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  1. That's a little worrisome! Seems that there are at least some small plans for 2020 at the Kingdom, however!
  2. I wouldn't expect much until after June 15th; after Grand Carnivàle has debuted. Just my expectation though.
  3. I really enjoy the line splitters usually. You don't have to worry about keeping your group together. But sometimes an employee will give you attitude. Simply requested the front row after he gave us numbers (party of two), and just short-like said, "I said row blah blah blah." Like, dude, if it's that big of a deal you can say, "sorry, we need to keep the lines even." and just be polite about it, or... just let people wait for the front. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if we just let people cut us till we get a row we want :p Never done that, cause I'm only that petty in my imagination, but.. I mean.. someone has to get the front eventually, right? I think if you are a group of 2, there's almost never a reason to not let someone request a certain row.
  4. Same could be pointed out about WindSeeker. :p The riders probably aren't reaching that 301' height
  5. There's always some group of people that decide the world needs to hear their low quality (because it's probably stolen imo) music blasted on their speaker haha Especially unfavorable when you're hiking trying to taking in the views and atmosphere that nature has to offer.
  6. It's just good Youtube practice :p It draws people in
  7. It's unfortunately been mellowed out over the years with retracks. The original POV shows that it wasn't a mere right turn w/ a speed hill. It was deliberate before .. and I think it was more rough there before aswell haha
  8. Imagine how it felt for this lol https://rcdb.com/277.htm
  9. I said nothing negative lol
  10. This station has the roof of Invertigo, and the body of... I guess Firehawk's? Looks like it'll fit in the area well.
  11. This doesn't block future expansion. Notice the supports. You can tell where it doesn't reach the ground sometimes by looking at supports. The cement path that still exists will still be walk-able under that helix at the end too. Though connecting from the main X-base plaza will pose some awkward pathways for sure. Also as someone else mentioned, the track will bank beyond 90* in at least 2 places. I'm just hoping for at least 300' height straight below the highest point, and hoping for this to not have a nearly 100ft tall final brake. I think both can't be granted with this layout. Otherwise, why does Kings Island continue to shade way less than 50% of their queues? This one will be packed with people and we still have only a couple of places with shade. (these places may not even be walked through once we get passed opening years).
  12. I think you're right. I can't find any signage for DB construction till later. BUT there were footings since day one And by May 10th, there were very clear signs of what the station and splash area would be like: https://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=566765 https://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=578046 (sorry KIC, these were the photos that came up through Google search :p )
  13. Sometimes yeah. Oftentimes it uses an elevator to be put back for maintenance too. --- Guess we shall wait till July/ August to hopefully get an announcement. Isn't it a bit odd that there's no teaser on the wall next to FOF? Diamondback, Banshee, and MT all had some sort of words on the fence that confirmed something was going down.. well up.
  14. Lol would not be the safest stage for Chance to be performing on Glad to see some new sound!
  15. I found the real layout for lil giga I personally love the touch of the absurdly high brake run at the end. Shocker.
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