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  1. Cannibal is Balls to the Wall INSANE and Craps all over every other Coaster, it's Seriously Amazing!
  2. Lagoon might not release one before the eventual media day.
  3. When the Tan Columns and Red Track started to arrive, I started to jokingly call it "Son of Maverick" lol
  4. Here's the much awaited Cannibal Test Run Video from Easter Sunday taken inside the park! https://youtu.be/Pqog9FEi24o
  5. Here are some links to more Opening Day Photos from LagoonisFun.com and Test Ride Video from the 28th. http://www.lagoonisfun.com/showthread.php?tid=5247&pid=65511#pid65511 http://www.lagoonisfun.com/showthread.php?tid=5247&pid=65536#pid65536 https://youtu.be/0TTdBDlJGas
  6. Figured you guys would be interested to see Lagoon's Video they posted to their YouTube Account: Also, with the completion of the Reverse Barrel Rolls, Cannibal Officially has 4 Inversions (Inverted Loop, Diving Loop, and Reverse Barrel Rolls). There are photos on LagoonisFun.com of the Completed Track and Barrel Rolls.
  7. The siding Lagoon used on the Tower actually has a Wood Grain Faux Finish on it. Cannibal has a Dual Elevator Lift just like Pilgrim's Plunge did and Divertical has.
  8. ^ The Trains will be 3 Rows, with 4 Across, on only 4 Bogies, with an overhead lap bar. The Trains are Definitely NOT anything like those from Gerstlauer or Stakotra Manufacturing, since they are being Fabricated by ART Engineering GmbH, which supplied Trains for BomBora and Trains and Track and Column Engineering for Wonder Mountain's Guardian. The Vertical Lift will be a Vertical Elevator Lift like Intamin used on Pilgrims Plunge and Divertical. The 116 Degree Beyond Vertical Drop will be outside the Tower. There are Renderings we got from Lagoon over on LagoonisFun.com.
  9. Stakotra Manufacturing fabricates Components (Track, Uprights, etc.) for Intamin, Zierer, Gerstlauer, Maurer-Söhne, Zamperla, & Huss. They have also Fabricated Trains/Chassis for Intamin, Zierer, Gerstlauer, Maurer-Söhne, B&M, Zamperla, & Lagoon (BomBora Trains). Rutin Ltd. has also frabricated Components for Intamin as well. IntaRide, LLC is the U.S. Division of Intamin and has an Office in Glen Burnie, MD. So you know RC?
  10. Did someone REALLY compare this show to Porn? From what I saw from the video on Youtube, I would hardly call that Porn! It's certainly a PG-13 Show, but I think it's well written and has some good tracks in it. I'd love for my Home Park, Lagoon, here in Utah to do a show like that! Unfortunately, with all of the Conservative Mormons, we'll only get as racy as our Vampire Awakening. Kudos to Kings Island Live E!
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