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  1. he don't put words in my mouth! but ok those that do know him knows why he's not allowed on here... but that doesn't answer my question if i can RSVP him or not... lol and i guess for those that dont know, he knows too much. I'll just go with that one lol
  2. Hey... i take very firmly to my name i still stalk the boards... I just dont like being a thread killer, which normally is what happens when I show up O:-)
  3. What if hypothetically the hubby isn't allowed to be a member of KIC per KIC?
  4. Awwww.... camping at Yogi Bear that day! But I guess we could always show up on the way home...
  5. Gator that's exactly what happened. Once Keith showed up everything kept going down. But the great KIC Racer evac was pretty epic, especially since another KICer had the key to let us out but he went along with it and laughed harder than all of us. Thats just how he was. He was a great inspiration to all of us and you could tell he loved his family. If anyone else is interested, we've set up a collection on PayPal if anyone wants to donate for a flower arrangement/memorial for the family. If you're interested and have a PayPal account, feel free to send a donation to rcgiere@gmail.com and all proceeds will go towards a KIC arrangement with left overs going to the family.
  6. ORLY? Considering this whole thread is speculation But man... I'm really hoping it's not the 28th... My wedding could get in the way of Opening Day in a bad way
  7. UGH!! you have GOT to be kidding me?! These things are so dumb and I'm so tired of them already....
  8. LOL i <3 you too Ok guys 3 days and we're still in 2nd plac by single digits. If anyone is on any other friendly forums seriously feel free to whore the link out... its crazy how close this is.... :-/
  9. It goes until August 17th We were in first up until this week, ahead by 110. Than *bam* this other couple blew it up. And supposedly they say they have the Kings Island vote... I need to let them know that that's not entirely true lol And I really appreciate all the help you guys are giving me! (especially Avatar) I saw your family voted, it was awesome. But seriously, if you want to invite friends to the group or post it on your wall, I have no qualms against that. I really do appreciate all you guys are doing to help!
  10. Ok guys, I'm in need of a little Facebook help here. For those interested there is an event set up here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=232769670089065 Seriously invite friends, lovers, stalkers , anyone!! For those that are gonna give me the TL:DR speech, I'm going to make it even easier for you. I'm attaching the "event" description below but first the quick and easy 5 second click-copy-paste-tada! 1. Go here. Click "like" http://www.facebook.com/traciejeanphoto 2. Copy and paste: I Vote for Jack Robinson and Rachel Giere 4/28/12 3. Tada done! That wasn't so hard now was it? Feel free to invite friends and strangers. We currently dropped to 2nd, even though we had a 110 vote lead The 3rd place team is coming up on our butts and we need to stay ahead. Thanks again!! Event Description: http://www.facebook.com/traciejeanphoto We need everyone to go there, "LIKE" their page, and then post I Vote for Jack Robinson and Rachel Giere 4/28/12 on their wall. If we have the most votes we win our entire photography package. With my car blowing up and getting the new house, this would absolutely help us out greatly. This is one of the best wedding presents that you can all contribute to for FREE!!! :) Please invite friends and spread the word. Only one vote per person counts, so please pass on the word, to family, significant others, helpful friends, or that crazy stalker! It would mean the world to us!!! :) Thanks so much guys! ♥♥ Rachel & Jack
  11. Almost every single time on MF. 305 too but its not as bad as everyone says. I tunnel just coming out of the turn and I'm fine once I'm out of the tunnel... It happens to the best of us, coaster enthusiast or not. Its not too big of a deal really...
  12. So the Blue Racer seemed really slow today... It took forever to get up the lift hill. Felt like I wasn't moving at all. And the way down was really really slow. and really bumpy. And my first ever evac off a ride with 16 other KICers :-P Keith broke yet another ride lol
  13. Not is this gonna be a one time all day thing? Like if I wanna see it during the day, and then later that night, am I gonna have to pay twice that day... thats the only thing that would bug me... I'd want it to be all day.
  14. No offense meant to you whatsoever... put they probably got rid of them 1. b/c the whole SOB thing is getting kind of old. it's demise will come in due time. 2. Its distracting from what they really want you to focus on and that's their ginormous grand dinos True, But you can only ignore something for so long before it rots, falls over, and Kills the poor people riding Flight Deck and Waiting in line for Drop Tower... one can only hope well minus the flight deck and DT thing... i like those I'm still all out about a giant wienie roast O:)
  15. No offense meant to you whatsoever... put they probably got rid of them 1. b/c the whole SOB thing is getting kind of old. it's demise will come in due time. 2. Its distracting from what they really want you to focus on and that's their ginormous grand dinos
  16. Both of you please knock it off.... the end. I too miss the bacon. I not only miss bacon, but you 2 as well! oh naw he didn't.... and pointbuzz has nothing to do with KIC... completely different. And since you know of "these park things" Then you should very well be open to differing opinions/insights/views and not so strong on the "my way or the highway" viewpoint is all I'm saying. From your posts you seem to not even take what anyone else is saying into perspective... at all... except to mock and ridicule it. Thats not what we do here <3 Do I know you? (LOL-pardon my 8 person inside joke) Did you read my post in its entirety?! There was nary an insult thrown out. not a single "slam", and honestly nothing really in particular minus maybe one sentence. Those that know me, know I'm one of the most open and accepting people around here (which often times gets me in trouble... right ashers? ) I was simply pointing out the problems, that will get no sympathy from people around here. This used to be a great place where people could legitamately have a conversation as opposed to a spitting match and the "mines bigger than yours" mentality, but a few people come in here and troll and dont listen to things that people have to say, that if you take the time to look around, its pretty easy to spot who you should be listening too and taking what they say to heart. And a few sour grapes ruins the whole vat of wine... and i like my wine dangit! or something like that. And these noobs that I speak of are just that. They come and they hang around during the off season, or only show up when the park makes some sort of announcement (*cough*this week*cough) and they troll and spout drivvel and nonsense and generally tick people off, and then they magically disappear into the wilderness. Those that aren't noobs do stick around, and don't mind the title as that is exactly what they are. its pretty easy to spot... much like a giant spotlight iwth a neon arrow and a bullhorn screaming "look at me look at me!". So yes, I will mention the noobs, and i will call someone out on being one, which is the same as a parent yelling at their child to grow up or act their age. It lets them know "hey i'm being an idiot" now back to your scheduled programming with that blasted song stuck in my head... ugh! Did they say exactly where this was going to be announced at?
  17. Picture - actually yes, not because I doubt you, but think it would be a good picture! Also, beware of Stalker/Rachel - she gets cranky and hits hard not cool its on my phone... i'll upload it to fb and link here 2morrow... maybe... O:) (has ryan made me an angel smiley? severly lacking in the sarcastic angel smiley dept)
  18. O.M.G.!!!! yes! yes a million times yes!!!! that would be epic!!! and even more so? you know we would be "those ppl" who are like, im going to use the new restrooms first!!! darn you terpy!! *shakes fist semi angrily* thanks for the spit take.... bahahaha not gonna lie i was about to yell at you for tweets not costing money... but i had a blond moment... carry on but but but... we can't believe the "meida" cuz they stretch the truth and dont actually talk to people at the park when anyone can see them to prove its "real" O:) (stalkerchick... adding fuel to the trol fire* booya!)
  19. holy freakin crap batman! Do you want me to post the picture I have of Don standing right outside my car talking to the guy from the enquirer with a recorder in his hand in front of the dinosaur?! When you get a little older kid check into some pr/marketing/journalism classes. Any good PR person gives little breadcrumbs to create speculation. its called creating a "buzz", which personally, looking at this thread alone, they've done a darned good job of! I know you're new here and all so let me clue you into a few things. Se those little stats on the right over there <<< that shows the date joined, and the amount of posts and what not. normally (not all the time) the ones that have been around the block tend to know a thing or 2. not to mention I think I can safely say that half of the active posters/"old foagies" have worked for the park/amusement park industry at one point in time, and quite a few of those have learned how this crap works. Pull your head out of your butt and be willing to at least LISTEN to what other people have to say. That is how you will learn. That is how you will make friends. Throwing out stupid asinine comments that you think everyone should take as holier than thou truth, just makes you look stupid and people will never listen to what you have to say... ever.... (i'm apologizing for this ahead of time) but just as beast 1979. He used to just be "some kid" around here, until he took the time to listen to others and have a legit thought out debate with people. not just through their stuff out there, and make every one take it. Honestly the whole dino walk through thing has come about because EVERYONE listened to EVERYONE ELSE and people started taking bits and pieces of what EVERYONE was saying to come up with what WE ALL thought was the most natural outcome. no one has said "yess 100% this is what it will be" its all speculation.... */end rant* LOL i <3 you wooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! dam shoulda given them my forum name huh >.< hahaha i was looking for the video (which shows Don by his car after talking to said media when I was there) as it brought out a lot of the same points. It won't be ready for opening day, but will be ready in the spring. and this goes back to KevinL, the media most of the times does have a heads up from the park itself. Perfect example, when Urgent Scare was first introduced. a week before they had their media night to announce it, they sent a bag of "blood" along with the reporters "medical records" to the stations. Google it, I'm sure the videos are still out there. They knew before even the mods here knew! and guess what... more speculation, more buzz, more thinking and talking back and forth, and it was pretty much agreed that it was most likely some sort of doctor/hospital/medical theme. and tada... guess what it was.... Oh and Kyle I did love that! And for the noobs who don't know... hi. I'm rachel *waves* the one in the article if anyone wants to question more credentials...
  20. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA man... that was what 3 years ago?! so bitter.... <3
  21. 1. if your talking about my post, i was there as Don was talking to the media... hence why I was on said broadcast. kthanx. 2. its coming this year, said from the park, therefore, 99% sure not really gonna be a ride... 3. side note, you're talking about Dinosaur the ride. where you sit in a jeep 4 ppl wide, which is a separate track and car, more along the lines of the haunted castle than action theater... So please don't get all up in here being all "preachy" about the same "non-facts" your complaining about. kthanx. side note i need to quit these rants hahaha
  22. channel 9 news at 5:30... starring yours truly... ugh says it will debut this spring... i'll post the link when i find it....
  23. I'm gonna go with that one... people just being stupid and having fun. But B&M invert would be beyond amazing!
  24. O.M.G.!!!! i LOVE THIS!!!!! its so true tho..... I may be a "youngin" but heck i remember that stuff. if u were playing at the neighbor kids house and acted up, their parents could discipline you and i dont know how many times i got spanked, and i learned.. at least until after the sting wore off and u came home when the street lights came on. we didn't have phones when we were 10. I didnt get a cell phone til halfway through college. and yes i remember the "bricks" and briefcase phones lol. thanks terpy for making ME feel old oh and dont forget the lead based paint cribs
  25. psssttt... jungle jims silly. and can you serve easy mac too
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