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  1. Not all the way to coney, but I thought there was a bridge over swan lake a long time ago. Is this wrong?
  2. I don't think we're able to assume how much someone is being paid at the park. Lol
  3. It's a mirror for the people
  4. The ride is smooth. The ride is fun. I might like it better than MF.
  5. Not even just with Paramount. Diamondback opened with a single rider's line. CF started fastlane by the time Banshee happened.
  6. I wouldn't expect leveling unless they wanted a ride to go lower.. which seems unneeded. Cause they could make flying elements like Vortex, Banshee, and Orion if they want it higher. It's cheaper to have long supports.
  7. (then sort by date listed to get the most recent) Yep! Where Firehawk used to make its final right turn into the station.. lol *cough* edit, not intending to be mean spirited; just found it funny that we got confused. __ By the way, If anyone can play the video on a large TV or large monitor.. the video is in 4k.. maybe you can make it out. My screen ain't cuttin' it :p another btw.. I have high hopes that our theoretical capacity might actually be pretty nice for this ride! It's short, the flat section of the final brakerun acts as a block, and the testing videos show h
  8. -Hmm. I think chain-link would've been a better call for the queue walls. I get they may want to hide the open space, but as a military base theme.. it kinda works to not be quite as polished IMO. And once again, most of the queue is mostly left vulnerable to the Sun's heat.. -Glad to see what looks like a vent on the show building; I'm assuming it's for a fan to blow the collected hot air out of there; keep the air circulating. Curious what's on those blue.. banners? that are hanging on the concrete-wall where FH used to turn into the station.
  9. I just haven't had a dream to be able to post in here yet. till 2 nights ago! I had a dream that I got to ride Orion in the morning.. and for some reason I made a youtube ride review in a nearby starbucks afterwards haha
  10. They are much better for dive coasters. Griffon has a much better drop than Valravn could ever wish to have because of it.. More research to be had with Yukon and Sheikra etc.. Vest restraints are bad for two reasons.. for me. 1. Stunted airtime. (I know you just expressed your annoyance with this complaint, but it's important on dive coasters mostly. But even Banshee would have a better drop in the back right side if it didn't have vest restraints.. and a better drop towards the batwing/ pretzel knot.. But, I just differ.. I can put up with some headbanging (or clever riding if possible)
  11. Now THAT'S how B&M's should sound. I do wish it were possible to have that timbre, but to still reduce the volume though~
  12. Assuming it weren't already demolished, I would've voted to keep Beast IF I had to keep one. Otherwise, keep Beast. Get Vortex lap-bar or vest restraint trains. But I presume Vortex's metal fatigue may have been the culprit.. so Beast lives on!
  13. I also don't trust KI to keep wheel/ train lights updated and always working. Despite changes in ownership, we haven't seen it taken care of at the park before. BLSC had onboard audio removed. WindSeeker, I've seen lights not working on the bottom of the carriages often. I'd love to be proven wrong but; it feels like an extra level of time-management/ care that is required to keep those up to date. Also, see my bolded text.
  14. Well, thanks for the shots anyways! Hopefully it's not purely an illusion. I'm kind of in the camp of.. it seems that there are light strips.. but I'm not thinking they were illuminated in those videos. They only get brighter with the sun. I was hittin' all my number keys on my keyboard to compare different times in the video. Even if there's only brightness at the bottom of the lift, the sun is still more out than where the beginning of the video was. Back to crossing my fingers!
  15. That blue line (from the perspective of the lot), doesn't appear to be LED, definitely doesn't look illuminated, if it is. Waltny's pics, when the lights were on and off, show that blue line being unchanged; I think that's metal. As for where the line stops (perspective of river trail) Maybe it is! Thanks for trying to make it clear to me; I'm just not fully convinced yet. However.. What are those two "vertical" lines between the sections of the gate. Fury and Levi don't have those; not even fury, who has the LEDs for comparison. EDIT: attached is Waltny's photo; seen above
  16. I still don't see the blue LED lol
  17. Doth mine eyes deceive me? I only see 2 white stripes... maybe a thinner white stripe? No blue strip at the top. That lighter line might be an illusion. But I can't see any blue light.
  18. Thankfully for you, we may only get 1 more B&M in the future unless they reinvent their offerings! If I were a bettin man, I'd expect Orion to be the last one; meaning Vortex won't be replaced by B&M.. Just a hunch. -- Thanks for the shots, Waltny! Today's a good day, knowing we got an LED strip. As it's been no secret, I've always wanted KI's giga to at least be a little more special. I'm glad we will at least let it shine with a sleek, uninterrupted light. Now.. if we could only get a tunnel on the dang thing, I might shut up about the short length.. might :p
  19. It is We got the Teal that we saw first, Blue we saw second in test pictures, and the Silver one.
  20. And hopefully they don't make me walk down the hall "like an alien would" with my arms in the air making nonsense noises haha (This reference is brought to by the family-friendly version of whatever maze they had in the Chaos building, shortly after the Orion announcement *inhales desperately*)
  21. One can hope! FastLane is like TSA Precheck, paying no mind to us peasants taking our shoes off.
  22. From a... certain Youtube video that was posted on the 12th: it looks like the west side of the Chaos building might have a pathway outlined? Not sure, as I know there has been temporary queue there for during haunt. I wonder if there will be space for eating where the hill and trees were between the new building and the chaos building. The entrance of Area 72 seems to have small pillars/ posts on either side. The other area with a hill and trees that was also cleared.. I wonder what's to come of that. Would they add floral decorations in an area like this? Would that not
  23. I'm hoping we get the steel vengeance metal detector, loose article treatment to go along with the militarized, high-security theming!
  24. After delaying my response. I think it's safe to say that it will make an impact.
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