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  1. Thanks chad_1138 here's a quick video of the same thing taken around 1:30pm May 17
  2. Maybe! As we await the time for KI to get a truly adequate replacement for Vortex, I'd think it'd be a good time to get a new ride in the waterpark? Then again, we don't have much competition in the water park area for Cincinnati anymore with The Beach and Coney Island being absent now in that department.
  3. Laughed at your arrow for the lady with her phone XD
  4. Especially with that trek you used to have to make!
  5. Should've checked the forums before the weekend, it seems best wishes for your future now that keeping the site going wont be on your plate.
  6. Rode the tower yesterday and the elevator attendant mentioned that one of the reasons the 50ft deck is closed was the person who got drunk, leaned over to get hit by the counterweight, and fell. I always thought that person somehow fell from the top deck For those new here since 2008, you can see some photos here~ I would love to see this deck reopened since KI seems to love reverting The Racer back to original form (sans the extra dip at the end :p), and in a way the International Restaurant being public during Winterfest.. not sure how a handicapped entrance would be possible, assuming that wasnt a requirement back when it was opened.
  7. I would love something to bring the intensity that Vortex, FOF, and Mystic Timbers brings in the form of a modern steel coaster. I think KI could use its first 90*+ drop. But, mostly a coaster with snappier inversions and/ or ejector. Just one ride that proved to be more of a "whoa, what was that" experience for most of the duration. Banshee has 2 moments like that. (always dreamed of what if the zero G roll stay low and fast along the hill downwards instead of the soaring version we have) But, that's likely not going to be the case for most future additions. Which is perfectly fine! But you asked what I would want :p
  8. Honestly, it's not that crazy to dislike Banshee to me. I don't want to ride it half the time I'm at the park. It just vibrates like crazy for me. And yet I rode SOB and can enjoy a rougher woodie like Voyage. Something about being pinned in my seat makes every vibration noticeable maybe? Unfortunate because I love the layout and really enjoyed the ride a lot the first few years (minus my collar bone pain haha)
  9. I agree with some of what you are talking about for sure! CF would greatly improve guest experience by reorganizing how everything is laid out. It's nice to have a lot of options; save some money by forgoing certain amenities, but sometimes less is more. For the past few years I've been wishing they'd completely rethink/ reconstruct the locker/ bin systems so that it's figured into the park ticket (which is rather low for our park size; what's a $5 increase for a park ticket), and make the experience relatively easy. Yukon Striker was an ah-ha moment, but then wasn't utilized for future things. I have faith that CP will turn this rocky start around. They may have to get a little more creative than in the past but, One thing is for sure, they messed up this year for their opening; CP has been borderline 'too busy to enjoy' for a couple years now on several, non event, days.
  10. Yikes I was unfortunate to go in2018 and not get to ride Volcano after wishing to try it out as a young lad :p But man, I enjooyed Avalanche and their TR:TR Hopefully this is secretly the sign of something great to come! I just hope their PR decides to communicate such a plan instead of being silent for too too long; I'm sure locals are getting worried like we are, for the success of the park/ value of the park
  11. As of 2018- I thought KD's FOF was smoother than ours. But man am I glad our queue isn't cut in half by a haunt maze lol Also, the few times I got to ride without a full stop on the MCBR *thumbs up* It sounds like they've gone back to using the MCBR since I last rode ours
  12. Idk why the link is hard to see from the highlight, but it's basically a floating obstacle course
  13. Man.. I'm not sure; it was probably Orion after me and my partner wanted to get night ride using Fast Lane pass :p Last mask-free ride was.. probably Vortex in all honesty lol
  14. Not all the way to coney, but I thought there was a bridge over swan lake a long time ago. Is this wrong?
  15. I don't think we're able to assume how much someone is being paid at the park. Lol
  16. It's a mirror for the people
  17. The ride is smooth. The ride is fun. I might like it better than MF.
  18. Not even just with Paramount. Diamondback opened with a single rider's line. CF started fastlane by the time Banshee happened.
  19. I wouldn't expect leveling unless they wanted a ride to go lower.. which seems unneeded. Cause they could make flying elements like Vortex, Banshee, and Orion if they want it higher. It's cheaper to have long supports.
  20. (then sort by date listed to get the most recent) Yep! Where Firehawk used to make its final right turn into the station.. lol *cough* edit, not intending to be mean spirited; just found it funny that we got confused. __ By the way, If anyone can play the video on a large TV or large monitor.. the video is in 4k.. maybe you can make it out. My screen ain't cuttin' it :p another btw.. I have high hopes that our theoretical capacity might actually be pretty nice for this ride! It's short, the flat section of the final brakerun acts as a block, and the testing videos show how fast they might wish to run the ride.
  21. -Hmm. I think chain-link would've been a better call for the queue walls. I get they may want to hide the open space, but as a military base theme.. it kinda works to not be quite as polished IMO. And once again, most of the queue is mostly left vulnerable to the Sun's heat.. -Glad to see what looks like a vent on the show building; I'm assuming it's for a fan to blow the collected hot air out of there; keep the air circulating. Curious what's on those blue.. banners? that are hanging on the concrete-wall where FH used to turn into the station.
  22. I just haven't had a dream to be able to post in here yet. till 2 nights ago! I had a dream that I got to ride Orion in the morning.. and for some reason I made a youtube ride review in a nearby starbucks afterwards haha
  23. They are much better for dive coasters. Griffon has a much better drop than Valravn could ever wish to have because of it.. More research to be had with Yukon and Sheikra etc.. Vest restraints are bad for two reasons.. for me. 1. Stunted airtime. (I know you just expressed your annoyance with this complaint, but it's important on dive coasters mostly. But even Banshee would have a better drop in the back right side if it didn't have vest restraints.. and a better drop towards the batwing/ pretzel knot.. But, I just differ.. I can put up with some headbanging (or clever riding if possible) over losing some airtime. 2. They hurt... some people; I'm some people. Especially if they are the earlier, locking kind. They are really uncomfortable for my collarbones. The connection for the vest should be flush with seat, or even bowed out about the width of an average person. (see premier's vests. People hate on them.. but they don't complain about the pain; they hardly touch most people.. just annoying during boarding.)
  24. Now THAT'S how B&M's should sound. I do wish it were possible to have that timbre, but to still reduce the volume though~
  25. Assuming it weren't already demolished, I would've voted to keep Beast IF I had to keep one. Otherwise, keep Beast. Get Vortex lap-bar or vest restraint trains. But I presume Vortex's metal fatigue may have been the culprit.. so Beast lives on!
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