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  1. http://gizmodo.com/why-dark-rides-scare-the-pants-off-us-1447400730
  2. http://news.discovery.com/tech/zero-gravity-roller-coaster-120209.html
  3. They just asked about a steel coaster this year. It takes a while to plan these things out. I was a little disappointed at first, having wanted a coaster, but I think this will bring a lot to their water park which is more popular than the main park on those hot summer days. I waited in line for wildebeest for an hour and a half, while I only waited for Voyage for 20min. And don't get into one of those que line discussions etc. etc. I would have liked to ride wildebeest more, but I couldn't due to the long wait.
  4. This is why I've started going to Holiday World. The crowd there are much better people. Over the past years I've been going to the park I've realized I couldn't count on many people there to not steal my stuff, let alone pull me to safety if I were hanging from a cliff.
  5. Hmmm, so the park announced in June of 2009 that they were shutting down the ride. I wonder when we'll hear something about it's future... man... it's been soo long. Over 2 years since it's shut down and nothing... I know it's the park's ride, but it upsets me that the park keep playing the silent game with us.
  6. Whoa, you guys read way too much into stuff. The decals they put on that train are cheap. They peel off at least once a season. It's the park being cheap, that's all. After all, they just painted the thing... why would they tear it down or move it?
  7. I had a dream that the Son of Beast station was a pyramid and the slingshot ball was a san francisco trolly. beat that!
  8. HA, the fire was right near Firehawk... ironic
  9. And you call yourself a Kings Island Fan. First, it seems Kat was joking around, and second of all Son of Beast is a tricky situation. Many people who love Kings Island would just rather that problem go away. It doesn't mean they are not fans of the park. Maybe skaterboy was just kidding around? And yes we firmly...FIRMLY understand that many people hate that ride and would enjoy seeing it burn down, enough talk. This is a time of mourning, A DINO HAS DIED! By matching up the pick of the fire and the ki marathon pdf I have narrowed down the area where it happened and what dino's may have been affected. I think it might be that T-Rex there
  10. Timberliner isn't a company. Timberliners are made by GravityKraft which is part of Gravity Group
  11. Perhaps she sat in it when no one was looking? A motionless ride? ha Park employees often get to ride before the public, but I doubt any higher ups have even been allowed to ride yet. Maybe they needed a test "dummy"
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