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  1. The people that do the most whining are usually WoF, ValleyFair, or MA fans who don't understand WHY KI (and CP) are "spoiled" and don't understand that a park has to make money to take money, and there is a GOOD reason it had been 14 years since WoFs last coaster, and 16 and counting for Valleyfair's last in Renegade. To your point, we noticed the cuts a lot more than any of those three I mentioned did, which is a little downside of being a regular at a park that is performing and operated properly.
  2. I am likely going into a crowd hornet's nest with the very nice forecast temps next Sunday, but I am going to enjoy a few hours in the park recording the tree lighting and taking pics around the park, food and hot chocolate, and maybe enjoying a ride or two on MT and Sol Spin without having to be any more bundled up than I was on closing day.
  3. 2024 HAS to be the year I make it back there, its been 10 years which is completely too long. The last time I was there was for Fire Chaser's opening and it was absolutely one of the very best park visits of my life, partly due to this incredible customer service. Ive got to get on Lightning Rod before I retire from riding.
  4. After looking at their asset list, I can certainly see the Dorney possibility, to pick up the market on that side of the state. My first thought regarding Dorney and possibly MiA was actually Herschend simply because I forgot about Palace.
  5. I feel the answer to that leans strongly towards "yes". The question I have is, will any current standalone CF parks be on that sale list in the future? If so, there are 4 that most certainly need to worry about being chucked and likely in this order.... Michigans Adventure, Valleyfair, WoF (the one that deserves to get tossed first in my opinion), and Dorney.
  6. Well, so much for using that as justification to use my pass one more time, lol.
  7. Enrique's mac and cheese bowl might get me to come down once just to enjoy a few hours eating, drinking hot chocolate, and taking photos of the park. I may as well get one more use out of my pass.
  8. I wonder how many years the term of the NDA was/is because you know there unfortunately is likely a quite lengthy one.
  9. Which is why I laugh at people who foolishly jump to save that ridiculous $5-10 on what can be a $1400+ pass…. Wait until after Jan 1. I know I was already on the fence as I get mine to spend park days down here with two special people, and now Im going to stay even more firmly planted on that fence until some of this garbage plays out.
  10. YES! Great to hear, diving down into foggy darkness is what makes Haunt night coaster rides great, and this news makes me happy since Im going Saturday. Im hoping it remains for next weekend.
  11. Not a chance, and exactly why you will NEVER see me on either the janky Drop Tower or the exponentially jankier WindSeeker. I am ready to rip someones head off their shoulders with my bare hands when the coaster train Im on stops for some moron holding a phone or other silliness, I dont know what I will do if one of those stops ever becomes an evac walk down the lift hill. Racer/, Beast, Mystic I could handle, DB and Orion not so much.
  12. I was planning a trip next Saturday, and I want to make sure Im not trippin, because if I am reading the calendar correctly, it says that the park doesnt open at all until 7pm next Saturday? If thats the case, I will postpone until Oct 7th.
  13. Im 100% on board with this as well, even as I am (continually unsuccessfully) trying to eliminate drinking pop, the TD Cherry Coke is a certain go-to when the stand is open. Also, even though I Love the Freestyle machines, either they need at least 2 more locations with them (I know, too cost prohibitive) or they need to police the one by SolSpin better because of humans' lack of ability to master the rudimentary task of operating said machines, and then there was the time I was there Sunday before Labor Day when I had to have the "That is a move that you really dont want to make again" conversation with a family that looked like the O'Doyles (O' Doyles rule!) who decided it would be a good idea to jump the line for the machines.
  14. Exactly this, and I have never in my life thought that way about The Beast, even on my very first ride in 06. Its cool for night rides, and it certainly serves its purpose well in that case. The reality is that The Beast is like the Indianapolis 500 in that, if you are a fan of motorsports you go to the Indy 500 once for the spectacle and tradition, knowing there are many other tracks that are far better places to watch a race. if one looks at The Beast in a completely ovjective manner, with all emotions, home park, blah blah etc etc taken out of it it is the exact same principle as IMS and the Indianapolis 500. Voyage night rides, especially ones during HWN when I used to attend them, makes one wonder if the train is truly going to stay on the track even though we know the answer is yes. On the subject of an RMCed Voyage, Id LOVE to see that. I can think of at least 4 places where a 360 inversion or zero-G stall would be GREAT on that ride.
  15. Expect all CF park rankings to drop in every category next year if the budget cuts extend to periodical advertising, its not called the Golden Wallet Awards for nothing.
  16. I personally wish I could get blacklight active neon fabric paint and wear a black t shirt with "Im just here for the night rides" painted on it, but I know how they play their games unfortunately and I know that would sadly actually make me a target for roamers. Edited to add: Is this new thing they are constructing by MT going to be a mandatory walk through in order to get to the entrance for the ride, or can it be avoided. I couldnt really determine just how it was going to be set up when I was at Pride Night. Also, I dont give a rip about the cost of the no-boo, I would just rather not have the thing dangling around my neck all night bouncing around, although I could remedy that by simply putting it in my pocket when riding.
  17. Id be quite OK with that, just keep the fog generators, the fog lingering around the bottoms of the drops is what makes the night rides so good!
  18. Especially this year, they want to bang those Q3 numbers as hard as they can.
  19. I ALMOST headed to the park this morning for a couple of hours before heading home, I am glad I decided to forego that thought now after seeing this. On the subject of yesterday, thank you to all of the ride crews for toughing out a hot and humid afternoon and putting in the extra effort to keep things moving quickly!
  20. I would DEFINITELY be down with this!! We already have the ramps and platforms, lets get something like this here! No sing-a-long, no other "variety", just this!!
  21. I would have for sure taken at least one day off this week to come down if the park were still open. I personally think its a$$, I dont want to hear "But the kids are back in school so we cant staff the park". B.S. put Mr. Selfie on a ride and all the other gold tags and keep it open daily until Labor Day.
  22. In your next email, tell them you are a Prestige Passholder and see if it improves the response time Edit: I REALLY want the "You must be this tall..." pin to wear, thanks for the heads up that exists!!! Much less expensive and easier than trying to win one of the big plushie signs to carry around
  23. I was thinking more along the lines of an elementary school playground "My Daddy can beat your Daddy up". I will listen to the people who actually work or have worked in areas like this as opposed to a self-proclaimed "Master" of anything.
  24. Fury 325 doesnt apply for the reasons you mentioned, and believe me had that not been right out in the open where Stevie Wonder could see it, there wouldnt have been peep one from the park.
  25. @IndyGuy4KI @RallyomalleyI agree with both of you, communication would be great but the reality is, can we trust a single spoken or typed word that comes from anyone above the rank and file non management park employees? I feel the answer is a very solid “no” from Zimmerman all the way down, it will be a collection of feel good phrases and other such flim-flam. Even something as simple as “Hey folks we get it, one train ops irritate everyone, but one of our trains is currently undergoing maintenance and it will be back on the track ASAP” would at least present a sliver of an olive branch.
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