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  1. I love Kentucky Kingdom's internet presence haha They've had interactions with even Universal because of their nonstop meme-age :p I also love that they acknowledge the roughness of T3 when they advertise that ride on Instagram :p
  2. So, the huge empty space where FH used to turn into the station, there wasn't anything in that location in the blue prints right? I just realized that's gonna be a huge empty space lol
  3. You'd probably only need 30 minutes between other shows to use the same performers. They only have to change and then perform, the floats can be taken care of by a different team. The summer had the parade.. 1 hour after HRN ended, and then.. idr what time their night time show started.. but i wanna say it went at 9pm.
  4. The performers I've spoken to are quite relieved that there isn't a WinterFest parade this year lol Not to undercut you, just surprised those are the opinions you've found!
  5. Agreed. And honestly boo blasters is rather poor in quality. But more indoor, air conditioned rides mean less people will leave when it's rainy, and more people will stay longer if it's hot. I agree with your water park opinions :p
  6. Ah, okay thanks. I just didn't understand the reference. I googled it seeing it was a movie, but still didn't get the reception of it. :p
  7. Luckily, coming from the south, almost nothing is seen on 71. See my signature XD.
  8. That's cause it isn't a wave turn lol. And we know for a fact that it isn't since we had the blueprints that showed it curve to the left. People are just calling it that.. maybe for clarity, or because there likely will be almost floater there. Personally, it looks like the entrance and exit to that banked turn will have unexpected (for most) floater. But 'wave turn' is more concise I guess :p Wave turns normally look like a sideways bunnyhill from a skyview; even with weaker airtime than this. If I'm understanding this correctly.
  9. Oh no! Hopefully someone buys it again this time, but can outlast this current owner's successes. KI will need to expand SC if we don't have another water park option in the immediate area. We already run out of seats with the many we currently have.
  10. Glad they released the time lapse! They know everyone likes to have that after the fact.
  11. Looks like we didn't crest the horizon from the webcam's perspective :p We'll definitely have that happen when we are on the observation deck though.. at least the lower one.
  12. Anyone know the elevation change from DB's lift to Orion's? I tried to find a topography map and it didn't go very close.. but it seems like it might be a 50ft ish difference?
  13. Sorry, I should've also asked for how we know this. Did I miss an interview? Edit- but thanks for the number. (Im sure its been said earlier; ive been very busy to read every page) I was able to find a DaytonDailyNews article using the number. Im excited to have a near 90° drop at the park finally! I've always yearned for something truly steep at the park. This counts to me!
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