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  1. Wow, Oct 20th had a full queue at 12pm. I've been hittin 4 rides in 20 minutes until today before I had to leave for work lol I only got one today! I'm worried about my last few attempts to ride~ But I'm still lucky to get to ride since I work so close to KI :p
  2. And of course my favorite part of the entire ride. Back of the train is the place to be. Best drop in the park!
  3. I don't think we're going to crest the horizon from this webcam's perspective. I expect to come close though!
  4. Yes, I think you're right! They will be in full view from the ride, and will be more noticed with people filming the ride from the tower etc. It'll help go along with the theme of it being a military base sort of area. Rather than just two buildings lol
  5. Hopefully something with lots of whippy inversions, good ride time, and most importantly.. unique!
  6. ME ^^ Vortex is my favorite coaster at the park.. not the most comfortable for sure, but my fav!
  7. "why" keeps coming up in my head. I was really looking forward to riding Vortex w/ orion in the background. Orion felt like it more than made up for Firehawk being taken out. But I feel like Vortex deserves its own replacement. Usually a huge coaster like this would get replaced by a new coaster, but KI was barely able to get this giga.. I fear we might see an empty plot for awhile. But, whenever they do finally put something in (could be sooner cause of the unique situation) i just hope it's something that is a looper.. would be cool to have something finally go 90* down at KI.. but perhaps not a dive coaster still. I was content with our giga, but now I just wish we had a more substantial giga lol (don't blast me :p) this is very upsetting for a lot of KI fans.
  8. Yeah.. I hope it's just a maze that has been with us for a long time is going to be replaced. Maybe Madame Fatale with goals of a new maze or... even (my dream) something finally taking TR's old spot for 2021 or 22 :p
  9. If it would've ran for just.. like 2 months in 2018 I'd've ridden it haha One childhood dream that won't come to fruition. Least I got to see it standing!
  10. I prefer coasters to not be noisy, personally lol I used to like the sound of it when I was young and only heard it from videos, until I first went to Cedar Point and couldn't hold a conversation 100yds away from (at the time) Mantis. lol
  11. Yes it bothers me. :p I recently got a chance to ride the first ever B&M invert up in Illinois and of course it's a much smaller scale, but even Banshee's slower portions are more than it. Unfortunate, but hopefully it is being looked at, and can eventually be solved for Banshee; it's not enjoyable for me if I have a headache and try to ride.
  12. Not for me! I like aggressive coasters, but I wasn't a fan of greying out like that lol It's gonna be hard for me to like I305 more :p
  13. You mean the blue Racer? lol (there's a reference here; before I get weird replies)
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