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  1. I would say it could have been wind related. It was very windy last night at my house, which I live right behind the park.
  2. “When Kings Island opens to Gold and Platinum Passholders for preview night on April 19th, guests will get a first look at the completely restored characters and new clock at the main Festhaus entrance in the Oktoberfest area of the park.” https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/march/glockenspiel-to-return-for-kings-island’s-2019-season
  3. That area has actually been there for awhile. It's right in front of Larosas.
  4. This looks really nice. I wish KI would make more of a "Citywalk" in front of KI.
  5. Let me clarify. I meant closed during the Haunt portion of the evening. So, still open up until haunt starts, but then closing off that area and not having any Haunt related events in PS.
  6. From my understanding, Planet Snoopy will be totally closed off this year during Haunt. It's supposedly so they can get that area ready for Winterfest while Haunt is still going on. Also, I think this year will be a very interesting year for Haunt. With last year being the first year of Haunt followed almost immediately by Winterfest, I think we will see a little more of a different layout with Haunt. For example, I think we won't see the train operate during Haunt in addition to Planet Snoopy being closed off. I think they will use that time to better prepare certain attractions/ares for Winterfest. Thoughts?
  7. If those kids were applying and taking said jobs, then they wouldn't need to hire international workers. The truth is, that staffing has been such an issue in the past 2-3 years that this is needed. Also, KI is getting dorms built. They will be located behind Timberwolf and GWL.
  8. I voted no. I wish Timberwolf would get overhauled and become a better venue like Riversbend or PNC Pavilion.
  9. It would be pretty awesome if they brought back the Antique Cars and had it follow DA's pathway. Nice and secluded, just add some water falls and creeks.
  10. I finally rode MT today. I had been putting it off all summer, since I gained some weight. It was an awesome ride and now regret that I haven't been riding all summer.
  11. The plan is for smokehouse to take up the building that attitudes is currently located in. Coney confections is to remain.
  12. Yeah, I'm sure they're trying to get rid of a bunch of stuff they found from years ago. That's also the warehouse we threw a bunch of the leftover paramount stuff that didn't sell, so we might see some of that older stuff re-appear.
  13. This off season will be extremely short due to winterfest. Since someone already said it in the 2018 thread, I will say it is a version of Island Smokehouse being built in the space. Right now they are working on cleaning out the massive warehouse, which when I worked there was completely filled with all sorts of junk. Not to mention, Night vending has an office/space in there, so there is a lot of relocating they need to do. Right now I'd assume they are using the summer associates to help clean out the space.
  14. A new version of Island Smokehouse is going in the building where Attitudes Delta Delta Die Haunt are located.
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