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  1. Yes, I'm definitely not part of the parks PR department (but with all this advertising of the construction they could put me on the payroll at least ) I am a moderator on Carowinds Connection, and have been since the sites inception in 2003. I'm not sure why I joined KICentral originally, but it may have been right around the time Diamondback was being discussed/leaked. I do try to use the same screen name for most forums, that way when people see my name they can possibly identify it with some of my posts on another site. And its just plain easier to remember.
  2. I figure the Kings Dominion 'attraction' has a 21 page topic why not one for Carowinds. Many of you Kings Islander's will recognize the construction.. Just today someone did some snooping and found the potential name and theme, which you can see in this thread. You can follow along with the construction and discussion of the new ride at Carowinds Connection and all the latest photo updates can be found in this thread. Slightly off topic, I went to Kings Island a few weeks ago and really loved Diamondback, it will be nice to have something similar to me just a short drive away.
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