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  1. I think all KD will do is simply change names on TR:FF,IJ:TC & Drop Zone but the theming on at least TR:FF will probably remain intact.Dominator will definitely become a part of international street,it certainly doesn't belong in kidzville that's for sure.
  2. Yeah & much like all sequels it failed miserably. I suppose Hurler can be renamed "SOG" or "Son Of Grizzly".
  3. You must've ridden Grizzly west then because Grizzly east sure as heck isn't that bad....sure it throws you around but in a good way when compared to the piece of firewood that sits across the midway from it .
  4. You should see what Kings Dominion has done to the area around The Grizzly. Once heavily wooded, now you can see Hurler and much of the rest of the park quite easily--in fact it is hard NOT to. Sigh. Not if you ride it at night. If anything they need to put the entrance sign back up though!
  5. I thought of that myself but they can always rename DZ as Power Tower instead.
  6. Obviously they're dropping the paramount themse,which IMO is a good thing but renaming rides is gonna be tricky.I suppose IJ:ST(IJ:TC @ KD) will just be known as stunt track/turbo coaster,DZ will probably be renamed power tower or something along those lines & face/off will probably be renamed Invertigo. Back in the Taft/KECO days both KI & KD had some really good theming but Paramount really ruined it with their attempts at theming rides after films that weren't very good to begin with.They tried to market themselves as t he "poor man's Universal" & they really blew it IMHO.Now as for what KI needs:I think they could benefit greatly from a B&M hyper,and quite possibly an invert....lord knows they really need one.
  7. Yeah & they pretty much continue to ignore two parks that could benefit from some much needed cap ex for new attractions in the process.
  8. You may have a point there because one of the advantages that both Carowinds & KD have are their location in the southeast/mid atlantic allows for a longer operating season thus a chance of increased revenues for the company. Now I don't see GA going anywhere either at this point though,CF seems willing at this point to fight against the 49er's attempts to purchase the property for purposes of constructing a new stadium.
  9. I don't know where people come up with this stuff but trust me,KI is in no danger of closing because in the former PP chain it ranked highest in attendance alongside CWL & KD.If any former PP park gets sold it would probably be Carowinds.
  10. Yeah that's what I heard as well,looks like DZ will probably have to be re-named too & the fact that HS:XLC is staying another season rules out the rumor of Dominator going over there so it looks like it'll definitely become a parking lot coaster.
  11. Well if they were to shut down the park(which they're not) I'd c all didbs on TG. We could then get rid of that pathetic excuse for an invert known as volcano:the bore coaster. LOL
  12. It's themed to Wayne's world so technically the name should be changed but if you ask me the ride should just be bulldozed because it's rough as he**.
  13. Good luck there.I tried getting my nephew to ride rebel yell backwards back in august & he chickened out.....and that was after riding anaconda! which was his first looper.
  14. I wonder what the new name will be? I hope not simply"turbo coaster",I guess this means they'll finally either rename Hurler or just demolish that piece of firewood alltogether as well.Rumor has it that the location might be a possible site for Dominator in 2008,although my money's still on the parking lot.
  15. You think Firehawk looks out of place? just imagine how out of place Dominator is gonna look sitting in KD's parking lot next year.I always wondered why the heck FOF's building was so large when the ride's highest point is only 78 feet.
  16. That's correct as both KI & KD orginally planned to install their own versions of the flying dutchman for the 2001 season but after Stealth turned out to be such a disappointment operations wise PP chose to terminate their exclusive marketing contract with vekoma but after the two rides had been manufactured. As a result SFI picked up the rides & placed XF at SFWOA/GL & Batwing at SFA.KD got HS:XLC instead(a real POS investment that they're finally getting rid of) & SFA cancelled their planned B&M standup,which would've been a better ride than Batwing as Batwing suffers from poor capacity & frequent downtime.
  17. Since Firehawk was recently added I wouldn't expect a coaster for 2008,besides it takes a lot of capital to relocate a woodie from one park to another. My guess is that the G-trains will be used on either Racer or Beast,lord knows that's gonna hurt.
  18. Nice to see a bit of a park's history being put to good use....too bad a local establishment here in Va. won't ask KD to part with any monorail trains they still may have from their safari monorail attraction that once operated there. KD's was located where TR;FF is today & went all the way back behind Rebel Yell before returning to it's starting point.Interestingly enough that patch of land back behind RY has since become a boneyard for the park's defunct rides rather than a location for new expansion.
  19. I also post over at GLT,to keep track of the Dominator deconstruction & can't believe the conspiracies that some of these guys over there have come up with.Even the SFAW locals didn't come up with this many conspiracy theories as to why their park closed back in 05. SFI messed up GL & that's how they lost their local fanbase,people didn't realize that it was gonna take time for CF to fix the damage SFI had done over a period of years...not overnight.
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