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  1. Yes, they always assign specific houses. Your friends that worked there before in the Carnevil/Freak Street area would have been assigned to either Carnevil or Freak Street. It definitely helps to have the same actors in the same attractions not only so that they know the house, the storyline, what type of scares work there, but also for safety factors such as location of the nearest fire extinguisher, emergency exits and procedures, etc.
  2. Wel thank u butt it aynt my playce qwyt yet. Mama stil runs the playce butt if sumthin wer 2 hapin 2 Mama hoo nos... -Sam
  3. YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! According to the email just released by Midnight Syndicate, they will be back at Halloweekends this year! It was a great show in 2014, and they'll be taking over the Jack Aldrich Theater this fall. MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE LIVE! RETURNS TO Cedar Point FOR HALLOWEEKENDS 2017 We are thrilled to announce that Midnight Syndicate Live! will be returning to Cedar Point's HalloWeekends this fall! We've got a new show in a new theater that we can't wait to share with you. Stay tuned for show updates, production photos, as well as a few more surprises we have in the works
  4. Since Sam's gone back into hibernation, I say "Thanx!" (that's how he would have spelled it) on his behalf.
  5. Wel dun? I kant beleev how many peepl tel me that eech nyt! U looz all tha flayvr doin it that way! Rares tha onlee way 2 go! -Sam
  6. Thank you! It was fun working in there back then. We had a good crew. -Gator aka The Bouncer, Club Blood 2008 (it's second year)
  7. Sam got a great compliment from a guest on Kings Island's Facebook page! "Just wanted to send a huge thank you to the Kings Island Halloween Haunt staff at The Slaughterhouse. A few weeks a dear friend of mine and her daughter came to the Haunt. It was her daughter's first time coming to the Haunt. She did a majority of the houses we went to. However, upon going into the skeleton key for room for Slaughterhouse, she changed her mind about going through. Sam was very nice about it, and let us exit. Thanks so very much for your thoughtfulness Sam. Haunt is my favorite Halloween event in the Tri
  8. ^Slaughterhouse is good for a first timer? Not if we're doing our job right...
  9. Thanks for the video. It's nice for those of us who aren't able to see the park (or other sections of it in my case) during Haunt.
  10. Your wish is granted. They're apparently $12 now.
  11. I saw that on my way back to SlaughterHouse on Friday. I was excited because I've never had Tom + Chee but I've always wanted to try it. At the end of the night as we were walking back, a lot of the SlaughterHouse guys liked that it was there too. Hopefully it does well and sticks around for next year because I don't know that I'll have a chance this year to have it.
  12. Erjint skair was yer favrit? That jest playn herts my feelins! I thot evry1 lykd my fyn fyn bovyn! - Sam EDIT: Sorry, he's done it again. For you newer people, around this time of year my alter-ego Sam the Butcher, the Hyde to my Jekyll, sometimes hacks my account and posts his thoughts. And yes, the rumors are true: Mama let Sam take control of the Skeleton Key room this year. And it's okay if Urgent Scare's was your favorite. I hear they have a good one over there! Sam's just a little sensitive (you should hear him when people tell him they like their steaks well done) but he'll get over i
  13. They had a Holiday Horror SZ in (what is now) Planet Snoopy in which they decorated that whole area Actually the Holiday Horror scare zone was introduced in 2006 and was in Coney Mall, across from Zephyr's entrance. It recycled a lot of the Winterfest props from the previous season and its theme was strictly Christmas / winter. You may be thinking of a different Holiday Horror, the maze version which premiered in 2011. That one was indeed in Planet Snoopy, in the Peanuts Playhouse (the amphitheater). It featured several holidays, including St. Patrick's Day and Easter. It lasted a couple year
  14. That's right. Banshee Brew Fest is a separately ticketed event, includes 15 5oz. beer samples, 2 food tickets and a souvenir mug. Full details and prices here: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/events/things-to-do/events-and-promotions/Banshee-Brew-Festival
  15. Sam will not be there, but I may be. That's a busy weekend with lots of things I want to do so my schedule's still up in the air.
  16. While I appreciate the pictures of the PT remnants, there are reasons for not taking pictures in the haunts, one of them being that the bright lights can temporarily blind us scareactors. In fact, this happened to me last Friday. The first woman in the group entered my room, took a flash picture just when I looked up at her and blinded me. The last woman in the same group came around the corner into the room with the light on her phone on, taking video. I immediately went outside to report these two people to my supervisor, and as it turns out, the guy in the next room told them that they
  17. I disagree with the assertion that Snow White's Scary Adventures "had to close because it was too scary." It was there for many, many years and if that was the sole reason, it would have closed a lot sooner than it did. The fear factor may have been a partial reason, but Disney wanted a spot for their Princess Fairytale Hall meet and greet area, and a pre-existing building in the middle of Fantasyland is a pretty plum spot. And the sentence in the article, "In the final encounter with the Witch, Snow White is seen on a ledge pushing a large emerald above the rider’s head?" All you need
  18. Rumor has it he was Under the Sea. From Thee Undertaker's Facebook page: He's playing King Triton in The Children's Theater of Cincinnati's production of The Little Mermaid. The performances are over early enough that he can be at KI at the end of the night, but not necessarily the beginning of the night. https://www.thechildrenstheatre.com/mainstage/details/disneys-the-little-mermaid-jr
  19. And that's where you're wrong. Many women who are sexually assaulted are too afraid to report it. News of a 14 year old who was brave enough to speak up may just be the encouragement someone needs. If it reaches and inspires only one victim, that's enough. Two or more, even better.
  20. The maps are updated every year to add the new attractions / remove any attractions no longer there. Extremely unlikely that they would not change Delta Delta Die's name on the 2016 map.
  21. Love the show, wish I could go to this! Oh well... And how loud would those speakers have to be to reach the people on the ground?
  22. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to go into the "spaghetti bowl" of Flight of Fear before the ride opened to the public, and I certainly considered that twisted mass of track aMAZEing back then, and I still do.
  23. True. That slipped my mind and I didn't take that into account when posting my experience.
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