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  1. You know, there were reports when they did the attraction on the tower that they were looking into changing out two floor panels on the observation deck nearest the elevator with Plexi-glass. That was an actual idea floating around, but any change to the structure such as that would require the approval of the tower manufacturer, Intamin, who would not grant it.
  2. Where has there been an official press release from the park stating HH is an upcharge next year? http://www3.cedarfair.com/kingsisland/spec...pass_faq.cfm#14 IS Halloween Haunt INCLUDED IN A SEASON PASS? Halloween Haunt is free with a 2007 Season Pass but there will be a separate admission for this event in 2008.
  3. "The company is adding a new Evel Knievel wooden coaster at its St. Louis park." Wow, an Evel Knievel coaster?!?!? Did I wake up in 1976 this morning?
  4. Somehow I suspected I would hear from you! Unfortunately the night I went, they were only running the green train so we had no choice. Plus, I wouldn't have known the difference even if they had been running the red. I feel the experience (at least that part) should be consistent no matter which train I am on. It sets the mood/tone of what I am about to see along the trail. If the speaker system hasn't worked the past two weekends, that means Tech Services had 8 non-operating days to get it fixed. And with CF execs in the park that night, you think they might have made this a mid-level
  5. ^ Agreed. Top 40 countdown AND the original voice of Shaggy? Not to mention his work as Robin!
  6. They are exact and I did write them down. My wife at first kept asking me "What are you doing, are you going to do that all night?" I think I was driving her nuts with my note taking!
  7. It's been several years since I've been to Fearfest (2004 was the last time), so I've been looking forward to visiting HH this year after reading all the comments from the other posters on here. My wife and I were finally able to get someone to watch out daughter on a Friday night (there was no way I was going to go on a Saturday!), and we focused on the haunted stuff, no rides. We got off the ramp from 71 at 7:30 and from the line of cars into the toll plaza, I just knew it was going to be busy. However, the wait there wasn't too long, and the lines the rest of the night weren't as bad as
  8. Now for a tangent... Who's the genius who put a designated smoking area right next to Lost Parents/Baby Care Center at KI? I always thought that was odd...
  9. We bought our 2008s two weeks ago. They are the real passes, so no exchange this year. I'm GUESSING the problem last year was they didn't have the card stock designed/ready for the 2007s in fall 2006. Plus, I don't know how long this has been a procedure since when I worked there you had to get a new picture every year, but when you go to SP processing, you don't have to have the picture retaken. They just transfer the image electronically to your new card. Of course, the new card you get looks exactly like the 2007, so the employee there suggested writing 2008 after my signature.
  10. ^ Sending groups in more often would work perfectly if only every group went through the attraction at the same rate of speed. However, this is definitely not the case. You get groups that just crawl along because they are scared of what lies ahead, and then you get groups that practically run through each maze. When the runners catch up to the crawlers, you get a conga line. This seems to ALWAYS happen to me. I'm going to HH for the first time tonight (I haven't been to FF since 2004) and am very interested to see the changes that have been made!
  11. Opening 2012... SAN FRANCISCO 49ER'S BOOMTOWN Featuring: The Mine Shaft, formerly Drop Zone Wheel of Fortune, formerly Survivor the Ride Runaway Mine Car, formerly Demon OK, I'm tapped out of ideas. I'm just surprised that they would like a stadium there. From what I remember there are lots of office buildings in the area, but I do remember GA's parking lot as being HUGE compared to the crowd that was there on the day I went.
  12. Congratulations to Maureen! She is so nice and deserves all the best!
  13. HILARIOUS!!! But you forgot 2008 Halloween Haunt... As if that hasn't been discussed enough on here!
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