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  1. Our plan was to go to Soak City yesterday and get food there, but thankfully I saw markr's post on Facebook about the waterpark only having the drink deals there. So, we entered the main gate at about 11:30 and went straight to Street Pizza. The line was not bad at all, we had our food within 10 minutes. We had gotten in line at just the right time, because when we exited, the line was back to Graeter's. We had our lunch at a table just outside Graeter's, and as we were finishing the doors to Sweet Spot opened up. We went there, waited in a short line and quickly got milk chocolate covered pretzel rods for the Gatorettes and a white chocolate covered Oreo for me. After Soak City, GatorGirl left with a friend and her parents, and Mrs. Gator and I headed back to the main park to see the 5:00 Off the Charts. We had some time before the show so we went to Tower Drinks around 4:30 and got some dollar hot dogs and dollar drinks, about 5 minutes total in that line. The lines for food were long at Soak City, even without the dollar deals on food there. I remember a few years ago waiting for dollar pizza there in an extremely long line. We timed our food purchases well yesterday; just at the beginning of the lunch rush and at the beginning of the dinner rush so we had a positive food experience.
  2. ...and yet I remember waiting over 60 minutes for it a few years ago, in 2011... I miss Jaws terribly. We last went to USO on July 18th, 2011. Jaws was one of my favorite rides of all time, and I was preparing a then 6 year old GatorGirl for it, telling her that it was one of my favorites and that there's a shark that attacks the boat but it's all pretend, nothing would hurt her. As she was playing at the Curious George play area, I pulled out the map and saw printed on there that Jaws would be closed from July 18th to whenever for maintenance. Now, I had checked USO's website before we left for Orlando for any planned ride closures and couldn't find them anywhere. WDW's website, on the other hand, was and still is excellent in letting the public know of any rides that will be down for maintenance. Needless to say, I was ticked. We had just been to MK the day before, and if I had known beforehand that Jaws would be closed starting the day that we were going, I would have switched our MK & USO days. Then to add further insult to injury, a few months later they announced that Jaws and Amity would be closing for good. Sigh. Now the last time I experienced it was June 1999, and GatorGirl will never get that pleasure.
  3. I seem to remember attending a meeting on that with a few other people... and something about holding signs outside said meeting...
  4. I'd love to see a campground back at the park... I never went to the old campgrounds, but that would be awesome waking up to The Bat or The Beast or whatever ride a new campground would be close to. I never stayed at KI's campground since I live so close to the park, but in 1995 I did stay at the campground at Carowinds. I loved waking up to the sounds of the coasters testing.
  5. ORRRR.....how about this idea....why not have a sit down restaurant in the park and call it Decades with items from every era....fads, clothing, toys and Kings Island memorabilia on display from 72 to present? You could even have servers dressed in each era's clothing and sell popular food items from each era! I see your restaurant and raise you this idea: how about a whole hotel resort based on the decades? You could have different buildings for each decade and put giant icons out in front of each one: giant foosball outside the 70's, giant Rubik's Cubes outside the 80's and so on. And we could even go back and start with the the 50's and put a bowling alley themed pool in front of that building, and a few other pools to match some other decades. Wait... I've just been told that another park down south has already done this. Never mind... -Gator, a fan of WDW's Pop Century Resort, where we will hopefully be staying for a few days next summer, unless we decide to try Art of Animation.
  6. I haven't seen that weight since I was in high school 25+ years ago. I was 5'11" 180 when I started college.
  7. I like Scarowinds' backstory for their Slaughterhouse: https://www.carowinds.com/haunt/ride/Fury/cat/Mazes For the past couple of years I've been getting a group together to go there on their opening weekend, which this year is September 11 & 12th. It's the only weekend I can go since my Halloweekends trip is the following week and Haunt starts the week after that. I'll make sure to include you in the invite.
  8. Power outage cancels memorial concert at site of fatal hayride accident: http://www.pollstar.com/news_article.aspx?ID=819877
  9. We ended up not going to the zoo today, so I'll be there for the last show at least. I'll try to get up there for the 5:00 show too, but I have to cut my grass first (before the neighbors start to totally hate me).
  10. Well, here's one parent who doesn't act like Miz Drysdale meeting hillbillies when my kid snaps (or tries to snap). GatorGirl is still a snapper-in-training. Every time we ride a set of scooters at any park, after each ride she inevitably asks me how she did on that one. This parent is more like another kid encouraging her on!
  11. Better places to eat than Waffle House?!? Don't let Gordon Bombay hear you say that!
  12. I know what you mean. I dragged Mrs. Gator & GatorGirl to see it this year. Their reactions: "It's the same as last year," and "Once was enough, I don't need to see it again." My reactions to their reactions: "No it's not, the basic premise is the same but there are different acts and it changes quite a bit throughout the season," and "WHAT?!?!?" So now one of my favorite things to do is this: We watch America's Got Talent every week. Whenever an acrobat performs on that show, I say "It's the same as last time they were on. I've already seen it once, I don't need to see it again," just to get my digs in at them. I saw Cirque four times last year, but this summer's been busier and I've only managed to see it once this year (with only 8 visits to the park this year compared to 15 at this time last year). We won tickets to the Cincinnati Zoo and we're planning on going there this Sunday, hopefully we'll be done in time to swing up to KI for the final performance... or at least me, the Gatorettes can do their own thing if they don't want to see it again. EDIT: Re-reading this post, it sounds like I'm very bitter towards the Gatorettes. I assure you, I'm not. To each their own, I just like to tease them a little about not liking the show as much as I do and as much as a lot of people here do too!
  13. ^And Carowinds, which reportedly encourages snapping.... their flyers are located where in the park? (He asks, knowing the answer...)
  14. The waterfall's gone? That just shows how much I go in there since they changed it over to a massive smoking area.
  15. Whoa... I just looked up the Live Entertainment page on KI's website. All of the shows are now weekends only with the exception of Cirque. Hard to believe it's already that late in the season. I still have yet to see Off the Charts and Down Home Country this year, and I've only seen Cirque once so far this year. Since my weekends have been and will continue to be busy for the forseeable future, I was hoping to maybe go up some weekday evening to see them. For Cirque that's fine if I can go this week, but it looks like I'll have to try to find time on a weekend if I want to see the others.
  16. Wow, what a well written and well researched article! I'm not used to that when reading articles on amusement parks. I'd love to see some, or all, of the classics back. Watching the Brady Bunch episode reminds me how much the park has lost over the years. How great it would be to have TumbleBug, Bayern Kurve, Spinnin Keggers (or even the Cauldrons), Wheel of Fortune/Trabant, Rotor, Halley's Comet/Round Up and Cuddle Up back in the park! Hopefully some of this comes to fruition with KI. Good luck to the pickers, bring back some good ones for us! Brilliant idea! Or actually, ideas plural, if only Mr. Hart would be willing to part with his shoes, which I doubt he would be.
  17. http://www.wlwt.com/news/police-on-scene-of-multiple-vehicle-crash-sb-interstate-71/34559920
  18. ^ I used a Wally Gator one for years but decided to change it up. I originally wanted to be incognito on this site, and was for a few years, but once I started to meet people from here and working Haunt, I decided to start using pictures of myself too. I'll still use Wally from time to time, just not constantly like I did when I first joined.
  19. ^It's now one of mine too! What a great piece of history. We rode it twice, the Gatorettes in the front and me in the back each time. While Mrs. Gator & GatorGirl were amazed at the smoothness, I was amazed at the airtime I got (and the hard slams back into the seat) that they didn't get. The ride op warned me before our first ride that I might want to prepare and stand up a little before the dips. After about the 2nd or 3rd dip and the very hard slam back to the seat, I heeded his advice. Great ride! Our original plan was to go to both Lakemont & DelGrosso's that day, but once we got to Lakemont we decided that we could definitely spend all day there and take our time to enjoy what they had to offer. We even stopped by the gift shop and bought matching Leap the Dips shirts and a book on the history of Lakemont Park (to add to our collection of other park history books, on Idora Park & Coney Island). We'll visit DelGrosso's next year, and plan on going to Lakemont at the end of that day to ride Leap the Dips and Skyliner again!
  20. Unrelated to rides, but related to some concerns brought up earlier in this thread, I found myself in an awkward situation this past weekend. Mrs. Gator's family reunion is always held at a park (not amusement park, just a city park) in Pennsylvania. In this park is a community pool, which a large portion of the reunion goes over to to spend some time in. To get to the pool, you have to walk through the changing room/restroom. When I walked in, there were two boys there, ages approximately 4 & 5. The older boy was trying to help his younger brother get his shorts pulled up. While I was washing my hands after using the facilities, the youngest boy came over with his shorts down around his calves and asks, "Excuse me, can you help me get my shorts up?" I kind of stammered at first and finally got out "Um... don't you have a parent around?" The older boy said, "Yeah, but not our dad." I said, "Sorry, I can't help you," and left. I felt bad for leaving them in their predicament, but what else was I to do? I can only imagine being the parent of those children upon hearing that a stranger helped them pull up their shorts. The boys were young enough that they probably should/could have gone into the women's locker room with their mother. I wouldn't have sent my child(ren) alone to a locker room at their ages. If it was me & and a 4-5 year old GatorGirl, I would have put her in her bathing suit at home, taken her through the men's locker room (covering her eyes if need be) then taken her back home in her bathing suit.
  21. Seedr poynts gittin a slawtrhows? I gota git up thair n meat em! I wundr wut kind ov meat theyl b wurkin with. Im not piky I lyk all kinds. Thair far enuf away that we shuldnt b runin in 2 any problms with r meat suplyrs. I kant wayt 2 go up thair n c thair oprashun! -Sam EDIT: Now see what you've gone and done? You've got Sam all riled up. It got even worse when I told him that nothing's been confirmed 100% about Cedar Point getting a Slaughterhouse. I had a terrible time trying to calm him down after that. (For those of you new to the site since last year, Sam the Butcher is an alter-ego that emerges every fall, the Hyde to my Jekyll. All this talk about a Slaughterhouse North brought him out a little earlier than normal, but he's been safely locked away again.) Excellent show! I'm so glad I got to see it last year (and bought the t-shirt).
  22. When I stay in a motel, all I need is a clean place to sleep & shower at a reasonapble price (under $100, preferably under $90). I read the online reviews and make my decisions based on those. I have to say, the Motel 6 in Altoona, PA this past weekend was wonderful! Sure, it's no Hilton (which I never stay at anyway because they're overpriced IMO), but it met my qualifications (clean rooms & bathrooms, and about $68 per night). Beds were comfortable enough and the Gatorettes even enjoyed the pool there, saying it was cleaner than more expensive places we've stayed.
  23. I'm proud to have ridden 4 of them (#3 Jack Rabbit, #6 Thunderbolt and #10 Racer all at Kennywood, as well as #7 Giant Dipper at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk) and adding #1 Leap the Dips tomorrow!
  24. Sure, The Great Scenic Railway is the oldest continuously operating coaster in the world, but even more impressive to me is the oldest coaster in the world (even if it was shut down for years), Leap the Dips at Lakemont Park, which beats TGSR by 10 years in age. Even though it's tame compared to most coasters, I'm extremely excited to finally ride this piece of history tomorrow!
  25. Sam's lurking, waiting just below the surface to be unleashed upon the earth once again.
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