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  1. Oh there is no "eventually" to it, they would be drawing up plans to relocate at least Lightning Run and Storm Chaser to other CF parks before the ink on the contracts were dry, Hell before they were even SIGNED. If people want KK to stay like it is or improve, the absolute last company they want in any type of purchase talks is CF. Sorry, fool me once....
  2. I happily stand corrected, thank you, and I can respect their willingness to hedge on the "When restrictions start to consistently lessen/rescind, there will be an exponentially larger influx of people eager to get out and enjoy the entertainment" investment theory.
  3. I was certainly not disappointed in the park... as I said it is a good day park with a nice group of rides... and the water park looked like a good one for those who are into them, I noticed that as I walked along the edge of it on my way to Kentucky Flyer. The Koch interest came and went years ago, and Herschend wouldn't touch it... or any other acquisition for that matter.... in the current economic climate and with venues under their current level of restrictions. There are a dozen things at least that could constitute "jaw-dropping change".... I am putting that in because I know on site
  4. That suuuuuuuuucks! I went to KK for the first time on Labor Day, and while it honestly isn't a bad park at all, I left that early evening with the feeling "OK, there is Storm Chaser, Lightning Run, annnnnddd then everything else". I started hearing about the Raptor project and was quite excited and looking forward to it. Again, I did enjoy the trip, and its only an hour and 20 from my house, but it's easier for me to justify multiple trips to "day parks" when there are three great things to keep me happily occupied rather than two. Im going to be astounded if my prediction from years back
  5. Oh, for the "I aint gettin no dang guvment vaxxine, its got one of dem dang trackers in it" demographic..... may I ask if the aforementioned are posting on, or even carrying, a smart phone? No more will be said. Ive addressed what Id like to see, I know Im already on lists, I have no concern about willingly getting a vaccine provided it will allow me to contribute to the eventual return of normalcy, I wish to "freely" (pure freedom is anarchy and unsustainable) enjoy the time Ive got left to enjoy this go around, and I can happily sit back and watch the rest of things unfold.
  6. Yes, all of this!!! Id be 100% on board with A)going back to full trains, even if the mask requirement remains for the queues and for all building structures OR (prefrrably) B)Having a card with one's name and/or photo on it showing verification of receiving the vax and simply being able to show it to security/admissions to compare to my pass name and photo for unrestricted access to the parks.
  7. Scratching this year due to just what it is, and taking out 2009 when I went to Kings Island at least once a week (which is what completely killed me on Diamondback to this day since I over-rode it to death that year) I average 3-5 trips to CP and usually no more than 2 to KI (opening day and Pride Night). Take into consideration that I am 2.5 hours exactly to Kings Island, yet am MINIMUM 5 hours from CP even taking every bit of leeway that Indiana and Ohio Troopers will give me (and sometimes more). I enjoy Banshee quite a bit more than I enjoy Raptor, and FoF gives me an experience I cant
  8. You heard correctly, Voyage was running great when I was there in mid July. Raven sucked rocks.... I Love(d) that ride and its never been a one and done for me, until this year.
  9. Yes, and it was a mother to get out of there and back towards Cleveland at park close on FrightFest nights!
  10. Since my first trip wasnt until Labor Day weekend 2006, and after researching what an engineering turd it was (BEAUTIFUL to look at though) I never even fathomed queuing for it after it reopened and I was going to the park regularly, can someone(s) please give me a genuine level of comparison to gauge what I (wasnt) missing? For instance, how was it compared to my favorite Voyage, or compared to Mean Streak? Mean Streak was a ride I genuinely didnt mind riding, and felt that had they file 13ed the garbage MCBR that made it shuffle the entire second half of the ride it would have been just fi
  11. I will very likely be one in the “passes not renewed” category. Ive been one who has gone mentally from “I think Im going to get all season FLP since I get FLP every time I go to the Point anyway” to “I think 2021 will be it for me, and thats only because my 2020 Plat is good in 2021”, and the gross overselling of CP Gold is one of the underlying contributing factors. Other factors are the possible continuation of hoops to jump through to get into and “enjoy” parks post 2021, and the simple fact that other parts of my life are taking precedent and will continue to increasingly do so.
  12. That is a really good way of putting it, it actually lays out everything I think and feel about this ride, with the exception of the drop. While I agree it would be an even better drop with a bit more vertical track (i.e another 20-25 feet of height) I enjoy the force of the curve out and it ranks 2nd of the 3 Ive ridden, with I305 has the best drop, and this edging out Millie's. Otherwise, yes you hit it on the head with this. Does it have speed? Yeah.... its got speed. Does it have a good drop and one Hellaciously cool airtime element the end? Absolutely it does!!! Whats in between t
  13. Which, as was demonstrated by every one of the dollar days the park has ever had, lends well to your point you previously made about the lowest common denominator. Many people ask "Why is Disney sooooo expensive?" Question answered.
  14. My one and only post in this thread.... quoted to emphasize the importance of this aspect. I will say that there has been more than one night where Ive sedated myself in order to make sure I saw the next morning throughout all of this. Those who know me, know that this is not a statement Im proud to make, but in a time when every single outlet I use for mental health and escape was taken from me in a matter of 24 hours (the get togethers for dinner and drinks with special Friends, tracks I race go karts at, the drag strips, the golf courses, the entertainment centers like Tappers in Indy, an
  15. Two fitting statements for this one... A)That character didn't get the memo that Mantis has been gone for a few years. B)Gigabug
  16. With the very pleasant temps and reasonably low humidity, I took the opportunity yesterday to spend the day at the park. I rode Orion three times, using the first to simply get a feel for the ride and establish a baseline, and then I took a more analytical approach with my second and third rides in order to offer my thoughts and feelings concerning the ride. Before continuing, understand... or don't... that I Love roller coasters that leave me in a complete frenzy, and put as many different forces on my body as possible. Also, please understand that I fully comprehend marketing and ROI in a
  17. I rode 15 rides in 7 hours, not pushing. All major roller coasters ridden other than Backlot, rode Mystic Timbers twice, Banshee twice... and could have marathoned it from 2pm on as it was a one train wait..., FoF twice, and Orion 3 times. Ride times ranged from one flat cycle or one train wait, up to a 40 to 45 minute long (40 once for FoF, 45 once for Mystic Timbers).
  18. One of the same vintage glasses as the one Shaggy has in his collection.
  19. According to the link KDD posted the point is moot, but I am going to KK on Monday so Ive been checking the website multiple times a day, and under their list of rules, it is still showing masks as recommended and masks shall not be worn any time while in the water. As of this writing, Holiday World and Splashin Safari are stating the same.
  20. Top 3 favorite memories: 1)My first ever trip to the park, on Sunday, September 9th, 2006. Visiting friends in Indy for the weekend, getting the lay of the land before deciding whether or not to move, and decided Saturday evening on a whim to take the drive down the next day. My adopted home park was Worlds Of Fun (one of Mamba's first riders), It was long before I knew about any of this, and the park was very enjoyable. Notable key points from the visit were A)seeing SoBs train parked midpoint on the lift hill, and walking around the ride looking at it for the visual work of art that
  21. Non-paywall story... https://finance.yahoo.com/news/apex-parks-group-announces-financial-044800755.html
  22. Anyone looking for evidence to back up the sizable financial over-extension due to Thunderbird need look no further than their current definition of "food" and the current prices thereof, and compare it to just a few years ago.
  23. Actually, your price point isnt far off, provided the standard park mark up isnt added. A Megabus trip round trip from Indy to Chicago is anywhere from $55 to $80.
  24. Counterpoint.... if they truly wanted to show that passholders mean something to them, they would take their largest cash cow, Fast Lane, and give away a free one, or 50% off. That is a program that costs them .0001% of its retail price, and it LOOKS like a huge win to someone who would normally not purchase the item, or even good enough of a "bargain" at 50% off, for them to justify paying 50% for a day of power riding. Not intentionally trying to be a jagoff, just pointing out how much better it could be with how little effort, and in all honesty at a better rate of return both monetarily
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