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  1. The second paragraph in the article! "The first drop will see a change from 45 degrees to 53 degrees. This change isn’t being made to add more speed or thrill element to The Beast, but to come in lower in the tunnel to provide the proper parabolic arcs due to reprofiling of the track in that area of the ride. This change, along with The Gravity Group’s vertical track design, will deliver a buttery-smooth transition through the tunnel and onto the second drop." With no additional speed added, there will be no need for more trim, and at the same time there is NO way Trimbrake Fair will ever REDUCE the length or current amount of drag the existing trim provides.
  2. A classic example of Lovely self incrimination, these used to be my favorite kind of subjects when I was on patrol. Regardless of the claim that these two "had nothing to do with" the incident in question, the facts are this particular video is grounds for the same year ban, or longer if the park chooses. Its the same type of circumstance of performing a traffic stop on someone for speeding, and walking up to their vehicle and seeing a bag of illegal substances on the passenger seat. They incriminated themselves, even if that was not the initial reason for the stop.
  3. Thanks for the heads up, looks like Ruby Tuesday before entering the park on the 11th.
  4. I agree 99% with this part of the statement in regards to why, to make it 100% change "might" to "most definitely is".
  5. Somewhat related... I looked online to see what the monthly would be if I for some reason decide to renew mine, and I noticed that they obviously determined season long FunPix was too good a value to the consumer, and it is glaringly absent from the list of add ons for the 2022 season.
  6. He has rather limited career choices, at least until he realizes that was not one of his better ideas and grows his hair out to cover it.
  7. I'd have to go out on a limb and say its a requirement of the local government, and I say this only because CF Corporate knows that if they tried it down here in this country with the people that populate it, it wouldnt end well for the overworked and undercompensated admissions employees. Seriously, can you imagine what would happen if an 18-20 year old kid tried to "deny a person's personal liberties" by telling them they couldnt enter the park without a vax card? And you know CF wont budget a team of actual Certified uniformed Police Officers at the gate to every park in the US to check IDs and cards.
  8. As much as i dislike how Disney has been profit mongering with this new lunacy they are pulling now, I would like to see a more Mouse-esque method in regards to passes. My ideal would be: Gold passes discontinued, notably at Cedar Point $400-600 Platinum Passes Same or slightly increased pricing for all season FL+ The perks you mentioned I do agree with, and taking these steps will make the increased Platinum prices (which we all know are obscenely low currently) worth it, and will most definitely improve the guest experience with the same level of income (fewer people in the park, with the same or higher revenue).
  9. Please.... come on man, its not too expensive. The company CAN afford it, they WON'T afford to run/maintain it. I guarandarntee you WoF's attendance would increase more than enough to pay for the disassembly, relocation, and re-assembly of it. They wouldn't care that it was a relocation, 98% of them wouldnt know if they werent told, they would just be happy to have a new coaster to ride.
  10. And yet the company has WoF and MA, neither of which have received a coaster installation in over a decade. Thanks CF, I wont say what I am using that abbreviation for, but its definitely not Cedar Fair. Im especially salty over the neglect that WoF has gotten.
  11. I can picture the scene now if I worked for that painting company. Boss: Hey, we need you to go to Kings Island, we are repainting Drop Tower for them and we will be riding up and down in the gondola to paint it. Me:
  12. The Power Tower 1 webcam shows the definition of lunacy... or masochism. Why anyone would be foolish enough to go to a park when it's that busy is beyond me. The frustration to enjoyment ratio is about 10,000 to 1, and whats worse is that there is a solid line of headlights on the causeway waiting to still get in, smh.
  13. My worst ever was, is, and always will be Serial Thriller aka Thunderhawk at SF:WoA/Geauga Lake with Red Racer 2020 and Raven 2020 being tied for second. They did a phenomenal job with the off season re-track work on Racer, and I am not sure about Raven 2021 as I did not make it to HW this year.
  14. And what would be the best way to completely put this to rest? Being able to ask a question and getting a real, transparent answer, provided it doesn't disclose ACTUAL IMPORTANT proprietary information instead of "No decision has been made at this time" for instance.... I'm sure everyone remembers that one.
  15. Look folks, here are some facts. Everyone knows I enjoy coasters for the same reason I enjoy drag racing and kart racing, and why the only motorcycles I enjoy are (usually highly modified) sportbikes.... to get me amped up and my heart rate high and when its over leave me out of breath and sometimes thinking "What the Hell just happened there in those 2 minutes or less?" However, even though I will not hesitate for one second to admit I "defend intense coasters" regardless of manufacturer (Yes folks, I will happily defend the first B&M that can actually give me the feelings I described here IF they are ever able to make one), I also feel that doing something ludicrous to simply set some stupid meaningless record while disregarding the life and safety of a human is asinine and if it is determined that Fuji-Q did this then by all means go after them. My issue with demonzing this particular ride in this case is this statement here..."Early speculation is that the injuries are due to passengers leaning forward in the seat at launch". IF this turns out to be the root cause of the injuries, anyone with a rational mind SHOULD be able to realize that it was the humans, not the device. How about this... anyone on this site who can say they have NEVER played the game of cat and mouse with the Dragster ride ops to be able to throw their arms up right at launch speak up now. Hmmm, yep, crickets just as I expected. We have ALL done that, myself included, because its simple human nature and if I happened to have my arm, neck, or back injured because of it Id own it and say "Yep, they warned me and I played the game thinking the juice was worth the squeeze and was wrong, my bad" instead of running to dial 1-800-CALL KEN or other ambulance chaser.
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