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  1. Not to be a jerk, but please open your eyes a little pefore starting a topic that we already have a 120 page discussion of. Its like 3 lines below this topic.
  2. If you dress nice you will be laughed out of there. I say you show up in a beast shirt and a Diamondback Hat. That will show um! I think you have it backwards. If you go in wearing a Beast shirt and Diamondback hat, you would be laughed at. This is an interview for a job, not a KI fan club.
  3. What is the record for pages on one post?? And will SOB-SBNO replace H1n1 next year? The longest thread I've seen the board have is the "Rumor Coaster for 2009" thread, starting towards the end of 2007. I recall it having around 400 pages or so.
  4. Yeah I don't see anything wrong with anyone wearing any band shirt. People can listen to or support whoever they want, no matter how offensive or inappropriate the music is. The shirt doesn't play the music. That being said, if a t-shirt has intense swearing or really obscene gestures on it, than it probably shouldn't be worn to an amusement park.
  5. I'd rather wait for some sort of Intamin than get some invert. We already have Invertigo, and Runaway Reptar for the kids. I don't see the point of a third danglefeet. I'd rather get a fresh, brand new ride instead of a style that's been around for 15+ years.
  6. I dont remember if it was the red or blue one, does it matter?
  7. I was working at the park today and SOB was tested today. I remember someone last week saying that there was a train being tested, so I just wanted to confirm it as well. I only saw/heard one train all day though, so the testing wasn't continuous. I don't really know what this means for its future, if anything.
  8. The entrance to the ride is right where the basketball game Hang Time is, to the left of The Racer's entrance. The ride was in the little area where the "Cool Zone" is along with a couple other games.
  9. Wow, I totally missed that Carowinds was getting one too. I guess you can compare all 3 then. Diamondback, Intimidator 305 (KD), or Intimidator (Carowinds)?
  10. OK, so I'm sure by now you all have heard about Kings Dominion's monster of a coaster coming next year (if not, check out http://www.intimidator305.com). I know most of you have already ridden Diamondback and no one has obviously ridden Intimidator, but from what you've seen about Kings Dominion's new coaster compared to what you think about Diamondback, what ride would you rather have at KI? Answer that any way you'd like.
  11. That websites messed up anyway, it says it was SBNO from 7/10/2006 to 7/3/2007, then it operated from 7/4/2008 to 6/2009. They left a whole year out.
  12. Did anyone else expect the park to be a little more packed this season than its been? Other than memorial day weekend, the park doesn't seem to be too crowded. It seems around the same as last season, which is sad since the park just spend 22 million on a new coaster. I went to the park today (Sunday) and waited no more than 15 minutes for Diamondback. Gotta wonder if this will keep up or not....
  13. Bro, the funcentive program you're referring to was a Paramount thing. Its been gone. I dont even work there anymore and I know its gone.
  14. Pretty sure you're one of few that think that.
  15. If you watch the video when they are talking to Don he is infront of the sign early this morning and it says on the left side "Do Not Disturb." And on the right side it says "Steep Incline Ahead". There are also other small signs on the sign such as "Caution".
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