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  1. Yeah like when CP ripped out a bunch of beautiful trees and landscaping to put in TTD
  2. For some reason that sentence made me throw up alittle! But seriously who didnt see this coming anyway???? CF is going to cut costs no matter what. Their feelings are that some of Nick characters arent even on anymore who seriously what kid would know/remember them anyway. I myself LOVED the kids area at KI-but I love themed typed stuff anyway but Snoopy?? Not so much. I doubt it would make much of a difference to a kid anyway-but I guess that will remain to be seen! Bye Spongebob!
  3. It has nothing to do with the coasters--it has everything to do with park ops. Crews were slow and park was disgusting dirty. Plus tons of gangsta types hanging around. Rides were great but could have rode alot more of them multi times if crews had some motivation. But hey--its NJ-being from NY I can tolerate all that.
  4. I am sure I (like most) was prepared for a horrid experience being Magic Mountain is a SF park. I will admit that I never had a bad time when SF owned WOA (**sigh**) but a couple less than great trips to Great Adventure kind of prepared me for the worst. Boy was I proved wrong! The 1st thing you notice about MM is how it fits in beautifully with the mountains, the view from anywhere in the park is unlike anywhere I had ever seen. The park was way crowded, I couldn’t help but compare the crowd size to CP and can not recall Cps parking lots ever being that full during the week.. I wont go
  5. I'm on the right side - to the left of the lady in the purple shirt. My hubby is directly in front of me kneeling down like he's ready to sprint! We both were sporting our KICentral/GOCC MSS shirts! We both had a blast!
  6. Just wanted to thank everyone who made today such a great day! (Except for Mother Nature who was PMSing it big time ) Morning ERT was fun, lunch was excellent, Beast walk back was great and the sign shop tour was too fun! We didnt make it till PM ERT-I am still trying to recover from my California trip earlier this week-was way pooped!! It was nice meeting new KIC-ers!!! I was SOOO proud to see my Mid Summer Scream t-shirts on people!! I got soo excited when I saw them!!! Now I know how a fashion designer feels when he sees his design walking down the walkway for the 1st time!! My hub
  7. I am sooo sorry I didn't know about it till today when the coupon was in with my MSS shirts!!
  8. To save $5.00 on your order use code "SUMMER5OFF45" at checkout!! enjoy!
  9. I bought 2 one for me and one for my hubby I also bought 10 of the Mid Summer Scream buttons for the Diamondback crew!! Gonna be fun! But will they have Bling? They just might! The whole bling thing is a cowgirl thing. You should see all my horses' tack-we blind em in the show ring!!! Sorry you wont be at this event-Im jealous of your PA/NJ trip- have fun!!!
  10. I bought 2 one for me and one for my hubby I also bought 10 of the Mid Summer Scream buttons for the Diamondback crew!! Jo
  11. that is the same with me. I dont know if its my computer or the site, but every time i try and get on it, it is all black except for th enumbers at the top and the picture at the bottom left corner. I can also hear the music, and click on things, but i cant see what i am clicking Yup I have the SAME problem and have had that same problem since day 1 of the site
  12. Ok so here is my 2 cents worth. I would highly recommend taking a bunch of pictures around NU now just in case CF pulls another GL move on us and we dont get the opportunity to take those last pictures. Granted, it's not like we're losing the whole park, but there is something so cool about Spongebob and crew. I have always loved the layouts of those themed rides. I especially like the Rugrats on the Runaway Reptar sign. Even Im totally bored with Snoopy, but that could be because I spend way too much time at CP! Jo
  13. Just wanted to follow up on this. I took everyone's advise who said to contact KI about the picture. Well I did and guess what? I got an email reply with my picture attached!! Yeah! Don't you just love great customer service?? Thanks to everyone! Jo
  14. Maybe it was an accident, but it did affect ME. I have my 100-1900 ride photos from Raptor, wanted to add a 100 DB. Stupid to some maybe, but sentimental to me. During RWW they allowed US to enter our email addys...maybe that's a better idea? Yes I have the receipt but KI isn't WalMart I can't just go back and request a refund-I dont want a refund (its only $1.99 for goodness sakes) I wanted my picture! I do know the picture# if that could help anything. Jo
  15. We never go near a park on a Saturday and today reminded me why! Thomas Pendelton from “Tattoo Highway” was making an appearance today and doing a tattoo contest, that is the ONLY reason we ventured to the park. We took advantage of the early admission ERT, got my 100th Diamondback ride! I had made a sign that said “100 rides” (I know, I’m a tool) and held it up for the onride photo. It came out awesome! I bought a keychain (cause I didn’t want to have to carry the picture around) and paid to have the picture emailed to me. Since the photo employee couldn’t spell “cedar” or “point” (which ar
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