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    Opening Day

    I think I was sitting behind you ^. ha ha I was the kid with the green abercombie shirt with my annoying and hyper sister.
  2. Hey that reminds me! They moved the photo section on the SOB from the beginning of the chain lift to where the loop use to be.
  3. Just to let yall know. I just woke up and I live like 5 minutes from Kings Island and as of right now, it looks beautiful outside. A good day possibly, "knock on wood", to go ride some rides.
  4. HTCO

    KI Signatures

    Read my signature below...
  5. Wow..... just wow. So there going to let the people watch it! Thats really cool. Tomorrow will be the first time I have ever seen a real roller coaster construction site live! Can't wait!
  6. Yeah I saw it today while I was at track.
  7. Wow! Thats really cool! Its amazing how fast that park has went up.
  8. We would all love to see Phantom Theater come back, I think a B&M is more realistic at this point.
  9. Hello everyone, Well I have some exciting news that I have received from an inside source at the park that a "roller coaster" of some sort will be coming our way in the 09 season, that will include a 400 foot drop. The location is set to be in river town, the station will be over the lake near Backlot Stunt Track( or whatever its called) and will go out in between the Crypt and The Beast and will extend into the woods. The inside source also says that the lake has been drained and footers are in. This is the same thing that scream scape stated in their website. Some of you might know, some
  10. I hope they put some kind of Heath Ledger memorial by the ride. It looks great so far!
  11. I was passing the sign on my way to Perfect North Slopes when they were putting the sign up. It was really neat. I really like the new sign and its better than I expected.
  12. Yes, I saw this yesterday and I thought the same thing most of you are thinking. I noticed when I was on my way to see Alvin and the Chipmunks. haha!
  13. Wow, I liked the Paramount one alot better than that one.
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