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  1. 18 hours out and no leak yet. Impressive.
  2. It'll probably be on Facebook and Kings Island's website right around 2.
  3. A picture of a man doing surveys. This one only has one question mark, so maybe we can stop with this ridiculous "Three boxes means three additions" stuff?
  4. Maybe Cedar Fair will realize that, so far, the amount of positive reactions to Dinos Alive has been far outweighed by the negative reactions to the removal of Paddlewheel, and maybe they'll actually do something about it. Heck, SFGAm decided not to remove Whizzer after the overwhelming outcry by fans, why can't Cedar Point?
  5. I've noticed that before. It's been like that for years, that's just part of the ride's somewhat questionable structural design.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150414238998368&set=a.497536523367.307245.155893938367&type=1 Leave it to Kings Island to drop one, vague hint with no set time for any further developments.
  7. It was pretty obvious a large addition, likely a coaster, was going into Kings Island well before August. If a coaster was going into KI next year, we would probably have seen evidence by now.
  8. Diamondback's press release stated it would be 3 minutes long. From leaving the station to hitting the brake run, I clocked it at over 1 minute. Stats on things like that are rarely accurate until the ride is up and running and you see how it actually goes.
  9. Wow...where to begin with this? I guess I'll start with: Holy crap, this ride looks freaking insane! Ok, moving on... At first glance, this seems to be a pretty questionable move, just as Mammoth at Holiday World was. They are very similar additions, and their marketing would probably involve similar themes. "Tallest, fastest coaster in Canada" and such. It makes you wonder why they decided to put such an otherwise stellar addition in a park that still considers its last enormous addition relatively new. However, I think I may understand their motives here. I remember reading somewhere that the parks with the biggest draws in attendance terms were Cedar Point, Canada's Wonderland, Kings Island, Knotts Berry Farm, Carowinds and Kings Dominion. Correct me if I'm wrong, that may be way off. If it's right though, wouldn't it make sense to invest more heavily in the parks where the biggest return is possible? I don't think it's a coincidence that most of the biggest attractions of 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 (Excluding Prowler) have all been in those parks. Behemoth, Diamondback, Intimidator, Intimidator 305, the WindSeekers, Shoot The Rapids, and now Leviathan and Carowinds' new ride. So I think that's why they put it at Canada's Wonderland, because that's a park where they can probably get the best return for their investment. On the ride itself, I think it looks wicked. Combine the best elements of Diamondback (Big, graceful airtime hills) and Millennium Force (Enormous, fast turns high in the air) and Intimidator 305 (Quick, low to the ground turns with high G's) and add in a really impressive theme. I can't wait to ride it, whether that would be next year or the year after or later than that. All I know is is that I am riding this someday, for sure!
  10. On topic: I'm really looking forward to the ride announcement, and while I won't be up for it at 7 am (enjoying what little opportunity I have left to sleep in) it will definitely be the first thing I check in the morning. I'm really excited for it! Off topic: Captain Nemo, I'm digging the Kid A avatar of yours.
  11. Looks like a record breaker, but than again, with Cedar Fair, record breaking could mean "Tallest Gravity-Powered coaster in the Mid Atlantic"
  12. Maybe they think we have short term memory loss.
  13. If they're going to continue doing unoriginal sing-alongs, at least they finally added one with rock and roll. Jackson, who will actually watch the shows next year if it means The Beatles, Queen and Fleetwood Mac...
  14. For anyone who is still bitter from the disappointment, here's something to leave a better taste in your mouth: http://www.courierpress.com/news/2011/aug/03/holiday-world-build-mammoth-new-1753-foot-water-co/
  15. Like this one? This was outside Planet Snoopy last year. It was a ton of cookies celebrating Snoopy's birthday or whatever. I wouldn't get my hopes up.
  16. "Does anybody know what we're doing for season 100? An airport? Yes, we're building an airport in 2046! Come back in 35 years! No, we're building a space port!" Whatever the announcement is, you gotta love them.
  17. I can't say honestly that it deserves more love (It's more rough than Raven and Legend combined,) but people should at least remember it exists
  18. I think it's odd to put a giga in a park that just 4 years earlier got a hypercoaster, especially one that was marketed to be the definitive coaster at Canada's Wonderland. Still, I don't doubt it's authenticity, Cedar Fair has a history of buying things in bulk, this may be the second in a string of who knows how many Intamin Gigas. As far as Kings Island, I'd look for small additions next year and for 2013 to be our big year. I think it'd be both silly and creepy to give Kings Island the follow up to Canada's Wonderland's ride...twice...but it'd be nice to dream of a giga in Mason
  19. You're technically making history by eating your Captain Crunch cereal in the morning. Relevant history, however...
  20. In the end every thread evolves into a discussion about Son of Beast, regardless of the original topic.
  21. I looked on search and couldn't find anything on this subject, sorry if I missed it. Anyhow, has anyone been keeping up with Canada's Wonderland's new addition for 2012? They're apparently planning something very large. There's lots of construction going on: Photos from fansite CWMania - http://www.cwmania.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2051&start=720 The park itself is also teasing: http://www.canadaswonderland.com/2012/ The non official site http://www.canadaswonderland2012.com/ has it's predictions: http://www.canadaswonderland2012.com/Trip_Report_4.html What all do you guys think?
  22. The ride opened up right around when we got to it, and we boarded in about 5-10 minutes with our Quick Queue. The ride was fun, but I found it to be the roughest of the steel coasters at Busch. That doesn't say much, since they're all very smooth, but it does hurt the ride experience a bit. The pacing was good though and it was really fun. 8/10. We then went to the train station near Kumba, only to find it temporarily down as one of the three trains was being taken offline. Luckily it wasn't this one, so we were able to get on and ride the train through its course. Hi Kumba! Hi SheiKra! Hi Scorpion! Cool perspective! Oh yeah, now it's open. After passing through the rides, we got to the area of the park with most of the animals. Passing by Cheetah Hunt Back into the animals We got off the train after doing the complete circle around the park. We went to a place to eat in Timbuktu to have a snack and cool off. See, this is what separates places like Kings Island from places like Busch Gardens. Can you believe this is a theatre for shows? We went to Jungala for a little bit and saw the show they do on the midways. Awesome puppetry here. I'd love to bounce around all day and get payed for it Saying hi to the kids We left Jungala then went to SheiKra to see if we could get another ride in. The ride had a crazy long line, even for the Quick Queue, so we passed it up. We went by Cheetah Hunt to check out the line, it too was long. Still, it looked awesome. We grabbed a quick ride on Gwazi Lion as we headed out, then took the tram back to the parking lot. Saying goodbye to Busch Gardens. Overall, Busch Gardens is an excellent park with great rides and wonderful animal exhibits. They really put a lot of detail into everything and do a lot into guest satisfaction. I'm more than satisfied with Busch Gardens, I loved it. Thanks for reading
  23. I see Kumba! I really like Jungala's play area. It's much bigger and better and much more well constructed than any other I've seen, and did a good job of satisfying the 12 and under crowd that I saw. Wild Surge, one of the rides at Jungala, was closed for maintenance. Not only is the area very well put together, but it's also themed enough so that it maintains the feel of the park. Way to go Busch! Roar! After Jungala, we found ourselves walking towards the Crown Colony House for lunch, and we got our first visuals of Cheetah Hunt. You know how Maverick is densely compacted into a small area? Cheetah Hunt is the opposite. It stretches from one end of the park to the other, like if Maverick were put in a taffy puller. Cheetah Hunt's and the Skyride's station share a building, and Cheetah Hunt kinda hugs the Skyride for most of it's trip out and back. Hopping over the Skyride - very cool! Needless to say, I was very anxious to ride it. On our way to lunch, we were distracted by some hippos We finally made it to the Crown Colony House! We decided on eating in the cafe part of the house, and ate our lunch overlooking the Serengeti area. The food was nice, the view was good, and the theming was well done. I loved it. Our next ride after lunch was directly across from us, Cheetah Hunt! Cheetah Hunt dominates this area of the park. The elevated figure-8. We boarded in practically no time at all with our Quick Queues and got on the second row. So how was it? Absolutely spectacular. Despite being the same style coaster as Maverick with the same restraints, the ride was glass smooth, smoothest ride in the park probably. It had fast sections, though most of it was pretty tame - NOT the same type of coaster as Maverick at all. However, the launches were really good and going into and out of the figure 8 we got some good pops of airtime, as well as the bunny hill right after the third launch. The figure 8 was very cool, it had good laterals and a great view. The most important thing to remember about Cheetah Hunt though is it's less of a ride and more of an experience. The coaster is very nice, but the surroundings complete it. Twisting in the air above the midways, launching through tunnels, diving under bridges, jumping over the skyride, and my favorite part, the s-bend element where you ride through a ravine, narrowly missing waterfalls. Cheetah Hunt has a ton of different elements falling together to make a fantastic ride, my favorite in Florida and probably a top 10, maybe even five. 10/10! Following the wonderful performance by Cheetah Hunt, we made our way over to Montu. Another thing I love about Busch Gardens - theming where it's not even necessary. Well, hello, Montu! Montu is tucked back in a corner of the park, but you still get a good look at it. Coming out of the station Joe and I got on quickly as usual with our Quick Queues and rode in row two. I was very impressed by Montu. The ride was very smooth, forceful, fast, and fun. It didn't lose speed from beginning to end, and the theming was excellent. 9/10 The zero-g roll. I find these to be better on sit downs then on inverts. Montu is quite a twisted coaster with seven inversions. It actually has a vertical loop after the midcourse. Woosh! After Montu we headed through Edge of Africa. Flamingos, Zebras, and Giraffes, oh my! Meerkats! These guys are adorable. Hyenas! These guys were pretty lazy, as were most of the animals. I can't blame them, it's pretty hot! Lion! Passing by Cheetah Hunt Woosh! Airtime! :D In case you haven't realized, I love this ride. This barrel roll is awesome. Great hangtime. Heading through Timbuktu! Next up, Scorpion. This ride wasn't a Quick Queue one, so we waited about half an hour to ride. It was a good ride, the loop was forceful and the rest of it was fun, a real classic. I especially love that it hasn't been neutered by trims, OTSRs, or seatbelts. 8/10! Next one was Sand Serpent. We waited a good 20 minutes for the ride, then right as we were about to get on, the ride shut down for weather. No, it wasn't raining, but there was lightning in the area. So we went off to other parts of the park. We passed by Phoenix, one of the few flat rides in the park, a pirate ship type ride that goes upside down. We made our way to Kumba, the last major coaster we were yet to do. More in the next post...
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