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  1. The second paragraph in the article! "The first drop will see a change from 45 degrees to 53 degrees. This change isn’t being made to add more speed or thrill element to The Beast, but to come in lower in the tunnel to provide the proper parabolic arcs due to reprofiling of the track in that area of the ride. This change, along with The Gravity Group’s vertical track design, will deliver a buttery-smooth transition through the tunnel and onto the second drop." With no additional speed added, there will be no need for more trim, and at the same time there is NO way Trimbrake Fair will ever REDUCE the length or current amount of drag the existing trim provides.
  2. A classic example of Lovely self incrimination, these used to be my favorite kind of subjects when I was on patrol. Regardless of the claim that these two "had nothing to do with" the incident in question, the facts are this particular video is grounds for the same year ban, or longer if the park chooses. Its the same type of circumstance of performing a traffic stop on someone for speeding, and walking up to their vehicle and seeing a bag of illegal substances on the passenger seat. They incriminated themselves, even if that was not the initial reason for the stop.
  3. Thanks for the heads up, looks like Ruby Tuesday before entering the park on the 11th.
  4. I agree 99% with this part of the statement in regards to why, to make it 100% change "might" to "most definitely is".
  5. Somewhat related... I looked online to see what the monthly would be if I for some reason decide to renew mine, and I noticed that they obviously determined season long FunPix was too good a value to the consumer, and it is glaringly absent from the list of add ons for the 2022 season.
  6. He has rather limited career choices, at least until he realizes that was not one of his better ideas and grows his hair out to cover it.
  7. I'd have to go out on a limb and say its a requirement of the local government, and I say this only because CF Corporate knows that if they tried it down here in this country with the people that populate it, it wouldnt end well for the overworked and undercompensated admissions employees. Seriously, can you imagine what would happen if an 18-20 year old kid tried to "deny a person's personal liberties" by telling them they couldnt enter the park without a vax card? And you know CF wont budget a team of actual Certified uniformed Police Officers at the gate to every park in the US to check IDs and cards.
  8. As much as i dislike how Disney has been profit mongering with this new lunacy they are pulling now, I would like to see a more Mouse-esque method in regards to passes. My ideal would be: Gold passes discontinued, notably at Cedar Point $400-600 Platinum Passes Same or slightly increased pricing for all season FL+ The perks you mentioned I do agree with, and taking these steps will make the increased Platinum prices (which we all know are obscenely low currently) worth it, and will most definitely improve the guest experience with the same level of income (fewer people in the park, with the same or higher revenue).
  9. Please.... come on man, its not too expensive. The company CAN afford it, they WON'T afford to run/maintain it. I guarandarntee you WoF's attendance would increase more than enough to pay for the disassembly, relocation, and re-assembly of it. They wouldn't care that it was a relocation, 98% of them wouldnt know if they werent told, they would just be happy to have a new coaster to ride.
  10. And yet the company has WoF and MA, neither of which have received a coaster installation in over a decade. Thanks CF, I wont say what I am using that abbreviation for, but its definitely not Cedar Fair. Im especially salty over the neglect that WoF has gotten.
  11. I can picture the scene now if I worked for that painting company. Boss: Hey, we need you to go to Kings Island, we are repainting Drop Tower for them and we will be riding up and down in the gondola to paint it. Me:
  12. The Power Tower 1 webcam shows the definition of lunacy... or masochism. Why anyone would be foolish enough to go to a park when it's that busy is beyond me. The frustration to enjoyment ratio is about 10,000 to 1, and whats worse is that there is a solid line of headlights on the causeway waiting to still get in, smh.
  13. My worst ever was, is, and always will be Serial Thriller aka Thunderhawk at SF:WoA/Geauga Lake with Red Racer 2020 and Raven 2020 being tied for second. They did a phenomenal job with the off season re-track work on Racer, and I am not sure about Raven 2021 as I did not make it to HW this year.
  14. And what would be the best way to completely put this to rest? Being able to ask a question and getting a real, transparent answer, provided it doesn't disclose ACTUAL IMPORTANT proprietary information instead of "No decision has been made at this time" for instance.... I'm sure everyone remembers that one.
  15. Look folks, here are some facts. Everyone knows I enjoy coasters for the same reason I enjoy drag racing and kart racing, and why the only motorcycles I enjoy are (usually highly modified) sportbikes.... to get me amped up and my heart rate high and when its over leave me out of breath and sometimes thinking "What the Hell just happened there in those 2 minutes or less?" However, even though I will not hesitate for one second to admit I "defend intense coasters" regardless of manufacturer (Yes folks, I will happily defend the first B&M that can actually give me the feelings I described here IF they are ever able to make one), I also feel that doing something ludicrous to simply set some stupid meaningless record while disregarding the life and safety of a human is asinine and if it is determined that Fuji-Q did this then by all means go after them. My issue with demonzing this particular ride in this case is this statement here..."Early speculation is that the injuries are due to passengers leaning forward in the seat at launch". IF this turns out to be the root cause of the injuries, anyone with a rational mind SHOULD be able to realize that it was the humans, not the device. How about this... anyone on this site who can say they have NEVER played the game of cat and mouse with the Dragster ride ops to be able to throw their arms up right at launch speak up now. Hmmm, yep, crickets just as I expected. We have ALL done that, myself included, because its simple human nature and if I happened to have my arm, neck, or back injured because of it Id own it and say "Yep, they warned me and I played the game thinking the juice was worth the squeeze and was wrong, my bad" instead of running to dial 1-800-CALL KEN or other ambulance chaser.
  16. And I can (fondly) remember the days when Pat and Will (RIP) and later Dan would be right out in the park on the midways or wherever else, working side by side with the rank and file when they were short staffed.... or even when NOT short staffed. How many people remember seeing Pat out daily picking trash up from the midways or doing other things most members of park management or ownership would see as beneath them. Sigh, I miss those days. I was hoping to get to HW at least one more weekend before season end, but now with these developments I am second guessing that. I sadly new this was coming, and Im just going to tell everyone now to be prepared for 2022 to be 2020 all over again in regards to restrictions and Draconian limitations for the park going public.
  17. As my adopted home park, I will say that CF really needs to dump the "out of sight, out of mind" mindset with WoF and do a GOOD installation there, instead of swing ride relocations and half-a$$ed retrack projects on Timber Wolf. While the work they did on it was good, with the amount of it that they have done in the past few years, the best move for the park would have been to have RMC re-invent it a'la Mean Steak/SV. Though Id like to see a completely fresh installation, Id definitely not mind if CF relocated Wicked Twister there.
  18. Maybe they should spend more than 2% as much time on intelligent park operations as they do posting their ridiculous GPS coordinates.
  19. Ive got a Mystery Mine seat at an event auction at Dollywood in 2014, for the grand total of... wait for it.... $50!!!! And yes, its a great gaming chair.
  20. Since the vast majority of workplaces utilized Monday the 5th as the recognized work holiday this year, I decided to take a chance and attempt an O-C at KI on Friday the 2nd in hopes that it would escape the brunt of the weekend crowds. As a non-necessary explanation to the "So you took your ball and went home?" crowd from my post regarding Memorial day, I have fairly severe crowd anxiety as well as PTSD as Indyguy4KI can attest, and unless I am with someone as a calming influence I do not do well in large crowds. I can say I was certainly not disappointed, as I was quite pleasantly surprised to find a nearly empty Kings Island Drive as I exited I71. After navigating what looked to be a sizable line of vehicles at parking tolls that turned into roughly 5 minutes for me (thank you self scan line and nearly everyone in front of me not having a pass) I walked through turnstiles at 1045. After a quick bit of contemplating, I chose Banshee as my first ride instead of Orion, because for some reason I was feeling rather timid about the height. I really cant explain this because my go-to first ride at CP is ALWAYS Millie, but I digress. First ride of my season was a walk on in row 8 right seat, and by the time the train exited the vertical loop I felt many months of deep-seated stress and darkness leaving my body and I had the best feeling ride on that coaster since my first on her opening day. If anyone from this forum happened to be on that train, I was the one in the rear that sounded like a cross between The Joker and Ivan Moody from 5FDP . I exited the ride feeling 10 tons lighter and knowing it was going to be an incredible day, and let me say right now I was absolutely right. My Spirit cleansed and my mind and body ready, I made my way towards Orion, making note of how surprisingly light the foot traffic was in the park at the time, especially considering the fact I noticed Security was no longer holding non-passholders by the fountain at I Street during ERT. I am not a regular visitor to KI so I am not sure if that is a new, post C procedure change or if it was just for the Holiday weekend, but regardless I think it is a sound idea to avoid the asinine running of the bulls at park open. A quick note related to security at the park while Im on the subject, they have done a nice job of increasing presence throughout the park, as I was never in an area of the park where I counted fewer than 2-3 SOs making rounds, as well as two sworn Police Officers patrolling Coney Mall and Rivertown. As a former LEO I applaud park management for stepping up with a proper response to previous incidents. Back on subject... SQUIRREL... I got to Orion at 1057, just in time to slip into the queue before ERT ended. I reached the back of the ERT which was inside the hanger/show building just in time to hear the dreaded "Attention guests waiting in line for Orion...". Thinking this would be my best opportunity to ride without a colossal wait, I decided to stick it out and I am very glad I did, as it was up and running again in about 15 minutes to the loud cheers of the waiting riders. I requested row 4 in order to have an apples to apples comparison to my first ever ride last July, which the slightly surprised separator (the look on his face when I actually requested a middle row was priceless) readily granted. I posted an updated review in the relevant post already, so I will just say here that it rides as well as it looks. After getting my Funpix, I made my way across the park to Mystic Timbers to add some wood to my day. Even with a 15 minute ride stoppage, I was happily seated for a row 12 ride in less than 45, and again Im glad I waited through the delay because I had a great ride! It was unfortunately my only ride on her for the day, as the line quickly grew to an hour+ for the rest of the day and evening and I had other things I wanted to do more. I was then off to Beast, and once again the second I stopped at the back of the line over the speaker comes the "Attention guests currently yada yada yada".... . I was now starting to feel like KDD walking up to a closed Freestyle building, and this time decided to bounce and head to Diamondback, since the line for Backlot was pretty deep into the switchbacks. After about a 25 minute wait (NO DELAYS..WOO HOO) I took a row 8 ride to compare its mid-train experience to Orion's. The thing I really noticed the most every time Ive done this is how after riding Orion the body is expecting to keep falling when DB enters the rollout into the second hill due to the shorter lift and drop, and its just one of those quirky things I enjoy. I did it in reverse order in the evening, this time going directly from DB to Orion, and that is a great experience. Making my way around to Coney, I stopped for a ride on Shake Rattle & Roll, and that ride never disappoints. What separates it and makes it better than Troika at the Point is its longer ride cycle, and thats A-OK with me because I Love the ride. I was going to follow it up with a Scrambler ride, but since the line filled both switchbacks (that and the Tiques had the longest line of all the flats through the entire day) I made my way back over to Orion for ride number 2 of the day in row 8. Once off, I decided to give the retracked Racer a shot and see how much it had been improved. I rode 5-2 Red after less than 10 minutes in queue, and let me say THANK YOU GCI, no more spine compressing jackhammering!!!!!! I didn't ride Blue (why I still dont know with the line being short all day) but I certainly will on later trip(s) to the park and Im quite happy this is no longer a one and done coaster. Now that it was approaching 3pm, I headed to Skyline on I Street for a late lunch, and with the exception of one individual in the prep line who obviously wasn't keen on being assigned those duties for the day, it was all good. Since I left with a nearly full drink I didn't want to waste and needed to let my food settle, Boo Blasters seemed like the ideal next ride. Even though the AC wasn't needed due to the PERFECT mid 70s temps, the line was just long enough to take care of both reasons I went there, but Ive got to say the blasters... all 3 of them... in the ride vehicle I rode were janky. I scored a dismal 390, and I absolutely NEVER score lower than 1000 on any of the light blaster rides. Two of the blasters wouldn't register on the targets at all, but I enjoyed looking around at the props all the same. After exiting the building, I figured since I was already in PS Id head to Surf Dog to knock it out. Hehe, silly me, as PS was the most crowded part of the entire park and SD had what was likely a 30 minute wait which I bypassed with the thoughts of heading back later in the evening. After peeking into MT's queue as I walked by, I made my way back to Beast, this time determined to ride her regardless. A nice, smooth, delay free 25 minute wait later, I was dispatched in 1-2 (1-1 was occupied) for my traditional silent tribute ride to a Friend and former poster here who lost his battle to cancer in 2012. Beast is running very well this year for sure, and I know Keith was smiling down on me the whole time. After getting my Funpix and taking a moment for reflection while looking up at the lift hill, I headed towards Flight of Fear in order to complete that side of the park before heading back up to AZ. Once i found the estimated wait at 90 minutes, and knowing Id be back in Area 72 for more Orion rides, I decided instead to make my way to AZ for a Bat flight and a swing on Delirium. In regards to Delirium, that is a ride I wish I hadn't been afraid of for so long, and am thankful that I finally had the courage to get on MaxAir at Failmania 15 because it is now one of my favorite flats ever. Once getting off and briefly contemplating and deciding against a re-ride, I headed back to Banshee for ride 2 of the day before concentrating my time in Area 72. It was another great ride, quelled only by me having to ride it like a rodeo rider with one hand up. I had zipper pocket shorts on, and I checked my phone just before getting on the train, realizing only after the restraints were fastened and locked that I had neglected to zip that pocket! While I knew that the odds were good it would stay in my pocket or at least get trapped safely between my hip and the seat if it did make its way out, I decided to play it safe and ride with my hand down against it. Plus, it made for a humorous Funpix, lol. After retrieving said humorous Funpix, it was off to Area 72 once again for FoF. By this time the wait was down to about 50, and I got a great 1-2 ride on a ride that never disappoints me. Unfortunately the camera was lagging a bit, and it didn't capture the front car of the train so I have STILL never gotten an on ride photo from FoF, grrrr. As I left the building and started to turn left to begin an Orion marathon, I remembered I hadn't yet ridden Backlot, and couldn't neglect my guilty pleasure! It was now down to around 25 minutes, and it didn't even seem like that, as I spent some of it being quite entertained by two young men who were wearing blue stuffed floppy eared Muppet-esque hats bobbing their heads to "Hey Ya" by Outkast . Once I got off Backlot, I decided to do my small to big back to back comparison of DB vs Orion and headed over to the Snake pit. Thirty minutes and a 1-2 ride later, it was around 1940 and time to go back to Orion for the rest of the evening. I figured by this time the line would be at least 45 minutes with people assumedly getting ready for get queued up for eventual Orion and Beast night rides, but I only waited about 25 minutes for my 3rd ride of the outing, this time in row 6. Once I got off, it was around 2020, and I headed right back in for another, with hopes of getting a 1-1 or 1-2 ride for a more genuine comparison to my 1-2 ride on DB. As luck would have it, when I made my way back up to the station there were three people waiting for 1-1, and I was fortunate enough to have my request granted for the remaining seat. Not only did I get a great sun near the horizon view of the park, but a really great exhilarating ride and a great FP thanks to the group I was riding with. Once I collected that, I started to head back towards the ride entrance determined to get a night ride, but I stopped short. I stood there briefly looking at the lift hill, and thought back to 2009 when DB opened. I went to the park at least once a week that year, and rode DB 6-8 times each time due to the wonderful SRL it had at that time, and I know that is why I am far from the biggest fan of that ride to this day. I over-rode the crap out of that ride the first 2 years it was open, and I dont want to make that same mistake with Orion. After a short bit of contemplation, I decided that Id had a REALLY good day, and it was time to go pick up a hat, a funnel cake for my Wife, and hit the highway back to Indiana. To end this ridiculously long TR, I want to take a little time to make some observations. First and foremost, I want to give praise to the rides department as a whole, every crew on every ride was smooth, clean, efficient, and performed exactly as I like to see. I want to make special mention of the evening Orion crew, as they were kicking it! My last two ride waits were 24 and 17 minutes respectively from queue entrance to the time I sat in the seat, great job ride crew! Also, I want to again mention the security staff who were politely present and visible, and kept the park in order very well. Finally, I want to go back to the time I was in line for Backlot. While not directly related to park employees or operations, watching the two young man being silly and having fun with their fuzzy head hats on made me laugh harder than I have in a while, and it helped restore a little bit of my faith that we as humans have the capability to once again put our claws and fangs away and start to return to being normally functioning humans again.
  21. Please, just stop with that. An 11 year old is dead, another child critical, and there has been NO investigation and therefore NO cause has been given for the raft capsizing.... in other words it could have happened REGARDLESS of manufacturer. R.I.P to the child, and hopefully the other pulls through. I grew up going to this park.
  22. Im going to run the Ride Forces program next time I decide to go, and see if it shows enough of a difference in front vs back to verify any difference between hard numbers and the perception caused by the view and wind in the front.
  23. The nice thing is it wasnt an ERT fluke, it was consistent on all 4 of the rides I took.
  24. I came back in here to do a revision of the initial review I did last July 14th. Anyone who has known me since I got here in 09 knows I am in no way afraid to call anyone on their BS regardless of who they are... some more than others... and that goes for myself as well. I was at the park from 1040 until 2100 last night, and rode Orion 4 additional times. Yesterdays and last evenings rides absolutely changed a lot of my thoughts on the ride. The additional weight of operating with full trains has made an incredible difference as I am sure all have noticed, and the fact that the trim was just barely touching (thank you to the park for that) made Orions belt a great feeling helix with the now very noticeable increase in speed as the train traverses through it. I was fortunate enough to get rides in rows 1 and 8 as well as rides in 4 and 5, and it's just a completely better ride now in all facets. The two elements that I thought were the shining stars of the ride... the drop and the twisted hill prior to the rise into the brake run... still hold true, and I was correct when I said the airtime in that element would be absolutely mental with fully loaded trains and no trim! This next part will mean jack-squat to people who aren't car enthusiasts or racers, I initially called it the Bentley GT of the "giga" category, in that the Bentley GT is called a supercar simply of its design and price point, but in some ways trying to fight above its weight class so to speak. Now, I will most definitely put it in the McLaren 570 slot... not the end all but DEFINITELY worthy of the class. We as racers say "If I do my job, and the car does its job, we've got this win". Well, Im not at all afraid to say I mis-spoke last year, and that Orion most certainly "does its job" and does it darn well.
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