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  1. Maybe they realized it was/is the Edsel of passes, and tried to utilize the "Move along, nothing to see here" method in hopes that it will quietly fade into obscurity in order to quietly discontinue it after this season.
  2. If they were to do a 5th park, I am curious to see what direction they would go. Would they build a type of park that would expand on the initial Fairy Tale themes and attractions made popular for decades at MK? A park that would be a form of "EPCOT 2.0" utilizing themes and attractions to predict life and entertainment for future generations? A park designed and themed towards adults who may desire a highly themed thrill park? Id be truly interested to see what thoughts and designs they may come up with.
  3. WoF fan and years long patron here, so as much as I Love my RMCs. Zinger's lead car won out.... plus Wildcat's Revenge lead car was predictable. As for future KI installs, Wildcat 2.0 or something like Zinger in general layout, only without the spiral lift (nostalgia move that needs to be kept to that one coaster) and if GCI does it with the same titan track at least one inversion, preferably 2 with a full 360 and one or more stalls.
  4. Im happy about the change, and as someone who used to absolutely go above and beyond to be pro Mouse I hope for some great things in the future of the company, but here is the problem I see. If one would speak to the masses and ask them the three things they dislike the most about the company, they will say "Cost, crowds, and Genie+". Out of those three things, we all KNOW there is absolute 0% chance that the price hikes for tickets, food, lodging etc will be brought down, we also have seen proven that said hikes have done little to nothing to reduce crowds... its just been a different demographic who CAN afford it.... and removing Genie+ to reinstate Fastpass would only make the Fastpass time slots fill more quickly. In other words, as much as I LOVE seeing Chapek out, I see little changing to bring back the Magic lost. I could be completely off-base here, Im just looking at it through my eyes and seeing the things that would bring me back that I know wont/cant happen.
  5. R.I.P. Mr. Zamperla. https://www.themeparkinsider.com/flume/202211/9250/
  6. IM going to be the first to say it.... the perfect installation for at least a portion of The Vortex plot. Yeah yeah, Im a thrill junkie, but for this I will happily dial it down!
  7. Really? I would LOVE to see that everywhere, and my favorite ride crew at CP this year was that of GateKeeper for that very reason, all of the spieling was recorded and automated and it was wonderfully efficient. In regards to my favorite KI ride crew of 22, it was Orion hands down. I first took notice when I was watching the webcam on a day it was raining on and off, and it seriously looked like a KNEX set as there was always a train moving. Seeing a train going up the lift hill just as train 2 was cresting the hill after the turnaround and train 3 was easing its way into the station was a thing of beauty! I noticed on each trip I made to the park that it was no fluke, as the crew was consistently that good all season. The only time it wasnt a constant, steady movement of trains was when there were special circumstances, so a big tip of the hat to them! Notable mention must go to Millies crew at CP as mentioned above, they were on it big time as well!!
  8. Oh absolutely!!!! Out of all the options available from them, I will HAPPILY take a floorless if a Blitz or Infinity on that plot of land isnt an option, especially if it were to be a similar brethren or clone of Dominator!! Edited to note: Thinking about it, one thing Id really like to see with whatever the park decides to do with the area is to keep a good degree of separation between it and The Beast. I truly dont know the logistical possibilities of possibly transplanting some mature-ish trees to further isolate it from whatever is installed, but that may negate the possibility of placing something the size of Dominator in that area. Just spitballing off the cuff here, random Sunday morning thoughts.
  9. That would never go... Thunder Alley left for reasons, and those reasons are even more relevant now to make it anywhere close to profitable, and if its not a profitable upcharge, CF wants no part of it. Edited to add thoughts on what I'd Love to see there..... Since we wont get a Blitz, Id Love to see a Gerstlauer Infinity like Monster at Adventureland.
  10. All I ask is that whatever VR they choose to implement, they make it voluntary on each seat if its a coaster for instance. Call me for a "Get off my lawn" thought process or whatever you want, but when I want to ride a coaster, I want to ride a coaster and IM 100% good with the feelings and sensations the mechanical device itself gives my body. Ive used Occulus and other various VR systems in racing sims, and yes in a 4-6 axis racing or flight sim its rad, but leave my coasters what they are, at least for me. With that said, in the last couple of days I saw a fully articulating and rotating multi-seat platform on I believe a YT page I was watching from the manufacturer who's name people are afraid to like, enjoy, and get behind that would be incredible inside Action Theater. Something like that, or an implementation of a "Choose your own adventure" style situation on a ride like Boo Blasters according to what you shoot as mentioned above i can definitely get behind 100%. One humorous thing that just came to my mind is to have a projector randomly project Rick Astley's face on the face of the figure at the top of AE's second lift
  11. A)It needs to still run like that, sans MCBR B)They need to do the things @brenthodge said C)Build a NanoCoaster of that model and Id pay good money for it!
  12. THAT would make me want to work for the park, as a full time model builder.
  13. Use these, when I was in the field this is what I used (and still use in my personal electronic hobbies) to cut the 22AWG wires in a twisted pair cable after terminating it in a phone or server board. They are appropriately called flush cuts. https://www.amazon.com/Cutter-Lightweight-Klein-Tools-D275-5/dp/B000GTMZHG/ref=asc_df_B000GTMZHG/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312003160272&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=7674252148202395304&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9016578&hvtargid=pla-383611725565&psc=1
  14. They must have gone to the Tony Clark School of PR.
  15. It stated “Reel has been removed” when I clicked on it, PR likely had it pulled post haste so they could spin it their way before making it widespead public.
  16. Written of course with a blue pen! On topic... FunPix is a must to me because, as has been shown with Dragster, each ride on any particular coaster may be my last. Also, Ive had the drink plan ever since the paper cup plan became an option as the plastic cups were/are obtrusive and require giving in to the locker money grab with coasters going binless. This will also be my first year of season long FL+. As Ive gotten older and channel more of my inner Walt Kowalski, the reduced queue congestion and 1/3 length wait times combined with me anticipating many more visits next season made the extra $1g worth it!!
  17. The schedule remains the same every season, it is always the Friday following Labor Day. It was announced just after 7pm that the attendance was over 4,500, and then we believe we heard it announced later in the evening that it was the best attended Pride Night in its history. That may or may not be accurate, it was one of those announcements that was being passed through my mind and processed as passing chatter but then something about it caught my attention... of course by which time it was already too late and ended up being one of those moments like being at a live race or sporting event and waiting for a replay only to remember there isnt one
  18. I just wanted to slide in and say thank you to all of the associates for the great work they put in Friday night, many things made it an unforgettable night and the effort and happy smiles of every associate was certainly noticed! Also, I want to thank the person who made the decision to have the colors of the lights on the buildings on I Street, as well as the string lights in Coney Mall changed to represent our community for the night, little simple gestures such as that are greatly appreciated and I got some incredible pics of the lighting with my ProMax.
  19. They are the epitome of the saying "Corporate sense and common sense are often on completely different sides of the spectrum". They are also walking and talking examples of another saying a very wise former poster used to have... "They already have your money".
  20. Depending on whether I do a clockwise or counter-clockwise loop, I am planning on making this my first or last park of my next summer midwest trip provided A)The accelerator is open and B)the PARK is still open by then.
  21. Growing up in that state, one would think I would be used to Iowa embarrassing themselves and yet... here they come with their latest "Hold my beer" move. Oh how I wish the advertising agency my Mother was a partner in hadn't ceased operations before the account for LI came around, if they had, this wish.com version of Diamondback's logo would have never been imagined, let alone authorized and used. I mean, this is as bad as the "Big Mick" in the Coming To America movies.
  22. Just a quick note to say that the Orion team is really 110% on it this evening. Watching the webcam, it seriously looks like watching a Coaster Dynamix set running, there is always a train active on the tracks, and train 3 never stops moving until it enters the station. I know it looks to be a walk on right now, but it REALLY shows how much the riders themselves affect RPH.
  23. I lived in Las Vegas for a time in the early 2000s, and for probably the 1000th time since I lived in the southwest desert region, I will say that 90+ in Arizona and Nevada is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like 90+ in the forsaken midwest or south. Out there, 90+ is genuinely NOWHERE NEAR as ridiculous and exhausting as it is in this forsaken part of the country. Is it hot? Well yes, 90+ is "hot" period, but when its 90+ and 12-20% humidity that heat is truthfully quite bearable. As long as the park operator actually cares about their guests comfort and happiness more than their coffers, and installs covered or enclosed queues with FUNCTIONAL mister fans, a guest with a bottle of water can and will handle a 1 hour wait for instance much better than one in this region where its consistently 50+% humidity. The biggest concern in that region is remaining hydrated, and again as long as reasonable accommodations are made for that the park will do just fine. The valid concern regarding this venture is the very rapidly worsening water supply conditions in the southwest desert region.... THAT is what will threaten the viability an existence of this.
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