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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. @Shaggy, another good example of a ride that park goers of ALL ages generalize is the Dodge-Ems. it doesn't matter if you name that ride Dodge-Ems, Rough Riders, Joe Cool's Dodgem School, or The I-275/I-71 Interchange At Rush Hour, 90% percent of people say "Let's go ride the bumper cars".
  2. The perfect world answer on what current ownership is thinking is "Oh ****, get Fred Grubb on the line" but in reality, I recall hearing and reading rumbles across different platforms (this was months ago people, so no I didn't save every link to my Mac) about lingering financial issues stemming initially from the T-Bird installation.
  3. @Shaggy I realized later as I was dozing off (yes Ive got one of those binary minds that just doesnt shut off so I think of things at odd times) that I left that statement more broad than I meant to, I do apologize for mis-speaking in that manner. I own my screwups, unlike fanbois/girls, and thank you for calling me on it. I also admit that, while I was nearly sure it was Herschend, I did have a wild off the wall thought of another player possibly in it in the shadows who does have that $100+ price point on passes, but when I read the group operates 9 parks I realized that thought was invali
  4. I dont know what the deal is with the confused look, the player in the game has park season passes at $100+. so it should be me that shows confusion as to why you don't think they will do the same with this park..... and Im not speaking specifically of Herschend. Like Shaggy said, not yet, there are others at that price point as well.
  5. You should have showed them a pic of the ground now, and told them the wet ground from the snow sank it like quicksand, I bet they would have bit.
  6. Lighting Run, on the way out of the park on Labor day after marathoning Storm Chaser for 90 minutes.
  7. Id suggest buying a 2021 pass now, before it goes up to $100+ after the buy.
  8. In that case, it is up to you as to whether you wish to trust a surgeon or a scientist.... again Im saying ITS ALL UP TO YOU (collective you) and I have no alliance or personal like towards either.
  9. Honestly I don't think they will need to, humans have a difficult (99.99% impossible) time keeping things quiet, especially with things like this. Those who don't will most assuredly speak up amongst others about it, which may or may not result in the actions Oldschool mentioned.
  10. That depends on whether you are talking about gold for the owner or gold for the enthusiasts.
  11. Im retiring after this year, and I chose this year since the Plat is free anyway I may as well, and I was genuinely hoping for something semi-similar to 2019s enjoyment level in my last year... and yes I completely knew going into it there would be a number of the same things this year as last and was prepared to accept it and deal. I figure I will go to attend one of the weekends during the Anniversary Celebration time period, and to get the 20th Birthday ride on Millie I didnt get last year and contend with the crowds with the nearly empty hope that they will be selling FL+. Beyond that, u
  12. Crew chief-ing and helping build a car to race at Street Car Takeover in Indy in July (hopefully, maybe, with a bunch of late nights and cramming) or to spend the year testing in "private areas" to prepare it for a trip to Memphis and maybe OKC next summer.
  13. Sorry, Im on one this morning, but I read this as "We are going to shorten the season, and see just how many Gold Passes we can sell to make the park go capacity every single weekend day and improve year end earnings while diluting the park guest experience".
  14. Oh there is no "eventually" to it, they would be drawing up plans to relocate at least Lightning Run and Storm Chaser to other CF parks before the ink on the contracts were dry, Hell before they were even SIGNED. If people want KK to stay like it is or improve, the absolute last company they want in any type of purchase talks is CF. Sorry, fool me once....
  15. I happily stand corrected, thank you, and I can respect their willingness to hedge on the "When restrictions start to consistently lessen/rescind, there will be an exponentially larger influx of people eager to get out and enjoy the entertainment" investment theory.
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