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  1. You think CF is going to use us as a testing ground for RMC? Before they mess with Mean Streak? I mean we all know how the WindSeeker's went...
  2. Again, I'd like to remind everyone in this thread that time frames in construction are a case by case basis, and one should not compare this new situation to a previous one. At this point it could be anything, so might as well wait it out until we can get more evidence. Or YOLOCoaster 2K17 BABY!
  3. As that does seem logical, that wouldn't exactly be efficient. Making track actually takes a pretty decent amount of time considering the sheer size and amount of peices. Not even considering supports, and the transfer shed. Oh and paint. Around now would be the ideal time to start, that way when the time rolls around they can start shipping (which isn't really a factor considering the proximity between the two).
  4. Again, please note that timing in construction is all based off how much money the park wants to throw into it. (The faster you want it done = More money). Example: Cedar Point destroyed two rides, built an entrance, and constructed a very nice and shiny B&M. Within one off season. (Or close to it) Comparing construction time frames to each other really doesn't mean anything.
  5. July 29th, 2012. Last day Disaster Transport operates. May 11th, 2013. Gatekeeper Opens. Just Sayin'
  6. I would love to see this take place of the empty box we currently have. However, Universal have the rights(at least I think?) toTWD as an attraction yearly at HHN. Only certain people know exactly what that entails but my best bet would be it's more of a hassle than it's worth. Cool idea though.
  7. I recall a certain CF park demolishing 2 rides, and a front entrance. And then construct a certain B&M, and new entrance. All within one off-season. Just sayin'
  8. The humorous thing about this, is that is exactly how it works. If ride operators are unsure, they will get someone specifically trained to hand out passes for said guest. They policies in place today work, and about 99% of the time the guest is grateful for it.
  9. Im still suprised "Cars" hasn't made its way to an Orlando park… Business wise, this is very smart, and I say why not? No one is really going to miss Maelstrom, right? How much is it going to cost Disney to do? Not much. Kids will eat it up and the park will be able to PR the heck out of this. Still want a canyon in Orlando though
  10. Very unfortunate for Kings Island because PR wise this is lose-lose. There is a reason these rules are in place. Unfortunately people don't see why when they are being told they cannot ride. They only hear they can't ride.
  11. **Insert floorless trains with new B&M restraint system here** **Insert new paint job/station** NEW FOR 2015 A BRAND NEW B&M SEASON PASS SALES START TODAY FOR 8 EASY PAYMENTS OF $19.99 /sarcasm Really though this is great for CP. Glad to see they know Mantis is one of the weaker coasters at the park, and they are acting on it. Still waiting on the woodie up yonder…
  12. Must have been a slow day in Cinci…
  13. If you see line jumping get another party to complain with you and make sure you tell a supervisor as well. Some employees are new and are not familiar with some policies yet.
  14. I'm hoping to see a Wonder Mountain type ride put in place where Boo Blasters is now
  15. Theoretically if they ran the max capacity all day it would take a little more than 3 hours for them to run out of t-shirts. So if you get there at the crack of dawn your guaranteed a shirt. If you arrive later in the day however, I wouldn't expect one.
  16. Just because its not under Ohio law, US law, or a CF policy for all coasters to have seat belts, doesn't mean they can't add them to whatever they want.
  17. I see a re-occuring theme here in your posts that I will probably PM you about. Any-who, yes. Diamondback stacked occasionally this past season. Your telling me in your whole career you have NEVER stacked trains at any ride you have operated? Also, with the empty seat counter. Its in the programming, why not use it? The problem with turnstiles(other than what you have mentioned) is also the fact that a lot of people just escort others and slide through to the exit, or chicken out. Which also deems the turnstile method somewhat of a bust in my opinion. I think Rides Operations is doing a fin
  18. I understand you have been a ride operator in the past and what not but DO NOT talk about a crew that works hard every single day in order to keep the ride capacity up. IF you have worked Beast, then maybe I would consider this a valid point. But you haven't… So you have no idea what your talking about. Not trying to come across as rude or anything, but I just figured a former operator would know and appreciate the work that these kids go through... If a 4th train were to be added the possibility of a train setting up on Lift 2 is VERY high. If you worked at Beast you would know that the Lift
  19. You guys will see opening day
  20. Its not gone? What are you guys talking about
  21. Thats probably on a need to know basis
  22. Good question bud and Welcome to KIC if you have not been welcomed yet! This is a good question for the "Banshee Construction Thread". No need to create a new thread for it! Here is a link to it, go ahead and ask there! Thanks
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