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  1. Bing Maps has a really interesting view of what happened to Surf City. http://binged.it/AadLfd Zoom in and out and watch the landscape change from dilapidated water park to megachurch.
  2. This is correct. All siren systems are controlled by county officials, usually in the dispatch center. Most counties have not had the funding to upgrade to systems which allow them to selectively activate sirens depending on where the weather threat is located. This is unfortunate, since it essentially limits the realized effectiveness of the NWS' advancements in the way warnings are issued. In addition, the criteria for sounding the sirens varies widely from county to county, and is not necessarily directly tied to only being used for actual tornado warnings.
  3. It is worth noting that Kings Mills and western Warren County were not under a tornado warning on Friday night. http://mesonet.agron.iastate.edu/vtec/#2010-O-NEW-KILN-TO-W-0003 Warren County may sound the sirens county-wide, but the warning was in effect for the eastern part of the county.
  4. I'm not sure if this was pointed out elsewhere on this board, but people did some digging on another board and noted that said drink and drink company (Crystal Rock Bottling Company) do not actually exist, and that the domain was registered only very recently. It appears to all be part of the marketing strategy -- one that is combining elements from both Cedar Point and Carowinds.
  5. A partial report for now, just to pass along some information: 1) Son of Beast is closed. This must be a new development. I don't think anyone around here has touched on that one yet. ( ) 2) It was pretty crowded in the main park -- especially for a Tuesday with a chance of rain in the forecast and temperatures only reaching the mid 70s. -- I never saw The Beast at under 15 minutes or so. For the last few hours of the day, it was running at 30-40 minutes, even right up to fireworks time! -- Delirium and Drop Tower were running at 25-40 minutes all day. -- Diamondback was running at
  6. Interpreter -- I'm mainly going on what I've heard from friends of mine who've been on them. As it was I was writing that for a non-coaster-people audience and really just wanted to get across that from what I've heard anyway, there's newer and better versions out there from another company. I'd absolutely love to get on one myself and actually make my own call on it standbyme -- Really wasn't using anything too special! I was using exposures of between half a second and a full second, with the aperture setting cranked way up. I guess the intended effect was to acquire the same amount of li
  7. This is a bit belated, but wanted to get the trip report up for the record book. Most of this was written for an audience of some non-park-enthusiast friends of mine, so be sure to take it in that respect. Thanks! First off, here's a directory listing for a bunch of pictures I took at the park that day. http://fiveninety.dyndns.org/~thegreatzo/p...14-KingsIsland/ ----------------------- I will preface the trip report with the following: the park was dead. My longest waits were two 10-minute waits, but nearly everything else was a walk-on or one-train-wait. I have never seen an amusemen
  8. Thanks. Got my ticket and will plan to get there maybe 10:45 or so. I'll be sure to post a trip report -- hoping the cool weather will keep the crowds down
  9. Thanks for the link -- I did look there but I guess I was a bit confused as to how the tickets work -- since there's nothing specifically listed as just plain ol' "general admission, any day." Which do I select and at what price? Thanks for the help. I'll be going alone and just marathoning on the coasters, so no kids in tow or anything along those lines.
  10. Hi all, I'm a coaster enthusiast and also not interested much in the halloween stuff. I'm new to SW Ohio but a Cedar Point veteran... I'm planning to hit up KI this Sunday and wanted to add a couple of questions here before I head to the park in two days. 1) Is Halloween Haunt "in effect" at all on Sunday? Or... just the regular park stuff? 2) I know HH tickets are available online, but can regular park tickets be purchased online for a discount? I'm not looking too forward to the $50 at the gate. 3) Park opens at 11 AM, but for a "regular joe" like myself, do the gates open any soon
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