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  1. Kings Island Racer over Racer75. Racer75 is VERY smooth as of last year. But, that airtime is weak sauce everywhere. KI's racer had better airtime for me, and it's not glass smooth.. side note, why Mystic Timbers gets better and better as we move away from opening year.
  2. Yeah, I had one of my friends tag me in a Facebook post telling me how they are so excited for Beast Unleashed haha I had to tell her the bad news that it's a fan-made thing linking to the video which had a disclaimer in the description. I'll listen to this podcast when I have more time later today
  3. A really steep drop (finally) at KI :p
  4. It really doesn't matter; never mind
  5. Please don't lol You can google who Incubus was in mythology, but basically a demon. That extra '-en' makes it a different word despite the similar phonetics.
  6. 2 day trip? Go in the spring if possible; go on a Tues or Wednesday. Obviously, you want to get the priority rides in first, but it's actually pretty time smart to get all the rides in one area before moving to the next if possible (CP is roughly the same size as KI, but it's laid out in a very long manner, rather than everything being basically a circle). Use the app for wait estimations. Use lockers once for two coasters if you can. Have Fun! Try not to get stressed out if it's busy.. or if TTD keeps breaking down.
  7. I'm happy to see this. Keep in mind that we still have a country show and lunch with the Peanuts. The front of the Festhaus, if you look on KI's Instagram, says "Eine prosit, eine prosit der gemütlichkeit" So good vibes with the facade.
  8. Man, Pipeline Plunge was my favorite there!
  9. It's true. As of May 2018. Rebel... Wait.. Racer75 runs very smoothly. I will say the airtime was quite lacking compared to our Racer.. But most people, not I, complain about the roughness.. Racer75 was as smooth as Mystic Timbers 2017
  10. I think with the removal of a high-thrill coaster, personally, I wouldn't expect a big investment aside from a high-thrill coaster.. until another high-thrill coaster is placed back in. That said, a high-thrill dark ride... or any dark ride, for that matter... I would greatly cherish.. especially in those hot, july afternoons; I miss TR.
  11. Got my final ride on Firehawk at 6:50pm ish. Probably only 30 minutes worth of queue behind us as the park was about to close.
  12. Just having more indoor attractions would be a huge plus.. No more TRTR, Action Theatre. More things to do on oober hot days or rainy days would be nice.
  13. Where's that photo from? I'm so ecstatic to see that stage being cleared up and probably being used in the future
  14. For people confused why a cirque show or any show wasn't mentioned for KI Theater.. I'm surprised you haven't checked the site: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/play/shows within the last week it has been up
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