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  1. This was my first thought but considering every other layout on the map is pretty much spot on, this seemed odd. This doesn’t resmemble the mystic tymbers layout in any way.
  2. Found this weird un-identified coaster layout in the park map on the mobile app (iOS). Place over by the picnic grove. Doesn’t resemble anything in the park from what I can tell.
  3. I know for a fact Kings Island does this with all of the trains in the off-season. They have an entire video that plays in the Festhaus & other locations. Sinclair University sponsors the clip and they show how the process is done to check stress fractures in all parts of the trains. They use some type of solution and UV light. It is actually very interesting.
  4. Seems like there could have been stress fractures in the steel that are pretty much undetectable to the naked eye. I would love to see a report when the last time the ride was completely taken apart and inspected (Similar to what KI does with Zephyr). This is usually when these type of things can be inspected properly. Note: I have zero background in ride maintenance or engineering so I could be wrong
  5. I don't know if we are still using spoiler tags at this point but I will just in case: Shed Spoilers
  6. So let me get this straight... You are mad because a guy added a simple joke or punch line about a previous ride in the park, during his normal spiel. Then to back up your claim, you state "He (referring to TTD spieler) didn't have to make up stats or do silly screaming stuff to energize the crowd". Which, forgive me if i'm wrong, the train guy didn't do at all. I think your just getting mad at something you really shouldn't be mad about.
  7. You have clearly never ridden the Jungle Cruise.
  8. When it comes to ROI, Kings Island would have to look at ROI on Spirit Song vs. a new ride. What in the long term will effect ticket sales. A weekend that is packed vs. a season with higher attendance. Whatever makes the yearly profit increase, will be the winner. I have faith removing Timberwolf & Congo & filling in that area with something better would have a much better ROI than keeping them.
  9. My thoughts: Best wooden coaster I've ridden. No doubt. Granted, I haven't traveled that much. But enough to classify it as best so far. As far as the shed, I appreciate the attention to detail. A little underwhelming, and over hyped. But better than a standard brake run. Overall, my favorite ride at Kings Island. Love it.
  10. I am hoping that MT will age well, considering most of the ride is low to the ground.
  11. I got in the park last night at about 7:30. I figured the lines would turn some people away towards the end of the night (which I must say worked out well for me). Rode Banshee as soon as I got to the park. Waited about 45 minutes for that. Got in line for MT at about 8:30pm. Walked off the ride at around 11:45pm. Looked like there was maybe only another half-hour wait behind me. My only complaint was I got about 4 different answers on wait time from 4 different associates while I was waiting. I mean, its no big deal because I'm sure most of them are new and really have no idea how long the wait is considering its a new ride. But I had a few tell me it was "only an hour" from inside the Crypt building... I obviously knew it wasn't an hour but random guests that don't know any better would be pretty mad. Not a bad day considering the way it looked when I walked in!
  12. My review: Simply fantastic. Kings Island has one of the best GCI's ever created. Shed was awesome but a little underwhelming. Overall I would rate it a 9.5/10, especially at night!
  13. I really wish they would invest in a resort similar to Hotel Breakers at CP. However, it probably won't happen any time soon. I would love to know what the occupancy percentages are during the summer at Great Wolf & the hotels surrounding. They could be holding out on it until most places reach a occupancy % they know they could benefit from. If you have no idea what I am talking about, here is an example. If a hotel is 90% full throughout the entire season, that basically means a new hotel could be built and it wouldn't empty out the other. Leaving more guests opportunities to book rooms, which = more people in the parks. I think Disney has a percentage rate somewhere around the 80% marker. That 80% is across all hotels they own, and that is when Disney knows to build a new resort. Cedar Fair might have an eye on this considering all the work they are doing at Cedar Point resorts. I assume Kings Island could follow this trend.
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