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  1. Anyone looking for evidence to back up the sizable financial over-extension due to Thunderbird need look no further than their current definition of "food" and the current prices thereof, and compare it to just a few years ago.
  2. Actually, your price point isnt far off, provided the standard park mark up isnt added. A Megabus trip round trip from Indy to Chicago is anywhere from $55 to $80.
  3. Counterpoint.... if they truly wanted to show that passholders mean something to them, they would take their largest cash cow, Fast Lane, and give away a free one, or 50% off. That is a program that costs them .0001% of its retail price, and it LOOKS like a huge win to someone who would normally not purchase the item, or even good enough of a "bargain" at 50% off, for them to justify paying 50% for a day of power riding. Not intentionally trying to be a jagoff, just pointing out how much better it could be with how little effort, and in all honesty at a better rate of return both monetarily and appearance. Edited "cost" to "price" to correctly make my point
  4. This looks to me like something created solely for PR, and in a way that will do nothing but increase per caps. Utilize a game plan of giving away "rewards" that A)They know a majority will not use (bogo on a Slingshot ride) or that give a percentage off of a product or service that has such a huge built in mark up that it's affects on the park will be nil (Up to $50 off a premium cabana rental, or "an extra 10% off merch"). Perceived value at its finest.
  5. But dont worry, everyone, IB eliminating the $5 GA wristband wont have any negative effect on internal park operations or per caps.
  6. Agreed, this is far from ideal for the crowd who knows nothing other than to sit down and wait for someone to get on a mic and say “ all clear”.
  7. I absolutely agree in regards to smokers, or the rule thats not enforced that is much more important to me, line jumping. Toss those reprehensible clowns from the park, and if they are passholders, REVOCATION, not suspension. Now, in regards to sidewalk chalk, it takes all of about 2 seconds to realize and understand that the "my parents use this park as my babysitter" demographic would be creating crude anatomy lessons on the concrete if they were able to bring sidewalk chalk into the park with no penalty. The majority of Society's rules are made not to penalize the good (though that is more often than not what happens) but as a pre-emptive measure against the people who made the movie "Jackass" a hit.
  8. Sorry, its mid pack coaster at best, I apologize for not being a diver fanboy. Rougaru sucked as Mantis and isnt too much better as a floorless, Gatekeeper is ok but was PRE Banshee, and as I said I havent ridden Fury. I enjoy Thunderbird, for whoever mentioned it, but that is not a CF installation.
  9. I most definitely agree with the first part of this, the only State equal to or worse than CA regarding ride inspections is Jersey. The second part, not so much, and I say that because an impulse would be a good "test ride" so to speak in order to see if Intamightwork has at least somewhat remedied its reliability/downtime issues. EDIT: Id like to take this time to say I would LOVE to see them come back into the game, Id Love to ride something new at a CF park that actually raised my heart rate a bit, which B&M has failed miserably at doing since Banshee.* *Note, I have not ridden Fury 325 yet, so that may be the sole exception to this statement.
  10. Dont expect much.... remember how much they did for Beasts 30th. Using that as an indicator, the sign you are looking at is about it.
  11. This is a great video... and while comparing the two coasters isnt even remotely realistic, I will say what Ive said before. When both coasters are in proper states of repair, and running as they should, Voyage does what its intended to do better than Beast does. That is my feeling and mine alone, YMMV. I will also be the first to stand up and say that Beast was running very, very well last year.
  12. If I had to venture a guess, Id say it is because Red's profit margin is much lower than it is at Chicken Shack or Panda, for instance, due to the fact it is a sit down "full service" restaurant that has a higher overhead.
  13. Agreed, 2014 was the 2nd best Mania Ive ever been to, they really knocked that one out with it being Blue Streak's 50th (The last 2 day event in 2011 was #1 for me for a few reasons). After Failmania 2015, Id never attend another regardless of how many people I hear say they redeemed themselves last year. As far as my event choice for the year, since Im only doing one, its HWN hands down. Edit:Given a choice between Mania and Stock..... if I were inclined to attend, I would choose Stock for the single reason of Mystic Timbers ERT simply to be able to ride it repeatedly this year without a multi-hour wait.
  14. Sorry, when I first saw this thread title, my mind immediately went to....
  15. Yes it is.... as an informational point of interest for those who are members, the most notable in regards to enthusiast clubs that are NOT recognized for admission to Coastermania is Coaster Crew
  16. Im going to be enjoying HWN, and likely staying in Evansville. I find it humorous that people are willing to spend inflated amounts of money to stay 10 to 20 minutes from the park, when I can spend 60% of the cost and stay 45 away.
  17. One thing that will have to be open for Winterfest, is the Dippin Dots stand. How else are we going to get news on whats new for 2018?
  18. Its plenty tall enough, look at the carpenter on what we will.. for the purposes of this photo/demonstration...call the "2nd level". Those studs are representative of a room that would have a standard 8 to 9 foot ceiling, and the carpenters on the "3rd level" are standing next to studs/columns that are representative of a 12+ foot ceiling. Not to mention, that level is very likely going to be open ceiling like The Beast station, and Im going to venture to say that is going to be loading platform level. The distance, and the man in the reflective coat are throwing the scale off in regards to visual perspective.
  19. Which is pretty much why I said "for decades to come", and NOT "forever"
  20. ^Im sorry, but thats akin to watching a Youtube POV of a coaster. Im not even going to approach peoples thoughts on the performing animals, as thats a subject as potentially volatile as religion and politics, but a circus event like RBB&B is an incredible spectacle that I am very happy to say I was able to experience as a child. I can understand the declining ticket sales in todays "instant gratification/no effort/electronic era with this current generation of humans, so I dont blame the owner for making the tough choice to shut down. In regards to performances such as Cirque shutting down/going out of style... the Cirque shows make WAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY too much money to be in fear of that for decades to come. Las Vegas has 8 shows currently in play, and 6 of them (KA, Mystere, O, The Beatles 'Love', Toruk, and Zumanity) are close to full a good majority of the time throughout the year. At $49 to well over $200 per ticket, their viability and sustainability are pretty set in stone.
  21. I have two. First and most importantly, I deeply regret not making it to Geauga Lake after the 2005 season. I Loved....LOVED...that park, and financial issues kept me from visiting in 06 or 07. I regret not doing a bit of moving and shaking to make a trip happen. I wish I had known about Geugalaketoday.com before the park closed, because if I had those forums to read, Id have made it happen. That park being gone still gets to me. In regards to KI, if Im going to be perfectly honest, I regret going so often in 2009. The opening of Diamondback had me wrapped around the parks finger, and I ended up going soooooooo often that A)I have become so bored with that ride I cant stand it and B)its one of the reasons that I have the park in a "take it or leave it" category. I regret ignoring my "moderation is key" rule to hobbies. There is also a liiiiiiitttlllee tiiiinnnnnyyy part of me that regrets not riding SOB for the short time it was open in 2009, so I could have at least given it one ride.
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