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  1. Listed under special features... Is this new to the Kings Dominion WindSeeker? If so, it will very much make up for the more than 1 million dollar difference. From what I've read here, such audio systems are extremely expensive. I believe Cedar Fair's decision to build WindSeekers at many parks to have been very wise. Not only is it a very marketable attraction (1), but it is extremely cheap compared to what Cedar Fair typically has been known to invest in (2). (Remember, Cedar Fair is still in overwhelming debt.) 1. In my own opinion, WindSeeker was a much more marketable addition for the 2011 season than any coaster would have been, considering Diamondback is still very new. 2. For the same price as Canada's Wonderland's Leviathan, Cedar Fair could of bought four WindSeekers, and had a little bit of cash to spare. Don't forget that CF is now under the control of a new CEO so the days of building large coasters for the most part are over so I can easily see how this would make sense from a financial standpoint & I for one am looking forward to the ride. Don't the other four have onboard audio?In all of the vids I've seen so far they're always playing music or does that apply to only the queue area?
  2. AFAIK the old intamin standup from SFAW is still on site at DL & rusting away,this appears to be Chang's track & supports as SFAW's was a darker shade of yellow & blue. Chance are that the state fair board wants the ride back & it's gonna be returned to them because it wasn't an asset of the current SF management teams to remove since it was installed before even premiere aqquired the park.
  3. http://coasterbuzz.com/Forums/Thread/57204.aspx Angie, I totally believe you that you grayed out on MF, I have too. While I feel that graying out is not a good thing on any ride on I305 is seems to be happening to more people then on MF. On KDFansite they ran a poll where 65% of respondents say the grayed out and 13% say they blacked out. That is 78% that had a G-force effected lose of function. My real concern is not the gray out but the blackouts combined with the aggressive transitions. Many have said to just ride them defensively to avoid head banging, that is impossible to do if your unconscious. Funny how CP hasn't trimmed MF yet as a result of anyone greying/blacking out & yet all of a sudden everyone is speculating that they will do so on I305.
  4. Sure,the expansions run fine but should the need come to uninstall & reinstall you won't be able to do it....I had this happen on my old system when I installed either a corrupt custom scenery file or installed it incorrectly & I don't plan on making that mistake again.
  5. Got the base game running on win7 but have no plans to install the EP's due to the registry key error that makes it impossible to remove them once they've been installed.
  6. True but people have been going to the park all week so far & the ride has been open every day.
  7. There's a separate unload area just behind the load station,as well as a set of brakes following the final drop.It's this set of brakes that stops the train before going into a lefthand turn into the unload point.
  8. I've ridden I305 three times so far & havn't had any problems greying/blacking out during the turn following the drop so I doubt that they're gonna add any trims to it. If someone did pass out on the ride & returned to the station unconscious then we would've heard about it in the media by now & the ride would've been shut down immediately & indefinitely while an investigation was being carried out by the state & so far this hasn't happened so it's a safe bet that the ride is fine but is on the intense to extreme side for sure.
  9. In addition to I305 both grizzly & rebel yell (south) had two trains going on saturday. Shockwave needs to have it's lift components repaired/replaced from what I hear & should be open by mid to late april while hurler is undergoing a re-tracking but just isn't worth riding.
  10. Did anyone notice the four bench PTC's that were used in testing near the end of that video? I didn't think PTC even made those.
  11. If only it were on any site other than screamscape as their pop ups tend to give my computer viruses,hence the reason why I've been avoiding that site like the plauge
  12. So does this mean that Snyder is officially out as SFI's owner? I hope so because then maybe,just maybe they'll start reinvesting in SFA to the point of convincing me to return.
  13. Well the constant arguing over I305's restraints & other trivial matters have led Clint to completely lock the forums over at KDfansite so now getting updates on the status of the ride is going to be very difficult,if not impossible.
  14. A link cannot be provided, but if you are a subscriber, you can easily locate this article. NOTE: See particularly wise post 43, above, in this thread.... http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=20237&view=findpost&p=366538 SFI merging with CF? that would be financially suicidal seeing as how SFI's aqquisition of too many properties too soon is partly to blame for them being in this mess.Besides after CF investors got burned on the whole SFWOA/GL purchase (and it's subsequent failure) it's fairly safe believe that niether CF or their investors would want to do business with SFI ever again.
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