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  1. ooops i kinda goofed when making the poll
  2. I've tried em' all and hands down for me is always Skyline, nothin' better than Cinci Chili
  3. I enjoy TR but what other ideas would be good for a new theme? Really the only gripe I have is that it's not family jewel friendly What about a Transformers theme, Megatron could be tossing us around or something
  4. Could somebody tell me where a good spot to shoot a photo of Adventure Express in action would be. Also what about some spots for Top Gun?
  5. Yes I agree the kids area is better than some I've seen! What about bringing back the old Lion Country Safari? Or The Zodiac. As far as places to eat how about a Buffalo Wild Wings or similar?
  6. I miss the campground at times, it had it's good/bad sides and overall it was decent. My only complaints was with the bathhouses they were very nasty and the store/laundry could've used some work. I would like to see another campground in the future, where would a good spot be?
  7. There's nothing more annoying than a bunch of ballers dribbling throughout the park! Some can't even keep ahold of the things and even create traffic jams.
  8. I've listened to both sides and have noticed lot's of complaints twords the park needing more crowd diversions and solving ride queue problems. I can agree with both, on the diversion issue maybe a new and exciting movie for the Action F/X theatre, a better gimic insted of Laser Tag or the trampoline. Give Top Gun a whole new look/theme, maybe a new theme for the FOF? Now on the queue issue this past summer I know of several instances where line jumping and fighting or use of profanity was a problem. I seen smoking and boozing in The Beast queue, as well as the Top gun area. While these might be isolated instances, it's still a concern when children are around. I'd like to see the park clean up the TV's in the queues so that they maybe more and easily visable/audible.
  9. For me it's all about the train, if your butt or legs hurt then wahts the use. The original trains beat the hell outta my knees and that crazy foot brace. Hell they acted like you was gonna fall out of the thing. I guess it also does'nt help when your 6'3 and over LOL.
  10. Hey thanks, give me your hotel choices that are close and kid friendly.
  11. I've heard rumours also, but I heard they wanted to expose the Giant Spin. I hope not because the A/C does feel good when you need it!
  12. After hearing the Action FX is a crowd diversion and it is failing at that, would transforming the area for a new flat ride be wise? Or what about all that empty space around Top Gun.
  13. I'm planning a trip in 2008 but I'm kinda torn deciding what month to go my choices are May, June, August. Of course I want the least crowded times and we will be staying at the KI INN for a week. With 3 days in the park, my family was planning on Disney World but are kids and us are not into the magical themes anymore. So we're dedicating our time to KI, if anyone could please give me some attendance records for the months I'm pondering I would be thankful.
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