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  1. Why? There is no point. It serves no purpose except to aggravate people. Someone will get hurt one day running all the way around (for no reason) then where will they be?
  2. How interesting. Both Kings Island and Holiday World won awards. One park whole-heartedly encourages their guests to have a great time and re-ride to your hearts content if there are no lines while the other continues to annoy it's guests with it's ridiculous no re-ride policy and blames iROC. Things that make you go hummmmmm........
  3. As someone who is also allergic to bees, I would carry it. I kind of take the "if they don't like it that's too bad" approach. I would rather tell security to stuff it than be dead because of it. Your mileage may vary of course.
  4. Correction: they would be expelled, not suspended. That entire thing was completely asinine. Anyone involved with that should have been immediately terminated and barred from ever working in education again.
  5. KIBeast, it's there, believe me. They have completely decimated the fourth, and it gets worse every day.
  6. I'll sleep perfectly fine. You are trying to twist what I am saying to make it fit your narrative and it is disgusting. There is too much infringement on our rights. Period. Not only our arms rights but a great many others as well. Lastly, how dare you insinuate that I don't feel compassion for the victims of those shootings. You have no idea who I am or what I believe other than a few words on a message board. You don't even know my name, and I am not your son.
  7. The Constitution refers to "the people" in many more areas than that one spot. The people means exactly what it says. Do not presume to lecture me on "the victim's rights". No where in any of my posts have I expressed anything but sympathy for the victims. That said, there are many, many more people that have perished at the hands of criminals and wars and disease just to protect that silly document that you are so willing to throw away. The very document that gives you the right to say the things you have.
  8. Of the people. I am a people. So are you. So is everyone on this site, at Kings Island, or in that Orlando nightclub. Militias are also made up of people. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. We have way too much infringement already.
  9. It was also written before televisions, smart phones, or even radio. Are you saying the first amendment should not apply to those as well? It was also written before cars. Should the fourth amendment not apply to those? If ever there was a slippery slope that looks like one.
  10. You have confused me. What does an automobile have to do with arms? The Constitution does not mention automobiles. It specifically says that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
  11. I'm sorry but that is not permitted by the Constitution. You should contact your elected officials and ask them to change it.
  12. You seem to know so much about gun control and what does and does not work, yet you avoided answering my question. What, in your view, would work? As for changing the constitution, it can be done. You just can't have one lone person decide he knows best and rule through executive fiat. You can't have a court that rules by what their particular party wants instead of by rule of law. Otherwise, we have nothing.
  13. Sorry about your luck, Browntiggr, but the Constitution does not have an amendment that specifically says your right to keep and bear an automobile shall not be infringed. It also gives the federal government zero authority to regulate arms. I challenge you to show me where it does. The FBI investigated this guy not once, but TWICE, then he passed his background check to buy the gun, and had security clearance to be a guard. You tell me when exactly he became a raving lunatic. It is a crying shame that no one in that club had a weapon. It is also a crying shame that (if this is true, I have not heard for sure) the club had it's fire exits locked. Step back and wipe the kool-aid from your glasses. Your gun control nonsense does not work.
  14. More victims at the wrong end of a gun. How many more have to perish before changes are made to help these senseless incidents from happening? Prayers to the victims & families....... These incidents are terrible enough on their own without having to read stupidity like this. 49 innocent people lost their lives due to some raving lunatic. All of those people were in a gun free zone in Orlando. The law already on the books against having a gun (not to mention the law against murder) in that location sure worked well, didn't it? Since you brought it up, what exactly is your solution?
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