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  1. no, the trains were too heavy to begin with 6 or 5 cars. either way, it wouldve buckled anyway. it is how the track was supported they didn't allow for extreme forces
  2. I know for a fact next year is the final year for Nick U. so they better make up their minds on new ride names. i hope they rename foc beastie again.
  3. Cedar Fair has all rights and control over all paramount parks starting this past year. some new rules and regulations are a bit retarded but they know how to build a park
  4. i heard from people there that tomb raider is being torn down aws. a motor exploded during a test run and you could hear it from everywhere in the park it's cheaper to knock it down and build something else. so, yeah, it's suppose to be a steel coaster.
  5. no, The Beast has 4 trains already, why put a 5th one on even though they run 3. Son of Beast can only run 2 trains. as in one on the block brakes and one in the station. there would be a crash if they put a third one on.
  6. they switched to the halloween film. and there's 2 of em.
  7. no, it's just friday ans saturday nights. 7pm-1am.
  8. not exacly reliable? i know it's a fact, i saw them gutting the building when i got sent to tower dude, it's fact
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