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  1. ...and because of this, you may see Sam in a different location this weekend. I'm not saying anything.... I'm just sayin.
  2. From the above linked article: Yeah, real funny if the guy holding it were to lose it and it went flying... and on Voyage even, a very rough coaster! Idiots. I'm surprised Holiday World didn't stop the train on the lift. I've had my phone out in the coaster stations before (even before waiting at the gates with 1-2 people in front of me, not on the train) and the ride ops have insisted on taking it from me then to place it in a locker. The fact that I told them I keep it in a secure pocket did nothing to sway them. That happened to me several times in one day several years ago, an
  3. I aint nevr seen no kangaroo meet in tha hows butt mama myt hav sum in her seekrit stash. - Sam Noted that the chick in the neck brace said that the sorority in Scream Queens was founded in Miami U. In Oxford. Nail on head. We noticed that too; being Miami alums it stuck out to us. Scream Queens is a Ryan Murphy show, who also did Glee, which was set in Lima and referenced Kings Island and Cedar Point several times.
  4. ^There are no Bring-A-Friend discounts for Haunt.
  5. I have no idea who that would be...
  6. Another great video, TB! Thanks for the laughs!
  7. Many of the names on the mausoleums and tombstones are those of current and past park associates.
  8. ^I like it! A timeless school prank brought into a school-themed haunt. Great idea!
  9. Magenta Lizard, I would like to publicly apologize for Sam's confusion with your name the other night. As you know, Sam's not the best speller so he thought "magenta" and "magnetic" were the same thing. So when he asked you about having a magnetic lizard and what you would do with one (ie stick it to the fridge), he was being sincere. But I don't know what he was thinking when he asked you why you had a cat as your profile picture and if that cat had eaten your magnetic lizard. I guess he just had food on his mind (that'll happen working where he does) and figured that the cat looked h
  10. Me too. My wallet. Gator, of slightly less Luddite mindset than Terpy in that I do carry my phone into the park, but it's not a smartphone. I'm happy with my $34 a month cell phone bill and don't care to pay an additional $660 a year to Verizon, and don't care to switch to another carrier.
  11. I did hav sum1 say that 2 me n I sed again? that got old last yeer! Blakowts gud if yor skaird ov tha dark. -Sam
  12. This brings a smile to my face!
  13. Overheard just inside Cedar Point's front gate yesterday: "Why's it called Gatekeeper? There's no gate anywhere."
  14. Wut? Were bak in akshun zown? We aint bin thair sins that chikn shak ran us owt ov town! Now im all sortsa konfuzd! We had a nys noo hows n now were kikd owta thair 2? We wuz jest gittin cozie n that hows now we got 2 moov all tha pigys n stuf? Mama aint gunna lyk that 1 bit! -Sam U aint anywair neer az xited az me! -Sam I wunt 2 no 2! I hope mayb mama wil let me n tha rest ov tha famlie play in thair if were good. We need 2 git all r wurk dun furst! -Sam EDIT: Sorry about that. It always happens this time of year: the barrier between Sam and me becomes weaker a
  15. A little convenience store down the street from my house had one of those until it caught on fire a few years ago. I just happened to be driving past the store and saw the fire department the putting the fire out so I pulled into the lot. Unfortunately the trashcan didn't survive. It was tough to watch.
  16. ^There's also no reason for allowing people to vote multiple times other than to drive up the numbers for each park. It should be one vote and done.
  17. Just got word, we weren't picked for the coffin race. Oh well, we'll get enough exercise in walking around the park for a day and a half! We'll make sure to watch the race though.
  18. And as of now, Cedar Point's Halloweekends is #1 and Universal's HHN is #8??? Don't get me wrong, I love Halloweekends, but from what I've seen online (I've never been to HHN in person) Universal should be a lot higher.
  19. Friday night, Cedar Point is holding its inaugural Coffin Races. Teams of five (4 pushers and 1 passenger) will race down the midway in coffins. Out of those that sign up, three groups will be chosen at random to participate. My group has signed up, hopefully we get picked. It's a unique way to kick off the Haunt season! https://www.cedarpoint.com/online-fun/coffinraces?mobile=0
  20. ^ And I see that you reused and recycled your post, too!
  21. That's right, I forgot that you succumbed to the voodoo of the bayou!
  22. I had been checking Cedar Point's website nearly every day for the past several weeks waiting to see details of this year's Halloweekends, and finally when I checked yesterday it was there! I'm doing my 6th Annual Halloweekends Opening Weekend Roadtrip next week and can't wait. This year I'm working a half-day on Friday so I can leave at 2:00 and be there at 6:00 instead of the usual leave at 6:00 and be there at 10:00 and have only two hours the first night (and then, of course, we'll be there all day Saturday). I'll be going with chugh43, Coaster Kid (who hasn't posted on here in quite so
  23. From what I could tell they did not. On Monday the signs at the food stands in the waterpark still said drinks only, but I didn't pruchase anything from them, just the main park.
  24. Our plan was to go to Soak City yesterday and get food there, but thankfully I saw markr's post on Facebook about the waterpark only having the drink deals there. So, we entered the main gate at about 11:30 and went straight to Street Pizza. The line was not bad at all, we had our food within 10 minutes. We had gotten in line at just the right time, because when we exited, the line was back to Graeter's. We had our lunch at a table just outside Graeter's, and as we were finishing the doors to Sweet Spot opened up. We went there, waited in a short line and quickly got milk chocolate covered
  25. ...and yet I remember waiting over 60 minutes for it a few years ago, in 2011... I miss Jaws terribly. We last went to USO on July 18th, 2011. Jaws was one of my favorite rides of all time, and I was preparing a then 6 year old GatorGirl for it, telling her that it was one of my favorites and that there's a shark that attacks the boat but it's all pretend, nothing would hurt her. As she was playing at the Curious George play area, I pulled out the map and saw printed on there that Jaws would be closed from July 18th to whenever for maintenance. Now, I had checked USO's website
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