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  1. This is the reason I didn't try real larosa's for a VERY long time. Once I went to a proper restaurant, I really enjoyed it. Idk why they allow their name to be tarnished at Kings Island.
  2. But maybe it doesn't last though. Banshee's was removed.. One can hope :p
  3. I'm excited that the low-to-the-ground-non-inverting-zero-g-roll is finally finished! Those supports have been there for awhile :p
  4. Very happy that they readjusted the cam so that the entire ride is in view rather than it cutting off the station area. Makes me wonder if it's manually adjusted and you can't for-sure tell where it's pointing lol edit - I'm aware I'm not the first to notice it; just been sitting on that desire for awhile :p
  5. Lol when it was confirmed we were getting a giga, I thought it meant Vortex would get repainted (at least partially again), just like when DB came. Haha hahah..uhehwhehuhuh...
  6. Work for the park and hope that you are blessed with an employee riding window :p
  7. I'm gonna hate on Orion where I see fit, and I'm not going anywhere Looking forward to my first ride though! -- BTW we now have an additional piece of track on the turnaround. Only way back is toward the brakerun!
  8. Came to see how the ride looked in the snow. Interesting that they're still doing a test run for Zephyr lol
  9. Winterfest will be CLOSED tonight, December 16, 2019
  10. Who knows, but I'm certainly just hoping it's not going to be a substantial setback.
  11. I knew there was something weird about the train colors!
  12. Same. I always thought its placement mean they wanted to expand the waterpark to both sides of voyage.. but I think Pilgrim's Plunge may have hurt that plan; and then it was clear with the addition of Thunderbird that there must have been a change in future expansion ideas. (This all just assumptions btw)
  13. Looks like they are in the process of putting the highest support up right now
  14. We got beyond the 2nd hill today~ One more support to complete the 2nd highest crest on the ride!
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