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  1. Sorry for the double post(eiditing won't move the thread up) but after a few days of the webcam malfunctioning it looks like some track has been installed for the transfar track/storage track area & quite possibly the station track as well.
  2. Why is it they don't just tell you to sit on them? That's what KD does if you're wearing flip flops on Dominator.
  3. Simple to get a "new" ride at the expense of a park that they don't really care about....it's like GL all over again.
  4. That's a good comparison but in a way SFI WAS targeting CP's guests....just in what turned out to be the wrong way by attempting to turn a small park into a mega park & focusing on coasters at the expense of customer service,as SFI went further ahead with their insane expansion plans their poor business practices coupled with the collapse of the economy(we can thank Bush for that one)is what brought the chain down.SFWOA fell by the wayside(as did SFA for example) when SFI got it in their heads to focus development on only two or three of their parks while leaving the others to essentialy rot,anyone remember that hyper SFWOA was supposed to get? The reason they never got it was because SFI had the stupid idea to dump almost all of their cap ex budget into SFMM's coaster building spree,had that not happened & SFWOA/GL recieved an influx of rides at a decent pace then the ride park might still be around today.
  5. The parts for the massive crane are on site in the parking lot,looks like we'll see vertical construction real soon because it isn't exactly cheap to rent a crane that size after all.
  6. Firehawk has to have the train in the station in the station before another can leave. Thats because of block reasons. And i have been told by some ride-ops who work there that it is not an easy ride to run at all. Not if they're running both sides of the station....after all that was the reason for the dual station design although the ride CAN easily run two trains with one station as SFA has done so several times with Batwing,which is the exact same coaster aside from the paint job.
  7. Look at it this way,with the OTSR's it allows for smaller riders to safely enjoy the ride....the height requirement is only gonna be 48 inches so that's a plus for both my nephews who are getting passes in 2010 so they can ride.I'm still a little disappointed with the layout though but after looking at the model at the front of the park I think it may prove to be a decent ride. Yesterday at the park was crazy what with the huge storm that rolled in around 2 pm & shut everything down til around 5:30 & I never thought it was gonna stop raining but fortunately it did because darn if I'm gonna go to KD & only get on one ride before calling it a day.
  8. Sorry I havn't been around much lately but after updating my browser it's become harder to keep track of sites visted & I hate having to login each time but here I am once again. I have mixed feelings on the layout because,after the first drop the ride is just too low to the ground for a good portion of the layout but other than that it should prove to be a good ride experience,at least this time CF saw fit to give the ride it's own webpage,webcam & blog so that's also a plus as well.
  9. While at KD on saturday there was an evac on anaconda's lift.....funny thing is they only took people off on the front rows of cars 2 & 3 but let everyone else stay on & one of the maintenance staff actually got in the seat they'd just unloaded & simply rode the coaster for whatever reason.
  10. More track arrived the other day & it seems that august 20th may be when we'll have an official announcement.
  11. Just watching the POV on the coaster thrills video when it enters the helix makes me feel kinda sick so I can see how it may have had a similar effect on the rider in question.After my last ride on Dominator I felt kinda sick myself & riding berserker shortly afterward didn't help matters one bit that's for sure.
  12. The crown for the lift has finally arrived so the debate over wether it will be a launch or lift is put to rest once & for all.
  13. BLSC & FOF are a tight fit for me & even KD's woodies are now hard to get into.
  14. Perhaps the demand wasn't there given the fact that it is a holiday after all.
  15. Sorry about that but it's not as easy using IE as a browser compared to when I was on aol.
  16. Someone on KDfansite has done an NL recreation of the 2010 coaster based on sketches found on the planning board document for the ride.
  17. When I rode in 5-1 on anaconda last month it snapped my spine pretty hard coming off the MCBR,then again anaconda's layout is more severe than Vortex's.
  18. Pictures? Links? KDfansite has some of the latest track pics in the photo gallery. Latest reports I've heard are that footers are finally being poured today....check out coastercrew's twitter page for the updates.
  19. You could just get an all day locker up at the front of the park for about 15 bucks plus $5 deposit,we did this last weekend at KD when we had our jackets with us because of the rain & it worked out rather well.I don't know if the prices are the same at KI but it's definitely worth a shot.
  20. More track has arrived today & this will definitely have a cable lift similar to MF's. :D
  21. Looks like KD's gonna be the next US park to have a giga as more track was delivered today & on one of the containers for bolt washers it says "giga coaster" on the label.Pics are available in the KD thread on TPR's forum.
  22. I've started to notice that KD is also lacking in the flats dept. at least when it comes to diversity because as much as I enjoy coasters I also enjoy taking a break & hitting some good flats during the day to balance things out.
  23. Got stapled on grizzly my 2nd night ride of the evening....the op on duty was just slamming those bars hard while he was speeding down the platform,I also ended up being stapled by the shoulder restraint on berserker too & man did that hurt!!
  24. Tell me about it.I was just getting off avalanche yesterday at KD when this 8 year old comes screaming & crying down the ramp,I figured he couldn't ride because he was too short but it was because he had no shirt on & refused to calm down long enough to put one on. Also over by FOF while waiting for anaconda to reopen following some downtime a whole group of girls obviously fresh out of waterworks were hanging around & one of them just had her shorts unbuttoned exposing her suit bottom....which to me looked like nothing more than green underwear which was disgusting IMHO....sure it was hot yesterday at the park but still you need to follow the rules & keep your top down & your bottom up over your swimsuit when in the park because most people simply don't want to see that.
  25. This whole rumor started about the supports showing up at other CF parks when KD moved the supports that were delivered earlier in the month. I was at the park yesterday & no new track has arrived(still only about 6 segments in the staging area)I even hiked all the way up from the SP lot to the staging area to snap a pic or two before my camera memory filled up & took a ride on anaconda to get a view of the site.From what I saw it looks like the clearing only goes to rebel yell south's turnaround,where judging by the markings either an OBT or more likely a helix will be located so this ride may be smaller than we had hoped but we'll have to just wait til august for the announcement.
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