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  1. Heya Angryemobeaver (catchy name ) I like Chris Angel, but I'm doin' the family friendly kid's magic for the shows. It's more about the laughs and the audience interaction than the magic I'm afraid. Young adults and older will still see some qualitly close-up style effects (though done in a stage'like manner of course!!) However, I'm sure that there will be some things that will only "amaze" the lil' ones. It'll be a good, entertaining show. I hope you come and enjoy. I've really put my heart into it.
  2. Oops. Hey, hey. Yeah. Thanks hauntguy. I've got a 3-year old daughter...so I've got Dora on the brain. Show times are Saturdays & Sundays @ 12:30, 1:30, 3:30 & 4:30, starting the last weekend in September and every weekend in October. Thanks for the positive comments all! Please stop by and introduce yourselves if ya get the chance. ...always nice to put a face to a name...err avatar...umm I mean moniker...oh, forget it...
  3. Hey all, I'm doin' some magic shows at the Dora theater this Fall. Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. Last year I was Dracula on stilts at the main gates 3 or 4 times (don't remember). There were other guys doing that job as well, so if you had a bad experience with Drac last year, then it was one a them!!!
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