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  1. 1972. I remember riding the train with people beside it, log flume, Scooby Doo, Bavarian Beetle, not being tall enough for racer, not being tall enough to drive the antique and turnpike cars, the original Enchanted Voyage. I was three years old and I thought it was the best thing ever.
  2. Having ridden 30 or so of B&M's snoozers, I have come to expect nothing from them, yet I still feel let down.
  3. The document filed with the Warren County Recorder is a Notice of Commencement. It lists the companies that will be providing services and/or materials for a future project or projects. (See Ohio Revised Code Section 1311.04) From the Notice of Commencement, it appears that several things are going on. One of the companies listed is the rigging company that hangs the lights on the Eiffel Tower for Winterfest. There are several construction companies listed (I assume for the dorms that have been discussed). Then B&M is listed as well; however, Clermont Steel Fabricators, the company that would provide the materials for a new B&M coaster, is conspicuous in its absence. This will certainly be interesting.
  4. I don't see Cedar Point in any pictures of this alleged teaser. Are there any pictures showing anything that would indicate that this is actually located at Cedar Point?
  5. B&M is not currently building roller coasters in the United States.
  6. Cedar Fair's destruction of its competition is complete! The City of Mason needs to change their zoning to designate KI's land as "amusement park only" so CF can never do the same thing here.
  7. How much "doe" will the reindeer petting zoo cost? Hopefully, it will only be a few "bucks."
  8. Today's inspection found the incident to be Intamin's fault? Where did you locate this information so soon after the inspection?
  9. If it was some spectacular ride element that the park could hype to sell 2017 season passes, they would be hyping it to sell 2017 season passes!
  10. Good riddance! The "WTF was THAT?!?!" trim brake on the first drop will finally be pooper-scooped out of existence! I could not be happier!!!
  11. I think this will be, by far, the best thing that CF has installed in Ohio since Maverick.
  12. This week at a shop at Cedar Point in front of the retro tees: Guest 1: What is Jumbo Jet? Guest 1's Boyfriend: That's what they used to call Milenium Force before they changed the name
  13. I second Hershey Park! Although they do not have a real "kids' area," there are kids' rides within close proximity to all of the "big rides" which serve as a de facto parent swap. (The younger child has rides to enjoy while the parents and older kids ride the nearby "big rides") The family can navigate the park together without having to arrange a "meet up" several hours later. And they have lower height requirements so that my three year old could ride Sooper Dooper Looper, Trail Blazer and Comet! Where else can you hear a three year old tell you that "It looked like the world went around me" after his first inversion? And Skyrush, Lightning Racer, and Storm Runner are all top-quality ride experiences!
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