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  1. I preferred the backwards Racer so much, that even today, I still will only ride the red side. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. 2nd to last row, right seat on Wicked Twister. On the back spine, the remaning train in front of you twists perfectly out of view, so you're staring straight at the ground.
  3. I think I see a munchkin. But really, i don't think Kings Island would be hiding hints in the background of a promotion photo.
  4. "*********'s" Is a perfect match with Cedar Fair's trademark Centurion
  5. With something being planned in such close proximity to Diamondback, I think it constitutes Diamondback getting a paint job. The severely faded yellow is not a pretty sight IMO. Plus CP's Raptor got a paint job and new LED lighting and we know how close that ride is to Valravn.
  6. Reminds me of my first trip to Cedar Point way back in the day with my dad. We drove down the causeway thinking we could get a better view of the park only to be met by the parking toll booths. Luckily the employee heard our mistake and let us through free as long as we promised to exit afterwards.
  7. Maybe all this is for a new and improved nature trail? This time not so close to The Beast. (non dinosaur infested)
  8. This is the standard parking position for The Bat. One train on the lift hill, and the other in the station chained down. Ive always wondered why the would park one train on the lift when the rides not running. Why is that when they have a final break run?
  9. I remember at one point KI was attempting to sell King Cobra for a million dollars.
  10. ^To me that appeared to be Vekoma shuttle shuttle coaster.
  11. I once saw someone's hands smack the top of the entrance to the second helix's tunnel. It may of hurt him, maybe not.. I didn't hear anything.
  12. Well that Intamin track was green. It will be interesting to see the green train retrieved from the bottom of Lake Erie running on it.
  13. Before it was called X-Base, that area use to be home to the best two haunts Kings Island had in my opinion, Maze of Madness and Psycho Path.
  14. So if someone wanted to purchase the land with the intentions of turning it into an amusement park, Cedar Fair would decline the offer?
  15. This could possibly be the location of a western themed dark ride for Cedar Point.
  16. ^Back in the 2005 ESPN gave a shot with ESPN NFL 2K5.
  17. Maybe some self advertising? It's what i first thought.
  18. This is the best drop in the whole park imo. Congo Falls is pretty good too, but really underrated.
  19. That incident was surreal to me since i had just visited Cedar Point july 31st and rode STR.
  20. Thankfully, my head is well above the shoulder restraints, no head banging for me.
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