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  1. Am I the only one on tjhe forums who would much rather see the return of Cirque to the Theater in some form? PTE was and is a one and done for me, last year was enough.
  2. If only it were that easy, Id make the drive from southern Indiana every single weekend and show up at 415 like clockwork.
  3. Only $25????? Hahahahaha, if they did that (and I wouldnt doubt it for a second) CF will make it at least a $50 grab.
  4. Take, take, take, with little to no give, give, give,, along with "OH wait, here is an even MORE expensive pass you can buy with iffy "benefits" at best (looking at you Mr. Premier Pass). I will once again revert to a phrase a highly intelligent former poster made regularly.... They already have your money. This has made CP an absolutely mandatory FL+ park, and made me realize I can sleep in later when I go up there now.
  5. Non-PR B.S. answer to the question of what is coming is "Absolutely as little as we can possibly get away with and just barely enough to keep the mice listening to our flutes."
  6. Meh, the money means dip to me anyway, and the majority of it (should be all of it) goes to a great cause, so it wont bother me a bit to let them fade off into the digital abyss.
  7. Id like to get rid of the 3 I have to be honest, my two guests arent going and Id rather stay home than go alone.
  8. And in the "My jaw literally dropped in amazement" category... myself and my group actually got picked, I got the email early this afternoon.
  9. I think that, unless material technology has improved drastically since 2016, they are blowing it by once again painting a track red. I use 2016 as an example because that is the year Dragster was repainted crimson red, and look at current photos of the tophat to see how well that has aged. The brown supports will be cool for the reasons already mentioned, but the red track gets a no from me, dawg. Granted, my opinion means all of zilch, but there it is for better or worse.
  10. Just FYI, the price tag on "Goodbye Coney Island, Goodbye" is on the inside front cover, and it is $6.95. They are all original 1972 print NOS (New Old Stock) and once they are gone, they are gone. I got one in mid October, and it is a fantastic read.
  11. And that parking lot view is precisely why that view will be LONG gone by the 14th of April, just like CP makes sure the Power Tower cam NEVER shows anything but the premium parking lot, so you wont know until you are already on the causeway and at that point are a captive audience. I have never gotten the whole Cloak and Dagger shtick of this industry, if I had been the park Id have had a 4K best of the best camera installed on the top of The Beast's second lift all last winter as a for instance. I would WANT it all seen, and the whole "They don't want anyone to possibly see a construction accident if there ever was one" or "The mystery drives ticket/pass sales" garbage. Those are both 100% BS, show the projects, they are a lot of fun to watch! I feel it keeps the stupidity from the YTers and the 'Gram ers to a minimum since they don't have anything to report for clicks if its already reported in a forthcoming manner from the park. Sorry for the rant, but if there ever was something that deserved a spot on "C'mon Man" its that entire thing.
  12. We were just talking about that very thing Sunday while at Winterfest....having GCI utilize Titan track to add about 40' to MTs lift hill, and put a corkscrew or zero-G roll and a slow 180 stall both somewhere in the layout!
  13. Just announced today, the event will be two days in 2023, February 25th and 26th, and tickets will be distributed utilizing the oh so legit "lottery" system. More information on submitting your name and up to three guests names into said system can be found here https://www.cedarpoint.com/blog/2022/2023-events-now-live
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