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  1. We also had the same problem this year. WCPO has there information wrong about Cedar Point. There policy is that once the pass is processed and used it is good for the season. We have the platinum pass so we where able to take are Jr. pass that KI was trying to charge us almost $70 to upgrade to Cedar Point and because of the problems we had with KI they just changed the status of his pass to a adult for no charge.


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  2. So a update on what I have found out today with many phone calls. I started with Cedar Point and just as I thought it is there policy that when a pass is processed it is good for a season know matter if you get taller or not. They also stated that the Cedar Fair policy is the same. So I told them what had happened at Kings Island and they offered to get to the bottom of it for me. In the mean time I called some of the other parks and apparently they are doing the same thing as KI. So I had a manager from Cedar Point call me back and when they called Kings Island and even the supervisor at Cedar Point got the same attitude from the supervisor at KI when she tried to explain the policy to her and basically blew her off. I also told her what I have found out about the other parks. So at this point it has been passed on to another manager that is going to take it to corporate and find out why the policy is not being followed across all parks. They also told me that Kings Island has reported his pass stolen and cant be used at any of the parks. They are also willing to upgrade his pass for him at no charge but I have to get up to Cedar Point to do it. They told me to expect a phone call back from them tomorrow and let me know what the outcome is when all the managers get together and find out what exactly is going on. When I get more information I will let you know.

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  3. Was just wondering if any one else has had a problem with a Jr. platinum this year with a kid that is right at that 48" mark. Our youngest kid who was not 48" at the time of processing is now right there and we are now being told we have to upgrade his pass mid season. We even asked when we had them processed and were told it would be good all season even if he reached 48". Some of the supervisors we talked to are saying that this is a "new policy" others said its a Cedar Fair policy. Any info that any one might have would be appreciated. thanks

  4. ugh. this does not sound very cool i didnt even see the reentry thing. now we are going to have giant crowds of people waiting to get into the park right at 7. Giant crowds that will not be happy... i have a feeling crowd control will be an issue. and what about the metal detectors? talk about a line...

    edit: i seriously think they should just have a system that when you enter the park if the kid is under 12 they get some sort of wristband that basically says only good till 6pm. have any and all staff informed that kids under the age of 13 must be escorted out of the park during the hours of 6 and 7 pm. It really should be done...

    My kids are 9, 5, and 2 and they love HH. They know that its people in costume and that these people will try to scare them. Every year we give them the option to leave and they tell us they want to stay. They enjoy the atmostphere of the park. Last year we waited in line for urgent scare and inside the que lines there was a scareactor that bent down and growled at my youngest and he looked at him and laughed. They proceeded to give high fives to each other for the next 10 minutes. Its all on how the kids are raised. The parents that freak out because there kids are scared are just plain ignorant...if you know your kids are scared of monsters then leave. The park does do a good job in telling parents whats about to happen and there are signs explaining it. Everyone should be allowed to stay in the park if thats what they choose. Please do not make the parents who enjoy the atmosphere of HH feel like they don't belong. If we are paying to get in the park or are using our season passes then we have just as much of a right to be there as the next person. Based on your opinion you expect everyone with kids should be thrown out...yeah thats a great business move. Can you just see that?

    Park employee: "Hi welcome to Kings Island. I see you have kids under 12 so I have to put a wristband on them"

    Park guest: "Why..what is it for?"

    Park employee: "Oh, starting at 6 we will find you and have one our staff escort you out of the park. You have to be out by 7"

    Park guest: "Well, thats not right. I want to stay all day"

    Park employee: "Well, Im sorry that is the way it has to be...Thank you for coming..Have a nice day"

    I am assuming from your post you are probably in high school or are just young and are not around kids. Please think before you post. I bet there are quite a bit of parents on here that post and read these forums. By posting on here I was not trying to offend anyone. I just wanted my opinion known. Thank You

  5. I am going to Holiwood Nights with my husband, kids, and mother-in-law. We have been going every year and love it! I think PP looks awesome and can't wait to ride it. I do agree that you should not judge a ride until you have ridden it. Sometimes something that looks boring can end up being a great ride and sometimes something that looks awesome can make you think "thats it?". You just have to do it and see what happens.

  6. The sign just looks out of proportion to me. I think the entrance could have been really cool if they used the snake's mouth as the opening with the fangs on either side. I think that would have been appropriate for a ride of this magnitude and for what it has done for the park.

    When I saw the sign that is exactly what i thought too. I think that would of looked cool. Also, I do not understand why Kings Island is printed on the sign. Did they think we would forget what park we were at? I think they could of did without adding that to the sign.

  7. I think the new HOWL-O-FEST sounds really fun for the kids. We have 3 kids who love the different things they have every year for the halloween event. They love riding the train and picking out there favorite pumpkin and getting candy from the different stations throughout nickelodeon universe. Last year where the Dora show is they had the dancing with the characters and I have tons of pictures with them dancing with spongebob and patrick and dora and diego. I really hope the park is not going to get rid of the nickelodeon characters. I know alot of us prefer to see HB characters come back or even snoppy come to the park, but the fact is kids nowadays do not know them. My youngest is 20 months old and whenever spongebob comes on tv he says his name and starts to dance. I know that the contract runs out in 2012(?) and that they can renew it or chose to go another way but I really hope Cedar Fair takes some time to think about there decision. I know the press release doesnt say anything about the nickelodeon characters, but that could be because its a given that they will be there and be part of all the festivites. Oh, and one more thing, about the pumpkin patch, i noticed it doesnt make a reference to riding the train back to pick one out. Will it be in the same place it has been or are they moving it to somewhere in nickelodeon?

  8. I think Urgent Care and the new show in Festhaus sounds awesome. I am really glad they brought Dead Awakening back. That was an awesome show. It was a must see everytime I went to the park last year. I can't wait till Halloween Haunt starts. Thanks Kings Island for making a much anticipated event so much better this year. :D

  9. From the Holiday World Twitter:

    The descent is 131 feet, at a 45-degree angle. The splashdown will create a wall of water 90 feet wide and 45 feet high. The ride footprint is 2 football fields, end to end. Ride time is 2:40 (just 5 seconds short of The Voyage). Maximum speed exceeds 50 mph. It's called Pilgrims Plunge. We're taking the classic shoot-the-chute ride to new heights. ...and adding an open-air elevator. Additional info, including videos, available at HolidayWorld.com shortly after 11 am CDT.

  10. From: Twitter...

    Holiday World: The time is finally here. And the news is....we're building the World's Tallest Water Ride.

    Holiday World: We're also adding the free HoliWatch service. It uses RFID technology and is a child (or adult) locator, plus message and info system.

    More details to follow...

    This was just added to the twitter:

    We're also adding the free HoliWatch service. It uses RFID technology and is a child (or adult) locator, plus message and info system.

  11. So we were all thinking about going to boomerang bay. For the first time. Do you pack your bathing suits. Do they have a place to change there ????What about towels. Do I have to bring towels?????

    Do they have lockers you can rent there??

    They have changing rooms at the waterpark for you to change into your bathing suits. They do not provide towels for free but you can purchase them in the gift shop. I suggest you bring your own towels. They have lockers you can rent located near the wavepool. I'm not sure how much they are because we never use them. We usually just put our things on a chair and noone messes with it. I hope this information helped. Have a good time!

  12. Flight Deck would be a nice ride for you and your nephew to go on. My oldest son is 8 and likes Flight Deck alot. It gets up enough speed for him and he likes how it has the semi-fast turns. The Crypt is more intense. You will go upside down at least 5 or 6 times if not more. On some occasions there is music playing while you ride, but I have heard that sometimes there is no music. I would say defintley do Flight Deck but if your not certain on how you would feel with a more intense ride you might want to sit The Crypt out. I hope this helps. Have fun with your nephew.

  13. I think the new ride looks awesome! I'm really glad they didnt use a name that was already given to another ride in the Cedar Fair chain. I can't wait to ride it next year. I'm glad they have the webcam up so we can watch as Diamondback is being built. It will help us all get through a long winter. :)

  14. I heard recently that the new roller coaster will go straight through Crypt. So does anyone know for sure if Crypt will be dead next year? I believe it and doubt it at the same time. It was kinda a flop for KI in a way due to last year and the lack of scenary/lighting/effects. But I thought CF was against ripping out existing attractions for new ones.

    Any input?

    CF is not against ripping out existing attractions for new ones. They took out White Water Landing to put Maverick in and they took out a smaller water ride to put in Raptor. I think CF doesn't mind taking out old rides if they are being replaced with a coaster. We will have to wait and see what happens with the Crypt. I do know that it"s being talked about in another forum that they may just be taking out the outside que lines since they are never used anymore.

  15. I dont understand why he jumped the fence in the first place. I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but don't fences usually mean stay out...not come in? When you go to an amusement park or anywhere for that matter there are rules to be followed. If you don't follow the rules then you have to pay the price...sometimes its minor, othertimes its worse..like in this case. Whatever way you look at this situation its the kids fault for jumping the fence. This is not Six Flags fault. Thousands of people visit there park every day and nothing bad happens cause they follow the rules. The family needs to accept the fact that what there son did was wrong and was completely his fault. Noone forced him to jump that fence. He did it on his own. Its sad that he died and I'm sure his family is hurting, but instead of blaming the park and others for there sons death, they need to just let it go.

  16. We were at Kings Island the second weekend of operation with family memembers. We all have season passes and chose to get the meal deal as we thought that was the better deal. It filled us up for about an hour and a half and then our kids were complaining they were hungry. In the past we have always let our kids get an ice cream cone or a pretzel but since the prices have gone up we choose not to do that anymore. I would personally love if Kings Island offered a 10 percent discount on food and merchandise. If you think about it, its not that much of a discount and it would entiltle people to buy more in the parks instead of leaving to go elsewhere or packing a lunch to eat in the car. Also I think they should lower there drink prices. If a park like Holiday world can offer free drinks and a 10 percent discount and still make it, then why can't Cedar Fair chains do it? As paying guests that enjoy going to amusement places it would be a great benefit. I think more and more people would come and actually stay in the park if we had more reason to do so.

  17. It is very well known the Dick Kinzel has loved KI for quite some time now.

    I would be shocked to see KI sold under his leadership.

    And on that note, CF, under Kinzel's watch, has done remakably well. Say what you want about GL, CF as a whole has done rather decent over a good amount of years.

    I would not count them out just yet.

    I remember when CF bought GL Dick Kinzel said the same thing about it and look where GL is now....torn apart and left for nothing.

  18. there really is no room to put anything big where dd sits. i can see maybe a flat ride but as for anything big i dont think it would happen. they would have to take out games and gift shops which they wont do because those are money makers.

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