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  1. Got to ride this in February, once during the day and once at night. Great ride, especially at night with the headlights on the bikes!
  2. Another item to consider is staffing. July & August are when auditions for both Haunt & WinterFest are held. To audition and hire performers, make-up artists and park decor people would be a lot of wasted time & effort only to decide later not to have it, so in my opinion now was the right time to make the call. That was new this year. Haunt had been open until 1:00 a.m. in the past but when the original park schedule came out pre-Covid, it was listed that Haunt would close at midnight each day.
  3. It may be me, but I always think that saying something is wrong with a ride when there actually isn't is a bad idea. Saying that there's danger ahead, beware of The Beast lurking in the woods, don't go in the shed etc. is fine. Just a fine line. Even during normal years and even on slow nights, groups that are well spaced at the beginning of the house WILL catch up to each other. If I'm visiting a haunt and leading my group, I'll slow down if I see the group ahead of me, just because I don't want to be jammed up in a conga line. Plus, it's illegal for minors to work past 11:
  4. Nice! No, I was not involved in this boat sinking, however, I was at MK a few weeks earlier on February 14th, chaperoning my daughter's band trip there. We had a FastPass for Jungle Cruise first thing, but as we were getting off the bus and headed towards the ferry, my daughter asked me if I could add one more friend to our FastPass plans for the day. I was already in charge of lining up FPs for eight people, what was one more? I told her I would try but it would be doubtful. I kept trying to add her on to Jungle Cruise with no luck by the time we got to the ride, so I let her take m
  5. They have a 1:1 scale train display in Rivertown that you can actually ride! But seriously, that would be a nice addition. "Holiday Sing-Along" is, I assume, in Brewhouse. I know they had it there in 2017.
  6. Carowinds is doing one this year. https://www.carowinds.com/play/winterfest/attractions/wonderland-parade I've talked to several other KI WinterFest performers and they (and I) would love to see that here too, but it's up to The Powers That Be. Who knows what the future holds...
  7. ...and sweaters/sweatshirts, and long pants, and gloves, and hats. Unless you're malem.
  8. I agree with this. Cavern is one of the best decorated haunts the park has and with the current setup it's hard to tell. Same with Hexed at Cedar Point, which is one of the best decorated up there and it's Lights Out too. They tried that years ago and having worked it then, those nights were dead. However, Cedar Point has their indoor ones open on Sundays. My old body can only stand working Haunt two days a week though.
  9. I remembered another one from this past weekend: I / Sam the Butcher was letting groups into Slaughterhouse and a couple with two small children, about 3 and 5 years old, came up with the children wearing No Boo necklaces. I told the mom, "Just to let you know, the No Boos aren't valid in the houses and you have to turn them off." The mom proceeded to turn the daughter's No Boo off and told her "Don't worry, they won't scare you, they'll still be able to see it." I told her "No, they WILL scare anyone who comes into the house, the No Boos don't work in there." The mom then told the girl ag
  10. I was The Bouncer there in 2008. I loved Club Blood!
  11. I was... um, I mean, Sam was... the host of Slaughterhouse on Saturday, counting out the groups and letting them in the door. As she was going into the door, the last woman in a group asked Sam, "Didn't this building used to be Tomb Raider?" Sam asked her back "Does this building really look tall enough to you?" The guy at the front of the next group started laughing and Sam said "Just look at this building..." (pointing to Slaughterhouse) "...compared to THAT building!" (pointing to Madame Fatale's/The Crypt/Tomb Raider).
  12. ^ You are correct. 25 operating days last year and 26 this year.
  13. ^Hmm... I thought he was. He should be!
  14. ^ I believe Don Miller was as well, but I could be wrong, he may have retired by that time. Another person I would like to see inducted: Doug Kramer.
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