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  1. Not true. Can someone remove this? lol
  2. When he said that it made me believe that two attractions would be planned. I don't think an event would exactly qualify as a capital expenditure. However, I have been wrong before. There could be more work put into WinterFest v3 than we could predict, thus requiring them to dip into that pot.
  3. Well 99% of us also said "well I could be wrong but I think it's this..." Vs. 'I know I'm right you will see how credible I am during the announcement'. Just making sure we all remember that. I am SOOO excited for this (and even I wanted a RMC). Great job KI PR!!
  4. I imagine a couple show scenes based on what the Animation 360 gave us.
  5. Yes HTCO, avoiding one word posts And also lives 10 minutes away... The firework sounds are a nice reminder, "oh okay its 10:00pm" EDIT: I guess I can relate because that's how I feel about Walt Disney World
  6. RMC Similar to Outlaw Run One or two inversions No records (Most wooden track in amusement park?) Tornado or Lumberjack (themes similar)
  7. Oh no you are fine. I didn't mean to call you out specificly. I have seen that it has been thrown around in this thread multiple times. I just happen to be reminded by your post to talk about it. Which is why I didn't quote you or anyone directly.
  8. They really haven't been around long enough to say if they are "reliable" or not. B&M in its infancy, I'm sure, was not up to par as they are currently.
  9. People blaming RMC and stating its 'Reliability' is questionable really don't know what they are talking about. The only RMC to ever have reliability problems is Lightning Rod. And it's not even RMC it's the company that engineered the launch lift. Texas Giant accident also does not count. As RMC did not produce that train. Using reliabilty as an excuse to rule RMC out is somewhat irresponsible as an "enthusiast" I've come to realize there are two types of enthusiasts. Those that truly care about rides and attractions and how they work, operate, and are built. And then there are just the
  10. I don't see it either and I'm glad I am not the first person to say it...
  11. Maybe it will be a fully emersive coaster in some way. VR optional or something. No one has explained or guessed what the "zones" on the blue print are....Zone 1a Zone 1b Zone 1c Zone 2 Zone 3 They have to mean something if they are on the blueprints right? Glad you brought this up because I wanted to mention this a while back. I'm almost 95% confident that the relevance to that just means that is the order in which construction will take place. It does not mean that is the way the layout will travel. This is done so they get the things they can get done now, before the season
  12. Yeah they are also using wood so they could be building my house. Kidding of course. Simply put, materials like that don't really matter all too much in what the manufacturer would be.
  13. Has anyone thought there might be some updated plans over at Mason? Might be interesting to see since it seems we are closer to actual construction starting, there might be more details.
  14. Does he work for Cedar Fair or just guessing? He probably got his hands on the plans. It's been a while... There might be some updates.
  15. This is fairly interesting considering that the ride is programmed to know at what level the water is, and will give a fault if it is above or below the fill line. However, this fault will not stop the ride or effect the ride in any way. It's more or less a "FYI" for maintenance. So they are clearly aware of this. It could just be something that needs fixed or it is being done on purpose for a reason no one will probably know. As far as the scoops being used as a brake mechanism: While it is true that it does slow down the train, it is not as much of a factor as you think it is. It only slo
  16. Looks like they will be putting in a fence seperating the shore and the water. I wonder if all resorts with "beaches" will be getting the same treatment. Source - Attractions Magazine Facebook https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10154224319349330&id=8093464329&__tn__=C (Sorry on Mobile)
  17. I think I might be the only person that was wishing for Thunderhawk, bigger, badder, and faster. Oh well. That's why we have NL2
  18. While a Bearcat themed ride would be amazing, I think you might be stretching a bit here
  19. The constitution was also made before automatic and semi automatic rifles were a thing. I'm all for our right to own and bear muskets. But AR-15s? No. Pistols? Sure. Shotguns? Sure. No one in this country needs a semi automatic or an automatic assault rifle. You name me one good reason you need one in your home. We don't need a full out abolishment. We need reform.
  20. Thought I would add that I visited the park (Kings Island) today and guests entering the park were being throughly searched and metal detected. I entered Soak City at around 5:00pm, left and entered the main park around 8:30pm and they were still searching people as I left the park (9:30ish). Looks like this might be a permanent thing at least for the next coming weeks. Maybe even the season. (Hopefully forever) EDIT: Thought I would add that both the Soak City and Main Entrance had the Kings Island police conducting the searches. (Black Shirts)
  21. I'm on team "prepare for the worst, hope for the best" Hopeful for RMC Prepared for GCI
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