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  1. I am at Kings Island right now on top of the Eiffel Tower. There is no track here. Repeat: there is no track here. A small section of the northeast parking lot has been closed off by cones, but there are no flatbed trucks there. There are some green tubes sitting back near the restrooms, though I doubt they are supports. Nothing to see here, really.
  2. I'm gonna take a wild guess here and say that track is arriving tonight and it will be staged in the parking lot overnight and taken into the park by tomorrow morning. It makes sense to me. I'd advise someone to go to Kings Island tomorrow and look around.
  3. With every post you make I become more and more convinced that you need to visit Universal Studios Orlando. Badly.
  4. Cedar Fair is not concerned with nearby parks "rivaling" each other within their chain, especially when it comes to roller coaster make/models. Cedar Point and Kings Island draw from very different markets, Kings Island from the tri-state and Cedar Point from the lower great lakes, and that's excluding Cedar Point's destination park aspect over Kings Island's regional size. When FUN puts a coaster in at Cedar Point, I highly doubt they worry about it affecting Kings Island's annual draw, or vice versa. When it comes to regional competition, FUN would be better off concerning themselves with parks from other owners. Kings Island stands more to lose from Holiday World than it ever will from Cedar Point.
  5. There are two parallel rows of footers that go out to just short of the fence and then stop, then there's some junk off to the right. My guess is an immelmann that loops and then dives out towards Slingshot. The more footers are pored, the more I'm convinced that this is an invert or some other kind of coaster involving an a-frame support.
  6. I'm going to pretend that this and all your other posts never happened.
  7. To clear this whole thing up completely and forever for the rest of time (meaning the next page and a half), The Exact Quote Is: "There may not be a day this summer that we announce what we're building for the future." You can interpret that pretty much any way you want. It will come at night, it will come after summer, actually the word "may" at the beginning of the sentence invalidates the certainty of the entire quote. There may be a day, there may not be. It's good PR. It suggests several things but says absolutely nothing. As for tonight's announcement, who knows. I would not get my hopes up, though.
  8. That would be highly irregular.
  9. Color me excited! Footings alone are enough to get me giddy, but now...I just can't wait to see whatever this is.
  10. McSalsa, I can't be the only one who enjoyed Gwazi...very much so, in fact. It did not have the butter smooth quality most people come to expect from GCI, but I found it to be quite a lot of fun. Perhaps I ended up in the right seat.
  11. I have the same attitude towards CCI as I do Intamin. I enjoy them at other parks, but I would rather not have Kings Island acquire one. Roller coasters are not purchases, but investments. For them to be practical, both logistically and financially, they need to operate efficiently and continue to attract guests, something CCI, TGG or Intamin seem to fail to do. Cedar Fair seems to understand that as of late, which I'm happy about. Gone are the days of impractical record breakers, and taking their place are the sensible investments. I believe every time an Intamin breaks down at a Cedar Fair park (see the original post here, among others), it stands as a justification for the recent wave of B&M additions.
  12. I have noticed that similarity recently. Intamin and The Gravity Group both make coasters that could be called experimental or innovative, and both suffer from it maintenance wise. And I find my preference from a ride experience standpoint parallels in both steel and wooden coasters. I could ride Thunderhead and Kentucky Rumbler all day long. Although, in the end, no one will ever be what Custom Coasters International was.
  13. Innovative and exciting rides from Intamin...when they work. The more I learn about the industry, the more I love B&M. Safe, reliable, efficient, cost effective. I also have quite a thing for GCI's...
  14. Top Thrill Dragster: 1,000 pph Blue Streak: 1,400 pph Intimidator 305: 1,350 pph Flight of Fear: 2,000 pph Cheetah Hunt: 1,370 pph Kumba: 1,700 pph Capacity is much more complex than you think. You must not have been to a year round park before. Visit any of the parks in Florida and then tell me about Top Thrill Dragster's stellar theming. I'm not saying that the Cedar Fair coasters are inferior for their lack of theming, but putting a full sized aquarium in the queue (Manta) or running the coaster in reverse to imitate a chase scene (Revenge of the Mummy) certainly don't hurt.
  15. Remind me again how well the WindSeekers worked out, from a maintenance and uptime standpoint. After the train wrecks that were Shoot the Rapids, the WindSeekers and I305, I can't imagine Cedar Fair buying anything that they are not entirely sure will work from day one. And whether or not it sacrifices ride experience for reliability is not important, because the park will save money and bring in more revenue with a high reliability ride, which will in turn be spent on further improving park experience for you, the park guest. I would much rather Kings Island install a functional coaster that I dislike than install a disfunctional coaster that I like. In other words, when it comes to my home park, I'll gladly take a Wild Mouse over Maverick.
  16. Or the website is old and the ride its advertising is not new any more, the site gets barely any traffic, and they simply decided not to renew the domain any longer. If this thread were correct, literally every action the park has taken in the past year is directly related to the new ride. Which is entirely untrue.
  17. So much melodrama in this thread. People need to stop taking the bickering so seriously, and start taking the actual topic more seriously. Captain Nemo meant no ill will towards anyone, rather pointing out a percieved problem that he and many others (myself included) wish to be rectified. There is no need to block users or throw around language, especially over silly things like this. You guys are starting to look like an old married couple with your bickering. My advice: instead of creating drama, attempt to contribute logically and thoughtfully to the topic at hand. If someone does something wrong, politely let them know. If they start to get on your nerves, simply scroll past their post. This should be common sense etiquette around here.
  18. www.imgur.com is my preferred use of picture sharing. It's free and requires no account.
  19. No, CF would never allow that. Only CP can get record breakers.Why can't people get out of this mentality? Dick Kinzel is gone. until it is proven otherwise. How much better was Cedar Point's WindSeeker than Kings Island's? How much more did Gatekeeper cost than Leviathan? The era of Cedar Point favoritism is over. Mr. Ouimet is a wise man, and knows better.
  20. Guys, seriously. The Intamin/B&M debate has gone on long enough. Here's a generic, simplified summary of the issue: Intamin makes very fun, innovative rides, but they break all the time. B&M makes very standard, non-creative rides, but they always work from day one. In recent history, Cedar Fair has had issues with Intamin (Maverick, Shoot the Rapids, I305 have all had delays, problems, or changes done to the ride) while their B&M purchases have worked practically flawlessly (Behemoth, Diamondback, Intimidator, Leviathan, Gatekeeper). Now, going off that simplified summary, it's easy to make some deductions. This is obviously a steel coaster (If you still have any doubt in your mind, look at some pictures of wooden coasters on rcdb. It's very easy to tell the difference). This is also fairly clearly a large, custom steel coaster, made clear by the large size of the footers and the fact that they are implementing the unique terrain in the valley, rather than terraforming to fit any possible transplanted ride. When it comes to large steel coasters, Cedar Fair purchases almost exclusively from either Intamin or B&M. Cedar Fair has had much more success with B&M purchases as of late, and their relationship business wise is in much better standing. Additionally, within the scope of Kings Island, the last addition (Diamondback) was a B&M and a massive success. Given all of that information, it's a fairly logical guess to make that this is going to be a B&M. What kind? Who knows yet. But B&M seems to be more reasonable assumption. Now please, let the silly Intamin/B&M debate die.
  21. One could argue that the more time a roller coaster spends closed the more it costs the park in lost revenue. Additionally, it could also cost in maintenance, should that be the cause of its downtime. The point being, I think the type of roller coaster Cedar Fair has decided to give us was decided upon from a standpoint of its ability to return on its investment, and enthusiasts' perception of that type of coaster most likely has little weight in the decision process.
  22. I think people are looking at this attraction too much from an enthusiast standpoint as far as make and model goes. 99% of the visiting public will not see that Kings Island is adding a B&M invert and say "oh, those are so 1990's, don't bother." Likewise, they will not see an Intamin addition and say "but those are such a maintenance hassle, it will probably be down when we go anyway." Practically any major addition that is at least somewhat dissimilar to other attractions at Kings Island will draw relatively equal amounts of crowds, as they will likely draw from the same target market. From the perspective of the powers that be, the decision of what type of roller coaster to add is drawn largely from a standpoint of cost-effectiveness.
  23. Thank you for this. I adore bad puns.
  24. You all need to relax. In the absence of any real developments, you guys are driving yourselves mad with increasingly insane ideas and approaching paranoia in regards to what is and is not a "hint." If everyone took a deep breath and stood back for a minute to look at the last few days of discussion on here, you might see how mad this has gotten. I suggest everyone here exercise some patience, and try not to fill the time with contests to see who can have the most absurd theory. In time, things will start to come together. Keep an eye on construction, enjoy the summer, and for the love of all things good, when you feel a need to "decode", use some common sense.
  25. Be careful. Some know, but don't tell. It seems many here tell, but don't know. There are reasons for this.
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