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  1. he don't put words in my mouth! but ok those that do know him knows why he's not allowed on here... but that doesn't answer my question if i can RSVP him or not... lol and i guess for those that dont know, he knows too much. I'll just go with that one lol
  2. Hey... i take very firmly to my name i still stalk the boards... I just dont like being a thread killer, which normally is what happens when I show up O:-)
  3. What if hypothetically the hubby isn't allowed to be a member of KIC per KIC?
  4. Awwww.... camping at Yogi Bear that day! But I guess we could always show up on the way home...
  5. Gator that's exactly what happened. Once Keith showed up everything kept going down. But the great KIC Racer evac was pretty epic, especially since another KICer had the key to let us out but he went along with it and laughed harder than all of us. Thats just how he was. He was a great inspiration to all of us and you could tell he loved his family. If anyone else is interested, we've set up a collection on PayPal if anyone wants to donate for a flower arrangement/memorial for the family. If you're interested and have a PayPal account, feel free to send a donation to rcgiere@gmail.com and all proceeds will go towards a KIC arrangement with left overs going to the family.
  6. ORLY? Considering this whole thread is speculation But man... I'm really hoping it's not the 28th... My wedding could get in the way of Opening Day in a bad way
  7. UGH!! you have GOT to be kidding me?! These things are so dumb and I'm so tired of them already....
  8. LOL i <3 you too Ok guys 3 days and we're still in 2nd plac by single digits. If anyone is on any other friendly forums seriously feel free to whore the link out... its crazy how close this is.... :-/
  9. It goes until August 17th We were in first up until this week, ahead by 110. Than *bam* this other couple blew it up. And supposedly they say they have the Kings Island vote... I need to let them know that that's not entirely true lol And I really appreciate all the help you guys are giving me! (especially Avatar) I saw your family voted, it was awesome. But seriously, if you want to invite friends to the group or post it on your wall, I have no qualms against that. I really do appreciate all you guys are doing to help!
  10. Ok guys, I'm in need of a little Facebook help here. For those interested there is an event set up here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=232769670089065 Seriously invite friends, lovers, stalkers , anyone!! For those that are gonna give me the TL:DR speech, I'm going to make it even easier for you. I'm attaching the "event" description below but first the quick and easy 5 second click-copy-paste-tada! 1. Go here. Click "like" http://www.facebook.com/traciejeanphoto 2. Copy and paste: I Vote for Jack Robinson and Rachel Giere 4/28/12 3. Tada done! That wasn't so hard now was it? Feel free to invite friends and strangers. We currently dropped to 2nd, even though we had a 110 vote lead The 3rd place team is coming up on our butts and we need to stay ahead. Thanks again!! Event Description: http://www.facebook.com/traciejeanphoto We need everyone to go there, "LIKE" their page, and then post I Vote for Jack Robinson and Rachel Giere 4/28/12 on their wall. If we have the most votes we win our entire photography package. With my car blowing up and getting the new house, this would absolutely help us out greatly. This is one of the best wedding presents that you can all contribute to for FREE!!! :) Please invite friends and spread the word. Only one vote per person counts, so please pass on the word, to family, significant others, helpful friends, or that crazy stalker! It would mean the world to us!!! :) Thanks so much guys! ♥♥ Rachel & Jack
  11. Almost every single time on MF. 305 too but its not as bad as everyone says. I tunnel just coming out of the turn and I'm fine once I'm out of the tunnel... It happens to the best of us, coaster enthusiast or not. Its not too big of a deal really...
  12. So the Blue Racer seemed really slow today... It took forever to get up the lift hill. Felt like I wasn't moving at all. And the way down was really really slow. and really bumpy. And my first ever evac off a ride with 16 other KICers :-P Keith broke yet another ride lol
  13. Not is this gonna be a one time all day thing? Like if I wanna see it during the day, and then later that night, am I gonna have to pay twice that day... thats the only thing that would bug me... I'd want it to be all day.
  14. No offense meant to you whatsoever... put they probably got rid of them 1. b/c the whole SOB thing is getting kind of old. it's demise will come in due time. 2. Its distracting from what they really want you to focus on and that's their ginormous grand dinos True, But you can only ignore something for so long before it rots, falls over, and Kills the poor people riding Flight Deck and Waiting in line for Drop Tower... one can only hope well minus the flight deck and DT thing... i like those I'm still all out about a giant wienie roast O:)
  15. No offense meant to you whatsoever... put they probably got rid of them 1. b/c the whole SOB thing is getting kind of old. it's demise will come in due time. 2. Its distracting from what they really want you to focus on and that's their ginormous grand dinos
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