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  1. Are you legit mexican?

  2. Holy crap your alive! At least on here...

  3. why do you hate AE?

  4. hahah. No sir.

  5. Its a mystery :)

  6. hahah its from a youtube video. Have you seen it?

  7. Oh. When i read your about me page it said... going to cp in like 5 minutes!

  8. your going BACk to CP!?

  9. haha i was just kiddin. but ok :D

  10. Will you please take me to cp with you! i'll pay for my ticket! :D

  11. cause your like ahead of me. :P

  12. I don't hate AE... I just.. don't mind it. :D Now sob... thats a different story!

  13. Yeah not this year. but next year I can. I might work at Land of Illusion.. but that depends on the times for HSM

  14. No, im not getting paid. Me and my friends do a haunted trail in my neighboorhood each year, but I am going to work at Halloween Haunt hopefully as I get older.

  15. hahah naw. its all worth it in the long run. plus im working with the director is a big head hancho guy down at childrens theatre of cincinnati so that will look good for future shows.

  16. I hate you, your at 100 already.

  17. haha well. HSM 1 is one weekend, then HSM 2, is the next, then HSM 1 the next, and HSM 2, the next. Its really weird the way they did it.

  18. That totally sucks. I'm... mehh ok at singging.. even though carrie-ellen-zappa thinks ive got "big talent" for only doing 2 shows. and then getting a lead

  19. haha yeah. thatss cool.

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