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  1. I lived in Las Vegas for a time in the early 2000s, and for probably the 1000th time since I lived in the southwest desert region, I will say that 90+ in Arizona and Nevada is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like 90+ in the forsaken midwest or south. Out there, 90+ is genuinely NOWHERE NEAR as ridiculous and exhausting as it is in this forsaken part of the country. Is it hot? Well yes, 90+ is "hot" period, but when its 90+ and 12-20% humidity that heat is truthfully quite bearable. As long as the park operator actually cares about their guests comfort and happiness more than their coffers, and installs covered or enclosed queues with FUNCTIONAL mister fans, a guest with a bottle of water can and will handle a 1 hour wait for instance much better than one in this region where its consistently 50+% humidity. The biggest concern in that region is remaining hydrated, and again as long as reasonable accommodations are made for that the park will do just fine. The valid concern regarding this venture is the very rapidly worsening water supply conditions in the southwest desert region.... THAT is what will threaten the viability an existence of this.
  2. And until such time as this (and others, but most notably CF Chain) park shows it gives a Da mn about the people within the park and not just the green in their wallets (but, but, if we ban or hurt their wittle feelings by publicly outing them them we wont ever sell them another $5 Coke or $8 burger) then I will stand by and point to these issues as reason for making 2022 my last ever. Ive been in the racing industry for decades, and I promise you my disdain for adolescents (actually people in general but they are definitely on the top of the list) did not come from that industry. When someone acts like a moron at a track and it happens to be one that is nationally televised, the show the entire response ON national television so people can see that said moron(s) are dealt with then and there, and permanently. Also, at most said racing events, if there is anyone mixing it up its usually two drivers or their crews, and again its isolated to them and dealt with. Different demographic? Well, thats a FACT, but thats not why things don't get stupid at tracks that are often as busy or moreso than you all have ever seen at KI except for the Knievel stunt, it's because it's dealt with in a way that matters.
  3. After last year's "fun" on I Street, and the happenings at CC last weekend, I highly doubt M.P.D. will have much of a sense of humor over anyone being in the park or on property past 10 (at the latest), so I don't see that type of thing happening now. EDIT to avoid a double post.... I had considered going to the Three Doors Down/Candlebox concert, but then I realized the music of theirs that I Loved came out well over 20 years ago and Im afraid "Far Behind" (my absolute favorite song of theirs) would sound like current day Vince Neil quality of singing and my memories would be forever sullied.
  4. I think they will be working until late hours of the 19th in order to mayyyyyybe have it open by the 20th for the Coasterstock crowd.
  5. It will do splendidly if people are selling handcrafted beach towels and pool floaties
  6. This is very true. Because of that last unfortunate sentence and what is parenthesized, I know that any large company who's business practices I am unsatisfied with will not be affected one iota by my lack of patronage, and I have to be satisfied with my personal decisions knowing that. And before the flamers even start Im just going to shut them up now..... NO I am not saying I would/will boycott CF over something like this, I am simply saying that the option should have been on the table and I personally feel CF could have done it better in this case. Of course, I feel the same way about how I feel CF should/could have made passholder preview day a passholder preview WEEKEND like HW has chosen to do and lessened the crapshow on the 15th since we KNOW CF as a whole can absorb that "loss" (not really a loss because most of the passholders here give them enough of their per-caps to offset it) better than smaller parks, but thats a different topic for another time.
  7. In this case, It will not be in any way a "lottery win", though I do agree with you and understand exactly what you are saying. The most that will be awarded will be the cost of the season pass(es) that the plaintiff(s) spent on them, as there will be no just cause for any additional damage awards. If there is any time for CF to show they have the slightest iota of concern for their supporters and patrons by settling this, it is now. Do I hope that the plaintiff(s) in this case win? ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do I hope it turns into a bandwagon class action? Absolutely not, and that is the only thing that could keep me from cheering the plantiff(s) in this particular case on, because there is a high probability of that due to exactly what you mentioned about the "lottery win" of sorts. As a non-attorney, I am not well educated in whether or not there can be some form of stipulation in a case win or settlement put in place to avoid such, but if there is I hope it can be avoided as I dont particularly want to see this turn into that. I simply want it to be precedent for future circumstances similar to the circumstances in 2020/21 which I hope we NEVER again have.
  8. If they did, their case is invalid, and pretty easy to track provided the admission gate computers were actually functional every day.
  9. Yes, Ryan, I would have. I went to the park a TON in 2009, 10, and 11.... and every year since then Ive used it enough to break even but my visits chainwide have decreased yearly. In the years in question (20-21) I went once in 20, and three times in 21 (2 that I used my pass and Pride Night). In other words, I went enough in 20 AND 21 to break even on my pass (3 trips) for one year. I am not saying I dont appreciate the company doing what they did, it was a good business move, I am saying what I said..... the offer should have been on the table.
  10. I don't disagree one bit, had a refund been offered instead of 2021 free, Id have taken it. The option should have at least been on the table due to extenuating circumstances.
  11. Actually Brad, you inadvertently hit on exactly what they are doing when you spoke about throwing a patch on a hole..... the phrase "Throwing a Band-Aid on a bullet wound" comes to mind. EDIT: I started laughing when I thought about them floating down the Ohio River.... Coney Management will charge admission for the World's largest duck pond game.
  12. OK, I definitely can see this, but leaning more Raven and less Kentucky Flyer, because KF is weak. Good for where it is and what is purpose is, but weak for the Point even as a family coaster. But hey, #anythingbutboringandmild.
  13. That ridiculousness sounds like a fun park that would have been in Demolition Man! The entire audio system would be playing "I wish I was an Oscar Mayer Weiner!"
  14. The latest update is not good... https://www.clickorlando.com/news/local/2022/04/18/watch-live-at-130-pm-florida-officials-provide-update-on-orlando-drop-tower-death-investigation/?fbclid=IwAR2lcSV1uKWmRJEjhetlk83EpLzr_qNUscehSXf9OOsIzKPotAI6D798Q64
  15. Those other letters took it down the street to K-land! EDIT: Thats it!!! Renaming of Planet Snoopy to K-Land confirmed!! Ryan found the Easter Egg teaser glass!!
  16. They will repaint DB because of everyone (rightfully) talking about the biggest white elephant in the room that didnt get touched for 22, and one or two flats for 2023, there wont even be official, non-thoosie talk of a coaster until Memorial Day-ish 2023.
  17. Ah yes, "random". Attendees should count and see how many vloggers or YT channel holders were "randomly" picked for the lottery. If the old guard was still in place, I wouldnt even allow this thought to enter my head, but with current leadership it was the very first thought.
  18. @CorkscrewMcPuke said the very thing I was coming to say, only my version was "And yet, Diamondback still stands at a young age of 13, looking like a 50 year old hooptie."
  19. I have a strong feeling they will do an abrupt tail tuck soon (as they should) and raise the wage back to where it should be. EDIT: Actually, I think they will hold off as long as they can (regardless of whether its right to or not) and see how the increased fuel prices affects park attendance and those all important per-caps. Of course, by the time they realize the effects will be negligible at best, it may be too late to scramble and hire at the proper wage since much of the employment pool may already be otherwise employed.
  20. Not to be "that person", but to me this points directly to CF Corp saying "We can increase our FL+ sales if we take the two coasters that ALWAYS have multi-hour waits off of the early entry list". Sorry, thats how I see em now, my disdain is approaching the level it was when Dick was running the show. With that said and keeping to the point of topic, I am happy to see that MaxAir will be running this year for my first trip back since 2019.
  21. Per the excerpt quoted above, I promise you they wont lose a dime, CF of all companies does everything reasonable (and sometimes less than) to not lose money.
  22. #Diamondbackissinking confirmed!
  23. The second paragraph in the article! "The first drop will see a change from 45 degrees to 53 degrees. This change isn’t being made to add more speed or thrill element to The Beast, but to come in lower in the tunnel to provide the proper parabolic arcs due to reprofiling of the track in that area of the ride. This change, along with The Gravity Group’s vertical track design, will deliver a buttery-smooth transition through the tunnel and onto the second drop." With no additional speed added, there will be no need for more trim, and at the same time there is NO way Trimbrake Fair will ever REDUCE the length or current amount of drag the existing trim provides.
  24. A classic example of Lovely self incrimination, these used to be my favorite kind of subjects when I was on patrol. Regardless of the claim that these two "had nothing to do with" the incident in question, the facts are this particular video is grounds for the same year ban, or longer if the park chooses. Its the same type of circumstance of performing a traffic stop on someone for speeding, and walking up to their vehicle and seeing a bag of illegal substances on the passenger seat. They incriminated themselves, even if that was not the initial reason for the stop.
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