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  1. Well,Lets hope The Geauga Lake Big Dipper opens somewhere else or the waterpark expands and that could operate in the waterpark.I would hate Cedar Fair if it was torn down.That was my 1st coaster ever!
  2. Some say its cause safety issues,some say to give KI its class back,ETC.
  3. Yeah.They should re-paint that color to.That color would look better than chipping white paint.
  4. My friend kori called the Backwards racer Bracer.And forwards Fracer.I always got confused of what coaster he was talking about.
  5. Thanks interp!! I learned alot.I hope my friend learns something to......?
  6. Thanks BEAST1979!! I call it The Racers because its 2 coasters.And when im at the park with a friend or someone i call it The Racers causefarts i dont know which one were riding.
  7. Was it pre-paramount?Wasnt it turned backwards when they purchased the park? EDIT:Sorry woofer posted before me!!
  8. seriously!!The ride names dont matter.And The Racer used to go forward on both sides till Paramount messed with The Racers.So go ahead and enjoy your Cedar Point.
  9. Im looking forward to riding Firehawk,Invertigo,Delerium,and SOB. (Also my friend in real life,(on the forums hes Jman) said hes coming back)
  10. Is Six Flags New Orleans open,SBNO,or just never going to open again.Ive seen some pics of it underwater.Its pretty sad. Heres some Pics of it underwater http://interthemepark.shutterfly.com/actio...d=1204756305189
  11. I think it will be sold to the Zoo or Jungle Jims.(I wonder how long it would take them to get that coaster up.The monarail is taking long)
  12. Thats odd.A couple of secs ago it was working.Why does it do this?
  13. When I go to Cedar Fairs website and click on the different parks (except for some)they all say to log in, and if i dont it says im not authorized to see this site.I know i can just type in Visitkingsisland.com, but why does it do this?Is it only my computer? Heres the site link http://www.cedarfair.com/
  14. Isnt this old news.I thoyght somone had posted this before?
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