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  1. I am. My point was that it wasn't composed for the coaster. Vertigo by U2 for Invertigo is another example closer to home
  2. I always assumed that Flight of Fear or Tomb Raider may have used the movie/ tv show music Who did the music for Italian Job? Though that wasn't as prominent, it was still original music behind the "director"'s spiels
  3. America seems to do just fine with the probably cheaper, pop songs unfortunately lol... remember all the theme songs thw coasters have had over the years? Baby Im ready to goooooooooo
  4. Hopefully some ambient mood music or ironically peppy lumber jack esque music. I dont think people are overeacting to the vine, I think it's just the volume of people that don't like it
  5. Very weird decision for that center vine. Looks like its intentional afterall
  6. Also Cedar Fair "out-competed" itself between Intimidator 305 and Leviathan(306ft), between Fury 325 and the other two; Intimidator 305 being fairly close by Fury. Its based on the trend that the next giga from CF keeps being slightly taller. Though people know it’s not a guarantee for that, let alone getting a giga at all
  7. I probably won't be reading until I ride, once April 13th hits tbh.. just to be safe. *walks passed someone who spoils it in one word as I walk towards the ride* lol
  8. Oooooooooooooooh oops my bad
  9. Yeah that looks like it might be that.. but probably nothing as exciting as the double down just before it
  10. Im not talking about the speed though... not exactly hah, like it hardly looks like a crest at all rather than a straight section that tilts. Im just saying its hard to tell. 29 seconds doesnt seem right. Lol voyage alone has 24.3 seconds which is a much longer ride. From the animation im gonna guess somewhere between 15-18sec still great! But if it was gonna break the wooden coaster record for most airtime KI better be promoting that [emoji110]
  11. Looks sweet.. not sure about that trick track to the right before swooping up to the break run. Hoping it has some air but it doesnt look like it
  12. Same. But as a kid I loved them.. I'm sure it can be just as exciting for kids today. They get to drive! Attendance wasnt poor IIRC when Italian Job came in
  13. Sounds like slight poor foresight if that is the case
  14. Very often will people prefer the old, if it was really good before, it's darn near impossible to do better unless the old has faded
  15. Id hope KI and both Busch Gardens have already thought of this. I wouldnt expect the engineers to puff till after the cross