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  1. That’s what’s great about this time of year before Haunt! It allows the park to finally address other issues that they haven’t had the manpower for. Glad to see them taking care and fixing broken things around the park.
  2. For KI’s Gold Pass, the payment plan is super simple. As long as you make your monthly pass payment, your pass will be active from the moment of purchase. If for any reason you miss a payment, your passes would have a block placed on them until the payment issue is rectified. As far as blackout days, a Gold Pass will get you into the park on any regular operating day, which includes Haunt and Winterfest. It also gets you the free parking as well!
  3. Now I know anything can happen, but I cannot see CF cancelling KI’s Haunt. Outside of Knotts, KI has been voted #1 and has historically brought in some of KI’s highest attendance numbers and income.
  4. This is one of those times that I REALLY hope that the finished product resembles the rendering. Looks great and I hope CP makes it look like the image above!
  5. Looks like a great family coaster! Love the use of a circular lift instead of the more common and traditional life hill. Also love how many “interactions” the coaster has with itself and the use of hugging the terrain in several areas.
  6. Another potential reason could be the issue that’s been starting to plague theme and amusement parks….. fights and rowdy crowds. Now before you read ahead, please know that I am not trying to start an argument or debate. I am just simply stating a theory. Many people accuse Disney of the same exact theory below: Even though I don’t agree with the theory, raising prices can be seen as a way to discourage the rowdy crowds. In a lot of business minds, it’s the poorer people who misbehave. (100% don’t agree with that) So by raising prices they can keep poorer people away and then the rowdiness may subside. Thoughts?
  7. I’m not surprised KI isn’t getting a major ride or attraction next year. I don’t think a lot of people realize how much time, effort, and money went into this 50th season. I, for one, would like to see KI spend the remainder of this season and next upgrading and enhancing both Halloween Haunt and Winterfest. Enhancing both these events would be a win in my book. Haunt has slowly, in my opinion, been dwindled down since CF ownership. I would like to see that grow in size and “production” quality. I miss the scare zones that were effectively themed. I miss the trail haunts and how the train was incorporated into haunt as well. I think there are many things the park can do to enhance every guests overall experience and in my mind it doesn’t require a huge $20 million dollar attraction. The park could easily use $2-5 million and really upgrade all their events. Just my thoughts….
  8. I don’t know if you know or recall, they once had a restaurant where Brew House is called Wings. They, for a time, had Montgomery Inn Ribs and Chicken. Now that they have their own BBQ restaurants in the park, I don’t see them bringing back Montgomery Inn any time soon.
  9. I think the current day Cedar Fair management is a lot less concerned with building big massive rides. I think they’re doing great at making sure their “flagship” parks have a couple 300+ foot rides, but I see them focusing more on family friendly rides for the next couple years.
  10. I would also like to see our Planet Snoopy be converted into a Camp Snoopy. I think the Camp Snoopy aspect would fit in with the park better, plus it’s right next door to Rivertown. I think it would help blend those areas into a more natural and organic experience.
  11. nhimes90

    Stolen Bag

    Odds are that if it wasn’t turned into lost and found, that you probably won’t see it again. Hate that this happened to you. I know how nightmarish it can be to replace all those items.
  12. This is actually a great 5 part documentary series. I enjoyed watching. He released part 5, the final part, yesterday. I’d recommend watching.
  13. Call me crazy, but I would love to see a Midway Mania style attraction go where Boo Blasters currently is. I would love Phantom Theatre to be "reborn" in Action Zone, with an obvious area retheme to tie The Bat, Banshee, and Phantom Theatre together.
  14. I love seeing KCKC in that commercial. I have a very fond memory of riding that with my mom as a young child. Made my day!
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