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  1. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but Monorail Teal was created from Monorail Pink and Purple right? Then this new TRONorail is to push the circuits up to 12 trains again?
  2. In my opinion, Flight Deck and Iron Dragon don't even compare. FD is far more intense, and even though its shorter gives a better ride by far. It is definitely one of my favorites. (Be sure to ride in the front seat )
  3. Realistically, I just cant imagine that live entertainment is going to return to the KI and MVRR anytime soon. I believe that even adding a few animatronics would add a lot to the experience. Even if we added a new soundtrack that told the story about the area, I think that would be a positive. Even a few small changes could make a huge difference.
  4. Raven at Holiday World. I love all of their roller coasters.
  5. Indiana Beach has the best atmosphere of any park that I have been two. I really enjoy all the coasters, even though they don't pack the biggest punch. They have a great variety of flats, and a lot of good food. I also really enjoy the games Fascination and 21 they have. The park is just great all around in my opinion. Great pictures and trip report by the way!
  6. I can only ride Invertigo once a day because I black out on it. Man those forces are intense. Besides, it's not that great a ride anyway. I would rather ride Adventure Express or Flight Deck any day:)
  7. ^You don't think airtime would throw you out of the train... Restraints are definitely necessary. The only coaster in the whole park that I would be willing to ride without restraints is Flight Deck..
  8. Is this event actually going to happen? I mean, we have to get a hotel room and everything and it's not even a month until the event.....
  9. Do you think that Diamondback will be testing on Saturday? Don won't respond to any of my e-mails.
  10. It doesn't really count if you make posts like that.
  11. Cameras are allowed, just not on rides and attractions...
  12. In Early June, Cedar Point is really not that crowded, even on a Saturday.
  13. Just to let everyone know, some of the details of Coastermania 2009 are now up. It's two days! http://www.cedarpoint.com/public/news/coastermania/
  14. Card carrying members of accredited enthusiast groups used to be able to meet near the park's entrance and were escorted by a member of the marketing team to the entrance to The Beast to be able to catch the first ride of the day. That of course has changed to accommodate the far more exciting DB early rides. So The Beast will no longer have a walkback.... or just on selected days? 200th Post
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