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  1. No offense, but someone with only a handful of posts and less than a year as a member, claiming they know everything about the new ride throws a lot of the members here off.* *This does not include me. You either A: Work for the park and probably should even tell us you know something. -or- B: Spent the time and the money to get the plans and just be like 'nah not telling' just to be that guy Either way its kind of annoying* *This again, does not include me. EDIT: Also, when you keep popping your head in to say "I know more than you", and then refusing to tell what you
  2. And those probably wont be sent for a little while longer...
  3. I think the location in which trees are being removed is correct. However, just the plans them selves could be fake. I could see this being planned as soon as they saw us scheming on these boards. Thus why a few people were denied access before they started popping up. If the plans are fake then very well done KI PR.
  4. ... So... It's okay for the KIC Twitter to say "go ride the train ASAP"... But when I say it.... HTCO, running for the door.
  5. Oldschool75 still wears cargos smh. No wonder he won't share the plans. He's THAT guy...
  6. This site amazes me. We are getting some type of roller coaster and I see some people actually COMPLAINING. I personally was hoping for a wing rider through the woods, but I'm even more excited now that I've seen some plans! This will be such a good addition to the park and I'm stoked. If this seriously is the thing that breaks your back in terms of renewing your season pass, then cya. Less people in line in front of me on opening day. To think this is a fan site too...
  7. Also keep in mind that if these are in fact for zoning purposes only we won't be able to tell much. So until we see some more detailed elevations, pretty much any wooden coaster company is fair game.
  8. Just to quote myself. You work at the park currently? Was confused when you said "Heading to Mason this week.." Assumed you were from a park further north
  9. As of 2013 at Kings Island minors were allowed to 'drive' roller coasters and flat rides as long as an 18+ driver was on the floor / in the station. However, it wasn't many minors, as 'driving' is sort of seen as a privledge. That was also 3 years ago so who knows what they might have implemented since then.
  10. Sometimes this thread sounds like those "illuminati confirmed" videos on YouTube that are like ridiculously far fetched. At least they give me a good laugh
  11. Maybe they will rid of that terrible box while they are at it
  12. I enjoy Gatekeeper just as much as I enjoy something like Banshee. Different ride experiences.
  13. Does not appear to be a B&M. From what I have seen, their markers identifying footers tend to start with "c" for column. Checked the Banshee and DB blueprints. So not sure. Anybody have construction pics for any RMC coasters?Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk The sky is blue right now so that means it won't rain for an entire month
  14. A wing rider going under the bridge would be pretty neat
  15. I actually find Wing Riders to be enjoyable. Why not have a different ride experience as well as the reliability and capacity that B&M offers. General public will eat it up. It's a win, win.
  16. There was a dolphin show located right near the fountains a long long time ago. So that's probably why she got that question
  17. Finally had a chance to ride TP this week. Wow. What an experience. I did the purple slide with a partner and I've never experienced a forceful slide like that. Also got a chance to do the green drop slide. Like most people said, it shocked me at how scared I actually was. This the guy that rode TTD for the first time without a problem. Something about seeing the slide underneath you and just waiting to fall got me. It was an un-organic feeling and I haven't been that scared in a long time.
  18. Notice the date on which the file was obtained...
  19. This is all I think about while reading this thread. It's actually quite amusing
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