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  1. I have to wholeheartedly agree with both the forgettable, and overrated statements. I dont know, maybe its because I over-rode the crap out of it in 09, but it has been an epic snore machine to me since about 2011, regardless of what row or time of day I ride. EDIT:ANd before anybody starts with the "Youre just anti B&M" garbage, I dont want to hear it.... I really like Banshee and have thought since day one it hands Raptor its arse in a basket.
  2. By chance, do they still have the manually operated scrambler with the rotary crank speed control, or have they replaced it with electronic controls? I grew up in DSM, and while I didnt really appreciate the park while I was growing up.... like the second my Friends started getting licenses we rolled to WOF as opposed to going 35 minutes to Adventureland.... I went back in 2013 and really had a great time. Unfortunately, various circumstances have prevented me from returning, I havent even ridden Monster yet :-(.
  3. Thats how KK and HW did it last year (though they both did temp checks) and in my eyes they "did it right" from the start. Way to go DW.
  4. Ive always felt the same way about Maverick, although with the way the track is currently configured, I dont know if I would want to experience the water cannon turn at 70+ as I think that would rival 305's first turn in regards to possible grey/blackout problems.
  5. My advertising catch phrase would be "The only Beemer on this property is my 740il. If you want to nap, we have a resort on property, if you want to pull Gs, we have the coasters that will do it for you." OH, and EDIT: My prices for all food and snacks would only be 10% higher than what you would pay for the same thing out of park and my drinks would be free a'la HW, for exactly that reason Brad, Id still make bank!!
  6. That is an (unfortunate) fact, although it baffles me how the one-trick pony that is Valravn... or Dive Turkey as I call it... can be such a draw, I just never got the hype. I do enjoy GK, and I absolutely do agree with your fundamental point, they Love both of those coasters as can clearly be seen by the lines. Face it, when an Intamin (other than Millie) has a two hour line, we know that is likely due to sometimes multiple ride stoppages. When a B&M has a two hour line, we know its very likely it's because its a popular ride because even a mediocre ride crew can (usually ram people th
  7. Exactly this, though with me my favorite coaster is SV, many others in my top 10 are Intamin. Even I have been calling the company Intamightwork for years, and if I were laying the cash out and looking at it from the corporate side of things, Id be more apt to install a GG, Mack, Gerstlauer, GCI, or begrudgingly a B&M, though with me it would be nothing but a floorless similar to Dominator, an invert similar to Banshee, or a launched wing similar to but longer than Thunderbird. Now, if I didnt give a rip about the GP (which I absolutely do not as it is) or a lot of money sitting SBNO for
  8. I still clearly remember the day in 16 at CP when we found that out at Panda together, and I also clearly remember us rolling right out of the restaurant.
  9. Exactly this!!! When I was Director of Detail at a Ford/Chrysler dealership, I had one of my employees come up to me and ask "Do you think you can talk to the sales desks at Ford and Chrysler, and see if they can talk to customers who get deals done after 630 (we closed at 7) if they can come pick their vehicle up in the morning so us closers dont have to stay late". I just looked at him like "You did not just seriously ask me that?" I gave him the facts... and this is how it should be anywhere in the Country that charges a client a fee for a service or item... I said "Look, if you go into
  10. @Shaggy, another good example of a ride that park goers of ALL ages generalize is the Dodge-Ems. it doesn't matter if you name that ride Dodge-Ems, Rough Riders, Joe Cool's Dodgem School, or The I-275/I-71 Interchange At Rush Hour, 90% percent of people say "Let's go ride the bumper cars".
  11. The perfect world answer on what current ownership is thinking is "Oh ****, get Fred Grubb on the line" but in reality, I recall hearing and reading rumbles across different platforms (this was months ago people, so no I didn't save every link to my Mac) about lingering financial issues stemming initially from the T-Bird installation.
  12. @Shaggy I realized later as I was dozing off (yes Ive got one of those binary minds that just doesnt shut off so I think of things at odd times) that I left that statement more broad than I meant to, I do apologize for mis-speaking in that manner. I own my screwups, unlike fanbois/girls, and thank you for calling me on it. I also admit that, while I was nearly sure it was Herschend, I did have a wild off the wall thought of another player possibly in it in the shadows who does have that $100+ price point on passes, but when I read the group operates 9 parks I realized that thought was invali
  13. I dont know what the deal is with the confused look, the player in the game has park season passes at $100+. so it should be me that shows confusion as to why you don't think they will do the same with this park..... and Im not speaking specifically of Herschend. Like Shaggy said, not yet, there are others at that price point as well.
  14. You should have showed them a pic of the ground now, and told them the wet ground from the snow sank it like quicksand, I bet they would have bit.
  15. Lighting Run, on the way out of the park on Labor day after marathoning Storm Chaser for 90 minutes.
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