voyage's first drop, and then... is that an inversion through that gap of supports in Voyage's lift??? There IS a lot of space there above the return-trip track.. would they do such a thing?? lol EDIT-- It also seems to be too far north to be using that gap.. but, going through existing structure seems even more unlikely..
  8. And it's too bad they can't have FOF's, Backlot's, and Millie's un-boarding station. I feel it would speed up capacity on a couple of our coasters. (especially for Banshee, Diamondback, The Beast, and Vortex)
  9. Looks like they changed the chart on Firehawk for some reason. Sorry for adding to the explosion of replies. :p
  10. Yes, exactly. Not sitting on a wheel seat makes a world of a difference.. and although some parks may advise not to lean forward.. I lean forward and avoid getting my head smacked; I will not explicitly suggest that anyone else do it; it works for me however. I will say, related to roughness.. I've found that Banshee has become unenjoyable to me at the bottoms of the hills. There is so much rattle. I've ridden a fair number of B&M inverts, including the very first at SFGAm, Batman.. but Banshee, one of the newest ones, somehow has aged to develop the worst B&M rattle that I've ever experienced. Diamondback only has the one moment, and it's still not that terrible, but I walked off Banshee with a headache the last time as did my sister who rode a different train. I don't understand what causes it, but I hope someone does understand why it's there this year, and they are able to help reduce it.
  11. Banshee had station and lift vertical progress by Sep 10th 2013. I'm expecting mid-late August to be the beginning of vertical construction.
  12. Doesn't the height calculated from the blueprints assume the ground elevation is the same as the elevation at the beginning of the lift? Or is it based on a footer height underneath it? I have a feeling the height of the ride will be announced with the glorious 300.. but it's just a hunch :p
  13. Also, the park was very aware of the accident that happened at SFMM. Just like when the accident at SFKKingdom happened on the Drop Tower. They often will close similar rides and redo, or rethink safety precautions/ hardwares to help ensure the accident can't happen on one of their rides. Just like when WindSeeker got stuck for 4 hours at... Knotts? They sent out retrieval devices for all the WindSeeker rides across the country. I won't say an accident couldn't happen, but it's probably low probability, and the Cedar Fair has so far proven that they take ride safety seriously. I think you can ride The Bat and just have fun
  14. The 2019 show for the bandstand is Off the Charts; another year, mostly different music. Hot Rhythm Nights was only for Grand Carnivale here and at Kings Dominion. Probably will be brought to the next two parks for Grand Carnivale.
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